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  1. For me its robotics: a Raspberry Pi, a guidecam and a delayed 'OFF' (could be a timer switch). Set it up and go to bed.
  2. So I tried drizzling, I'm not sure there's any difference. What do you think? Steve.
  3. I did borrow a TeleView from a friend last year and I did get a better image. I might think about investing in a Big Barlow later this year. Regards, Steve.
  4. Hi @bottletopburly, Thanks for that chart, I've seen it (or a similar one) before, and I have tried a number of different ISOs, 400, 800 and 1600. I felt my darks came out better (for reasons I don't understand) and that my camera noise (which is always a limiting factor) was less at 1600. Do you feel dynamic range is a problem here? What are the symptoms? I always imagined it was just a matter of how much you could stretch it. Thanks for your input. Regards Steve.
  5. Hi Guys, I feel I've hit a bit of a wall with my imaging generally. Here's an example with M57. At a distance (like this) it looks quite nice, but as you drill down (see below), the detail is just not there. This is the best 2.5 hours of three hours imaging last night. Temperature about 17 C. ISO 1600. D5000 Nikon 90 x 120secs guided with dithering. BIASES & FLATS, DARKS a bit old. Probably need to retake them. Stacked with Siril with dark optimisation. asinh stretch x500 photometric color balancing deconvolution levels. Here's a crop. As you can see the first star (the white dwarf) in M57. Is just visible, but the second one to the West of the first one (the right on the photo). Is hardly visible. I don't feel anything went wrong last night. The focusing was pretty much there, the guiding was OK. I think the collimation is OK, although I'm never quite sure. The camera is old, uncooled and no thermometer in the sensor, so I can only go by the ambient temperature. And really, apart from spending 5k on an equipment upgrade, I don't see what I can do. Has anyone tried drizzel? Thanks for your ideas. Steve.
  6. The version of Siril that I have (on Linux) is 0.99.3 with its beautiful new GUI. I'm pretty sure it runs on mac too. I also use deepskystacker under wine, which also works fine, I don't know if you can get wine for mac. WINE runs Windows In Nix Environments, or Wine Is Not an Emulator. However my recent stackings show Siril does a tighter job than DSS and also starts your post-processing like asinh stretch and color balancing with photometry. Good luck. Steve.
  7. If you've got fewer than ten or so, why not do it by hand? Just open your editor of choice and import your photos as layers. Set all but the bottom one to 'difference' mode one at a time. Align each one. At the end switch 'difference' to 'screen' mode, export as jpg and Robert's your father's brother.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm looking for an affordable guide-cam that will work on a Rasbperry Pi. I don't want to have to go out and rotate anything (eg tube, camera etc) to find a star, I just want there to be a choice of stars. I currently use a QHY5 (old-style) with a guide-scope and there are always plenty of stars to choose from, but I'd like to go OAG to avoid flexure. I originally started down this path because of fixed-pattern noise, but amazingly dithering has completely eliminated that. My scope is an 200 mm Newtonian (C8-N) with a 1m focal length. I was originally looking for something with the Sony IMX 290, like maybe the QHY290 or the ZWO ASI290, but you don't get much change out of 250-300 pounds. However, I just noticed the qhy5l-ii mono. If I buy directly from China, I could potentially get it for half the price. What do people think? Thanks for your thoughts. Regards, Steve.
  9. Looking very nice Wyvern. Steve.
  10. And here it is: Great job guys. Steve.
  11. Great there's a Linux version. I'll try it.
  12. OK, I don't have Pi, so I just have to mock up what people do in other products on GIMP. Regards Steve.
  13. I looked at your photos and they are really nice, so I'll try your suggestions. How did you get the ones with no stars? Tx. Steve.
  14. Hi Giorgio, Thanks for your reply: Dither => Ok. Seems right. Bias not dark => Why? I took bias AND dark. LP Filter => Really? I'll try. Flats => I have flats, but perhaps I should take new ones. Regards, Steve.
  15. Nice, I'll check it out. I sort of agree. The OAG would just be for show really. I think I could get a similar effect by eliminating my mirror-flop during collimation. No I'll check it. I see you're local. I'm going to PM you. Steve.
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