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  1. A quick partial M45, very misty and cold!! 13 x 300s +Flats and darks ED80 CCD NEQ6 guided and dithered in APT
  2. The Altair Astro 0.8 Flattener/Reducer is made for the ED80, I've used one for at least 4 years! https://www.altairastro.com/lightwave-0.8x-reducer.html Ron
  3. Well set up and aligned OK, pointed towards Capella and using APT's Focus Aid and Batinov Aid I focused spot on using the IR cut filter. When I changed the filter for the AA Tri bander and found it really difficult to focus anywhere near as good as with the IR cut filter! Is this normal with NB type filters?? There was a Full Moon tonight just to help matters!! Ron
  4. Check out a Flattener/reducer from Altair Astro. That are also cheaper than the SW version. Ron
  5. DSS is usually just for stacking your images, Pixinsight or Photoshop is for processing them (in general!!)# Good images both!! Ron
  6. That's an amazing image, very well done!!
  7. You would lose you're Polar Alignment then. Best alter it on the handset and then look for your targets and adjust if needed..
  8. Not as yet, but I also saw it on the video! Ron
  9. There is also the Tri-band (or Quad Band depending on your Sky quality) filter from Altair Astro which I use and has had some good results..
  10. APT Astro Photography Tool, great program and easily learnt. Does the lot!! Ron
  11. I also use the Baader Mk3 CC.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/baader-mpcc.html
  12. I use a CC on my 150PDS and it really works, well worth the investment!
  13. That's the one I use and can highly recommend it! Ron
  14. I also used the WiFi dongle and SynScan app on my late HEQ5 and it was so accurate every time. Using it now on my NEQ6 with the same great results! Ron
  15. Try Moleskin lined trousers, most outdoor type shops sell them!!
  16. That's the way I do it but I use a library of Flats and take 20 Bias frames just after finishing my lights.. Ron
  17. What we need is a cross-hair, 1.25 mm similar to a screw in filter. Then you can just screw it into whichever EP you use? Does anybody make one?? Ron
  18. Focal length is 162 mm it says on the blurb, 50 mm is the diameter. Ron
  19. I wouldn't bother shooting JPegs just RAW as it keeps all the info..
  20. I was using this star to gain focus with the CCD and it started to rain, I pulled my shedatory over the gear and took 6 x 60s and got the rain as well!!
  21. I know but you've got to try when it's clear! Especially when it's a new Moon!!
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