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  1. In which case the ra+ and RA- should be circular arrows indicating this.
  2. Dr Juju, You're just not nerdy enough. We nerds vex and vex over issues like this. Sorry, Steve.
  3. But I guess like everyone else, you don't use them. It's just too inconvenient.
  4. Theoretically if I had a Bluetooth handset driven by an app on my phone, then obviously all the buttons could flip automatically as I turn to face South. If a handset had a touchscreen it could work the same way. If I'm using my laptop then the buttons should map to the image. On the image up should be North and the buttons should reflect that. And each has the option to flip to be the other way: eyepiece view or sky view. There could be a proper way to do this.
  5. Hi People, As astronomers I know that we're all a bit nerdy at times, if not all the time. So here goes: I have a Skywatcher type handset with RA+ and RA- buttons and Dec+/- buttons, Skywatcher conveniently avoid issues by refusing to label their buttons. But of course really they should be labelled RA+ and RA-. However the issue stays in the confusion that we all have when trying to sort out RA+/RA- with the more normal East/West or Left/Right. Depending on my set-up, if I face North, my right-hand RA button might rotate my telescope Eastwards (in the direction of increasing RA), however, if I point my scope South to the ecliptic, the RA+ button is still on the Right, but RA+ is to the left which is a bit counter-intuitive. One solution would be to mark the handset with a compass and hold it upside down when facing the ecliptic, but then any button labels would also be upside down. So the question is, how should we label a Skywatcher handset and/or design the front of the handset so that the buttons point in the correct direction. And of course there is a similar story for the Dec buttons and don't even mention Meridian flip or the fact the image in my eyepiece is upside down and left to right anyway! Give rein to your nerdiness! Regards, Steve
  6. Indeed. But somehow my eagerness got the better of me and I was soon collimating my polarscope against the treeline. I have a reminder to buy new grubs.
  7. If you go into Wickes, there are a number of versions. The original is now sold as "Penetrating" but there are many other versions for other functions. I imagine the marketing boys will soon have one for frying chips?. Steve
  8. So finally I soaked it in WD40 and bought new allen keys and it came apart. So success until next year!! Thanks everyone Steve.
  9. That's probably the first thing to try. I saw a suggestion (for removing hand-gun grubs) for super-gluing the allen-key in place. My slight concern is that I might not be able to do this both of these because the oil would cause the super-glue to slip. Maybe I could superglue (or araldite) and then WD40 at the same time. So let the araldite set over night one and then the wd40 over night two and try on day 3. And then scream and shout and throw things before getting out the angle grinder. Thanks for your help. Steve.
  10. This one here: http://www.astronomyboy.com/cg5/ Yes, I'm reluctantly coming to that conclusion myself. The issue is that it's still pinning the shaft underneath, so drilling will damage that too!! ??? I'm going to try to rank the suggestions in order of destructiveness and do the least destructive first. Drilling comes towards the bottom of the list just above throwing it off a high building and hoping it jolts loose.? Thanks for your help. Steve
  11. Hi Guys, I'm doing a strip down of my EQ5 according to Astro boy's instructions and I think I have a damaged grub here: Any thoughts about removing or replacing the grub? It's the inner grub on the collar attached to the ra shaft, accessed through the outer ra setting circle. Thanks Steve.
  12. So here I re-processed it a little (given that it's raining). Do you think this is better than before or not quite so good?
  13. Well, I might try again without the TV and with longer frames, if I get some clear sky. It's looking a bit wet and overcast this week. Thanks for the advice and help. Regards Steve.
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