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  1. What were the capture/processing details? Looks like "Onion ring effect", which is quite often having the gain during capture too low.
  2. Some of the Quark images on here are amazing, obviously not like the Helioviewer though. Look forward to seeing the transit animation.
  3. A nice couple of images with plenty of detail showing. The close up does showing artefacts and would be worth another go because there is some fine detail there.
  4. Nice evenly illuminated disc, a very well done mosaic.
  5. WOW that really caught me by surprise for a second until I read "decided to play with helioviewer". Great use of the data superbly animated.
  6. Nice white light disc, another blank here unfortunately.
  7. Another great effort to get anything today, looking fairly quite at the moment.
  8. I have been asked a few questions and seen a few discussions online regarding the double stack (LS50c) for the Lunt50THa. So I thought it might be interesting to post a couple of images without and with the Double stack. Both these "RAW" images are 2 pane mosaics taken with my DMK21au618 with no sharpening at all, as I didn't want to influence the comparison. Both are also stacked in Reg6 and combined ICE. Double-stacking reduces the bandwidth from <0.7 to <0.5 Angstroms. I am no Solar imaging expert and more skilled imagers would maybe get more out of both set ups, but the differen
  9. Done well to get anything today, not the best of solar imaging days!
  10. Nice discs and Ca-K mosaics, as you say rather quite after all the excitement of A/R2546.
  11. Cracking set of images and an interesting contrast between the single and double stacks. The difference in contrast is quite striking, a shame about the odd looking features on the Left. A coincidence as I did a similar comparison with my LS50THa/LS50c on Friday which I am going to post later.
  12. Looks very good, looking forward to seeing the results.
  13. Thick grey cloud here at the moment, but it doesn't sound like we are missing much. Nice sharp discs going to be very quite soon.
  14. Nice images looks like it might be pretty quite soon.
  15. Excellent images despite the conditions.
  16. Two very dramatic looking close ups. Especially love the 2nd image, so much action!
  17. An excellent 1st image of the year and a fine animation.
  18. Fine set of images, particularly the Ca-K close up.
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