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  1. Yes, like that but I also put a white T shirt between the scope and the light panel..
  2. I'm out as well, M63 tonight with a Triband filter...
  3. But how do I stop Ascom from writing log files??
  4. My laptop displayed a message last night saying minimum storage left!! I checked it out and so far have found 2,560,000 Ascom log files taking up 21.5 Gb+ of storage. The files went back to Jan 2019 when I did an Ascom update. Anyway bit by bit I am deleting them to make space on the HDD, I know PHD has log files and I regularly delete them but it's worth checking your /Documents/Ascom/logs !!!
  5. Dental technician, own boss, model railway engineer, gardener, woodworker and occasional astronomer!
  6. That's brilliant, 20 hours of data eh?
  7. Hope you get well soon Ivo, we are all 'rooting' for you, take care... Ron
  8. The 150 PDS is a great scope for imaging..
  9. I have nothing but praise for Altair Astro, worth a look!!
  10. Ronclarke


    From the album: Blank

  11. Ronclarke


  12. Ronclarke


    From the album: Blank

  13. I had problems with my WiFi a while back and found that moving the dongle to a different place on the mount made all the difference, worth a try? I have never used my SynScan for planets! Ron
  14. I always use a 2 star alignment, NOT the 2 Brightest Stars as that never works. I have also found re booting the phone sorts problems out sometimes!!
  15. If you have a Polarscope on the mount, check using Polaris's positon on app like 'polar scope' and get as near as you can on the circle! I used this for 5 years and did AP with it! Good Luck Ron
  16. Impressive images, better than some astro cams!! Well done!
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