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  1. There's nothing against this in the code of conduct https://stargazerslounge.com/guidelines/ but if for example you did it several times in a day it might be considered spamming which can result in a ban. If the as is expired it will have been moved to a section unavailable to members but a mod could reinstate if you ask, preferably with a link or some idea what the ad was about. That said it would be 'cleaner' to just start a new thread. If still active, simply post in the thread something like 'still looking for this' once in a while, perhaps every week or so. I have done similar myself. Hope this helps.
  2. LOL. I am intending it to be bargain basement but of high quality by using good design and thought processes, recycling where possible and followed by good execution. Hopefully this will all work out. Next job after creating the pier will be creating the main deck and joists etc but this is likely to be a few weeks off. I need a rest after what we achieved last week. Hopefully also paving the lower patio (only about 12 square metres) in Indian Stone tomorrow. All the prep done though.
  3. I have to confess that having a father in law who is a retired and skilled builder does help although I have carried every stone, mixed every mix and raked out every stone joint as well as moving about 40 tons on both soil and mot in a barrow so much effort indeed. Progress today. We decided that rather than go deep with the hole, we'd reuse some fake stone blocks from the garden and make a wall in which we could dig a small hole for the steel girder. This is now in position ready for concreting tomorrow. We'll then encase this in an 8" circular concrete column and inset the top off a heq5 tripod rather than make one. Slightly unconventional but should be very stable.
  4. Just to give a sense of scale in terms of what we have done so far in 12 months..... Before then after .....all materials carried in a barrow from front to back 30 tons of stone plus sand, mot, cements flags etc etc. Dug out by hand too and not had a single skip with all materials recycled (or used as hardcore) where feasible. Yes the obs is the easy bit ?
  5. After 14 months in our house we have almost finished work on the garden and at the end of the garden will be my obs. My aspect is northern and the garden drops over 20 feet from the house (over 90 feet). Manchester is to the north so I won't be looking that way in reality. Therefore I am looking up hill and over the house to the south. There are some trees and the skies are not perfect but will be much enhanced by being out of line of sight of local lights. The design will mirror that of Slim Paling and Skipper Billy but with only one side that is 'convertible'. At 4x3m it will sit on a deck and be screwed to it. I will make a concrete pier and still have room for my 16" dob and garden tools etc. For visual only. Here's some initial pics. Built the sleeper walls for joists and the pier will be where the clear area if floor is if you look carefully! Will be digging my pier hole and filling, and building the 'shed' probably in May hols when I have two weeks off. Hope to get it done in one.
  6. This is exactly what I was looking for - thank you! I only really have a view from east to south west so will be only dropping one half of the roof. My obs will be perhaps 4m x 2.5m running east-west so the roof will be 4m x 1.25m approx although to utilise standard lengths I might buy 3.6m lengths and make the most of them. A fair way to go before I start but this sort of design will prevent the need to roll off a 4m roof, requiring 8m total of which only half really needs to be mobile. I could potentially make use of a (quiet) hand winch/counterweight system to raise and lower the roof if weight is an issue although I am reasonably strong. Assuming double the weight of yours, 22kg on a pivot is not too tricky. I'll start a thread when I start. Almost cleared the site now but need to build some walls first. Aiming for completion by the end of summer.
  7. I'd also account for visual now as despite your current preferences, you don't want to make an obs that just squeezes it in for imaging but would not be big enough if you ever wanted to do a bit of visual. That said, a 300p on an EQ mount would lead to some 'interesting' positions for visual.
  8. I'd say the eye relief is about 10mm confirmed on the TV site. It's fine for no specs but not great if you need them
  9. Yep I see that. I have the 11mm , 9mm and 7mm Delites and they are great. Found them a bit big for binoviewers though hence the 15mm Pans plus 11mm and 8mm TV Plossl pairs
  10. I have rebought 24mm Panoptic, 15mm Panoptic and UHC filter. That's about it really although I'd like to rebuy a 40mm Wide Field if one came up.
  11. Latest iteration. Just sold a pair of 15mm TV Plossls and bought a pair of 15mm Panoptics. Added Lumicon UHC and Deep Sky 1.25" filters too as they came up at a decent used price. Just need to do a bit of observing now!
  12. On Saturday night about 630pm, the sky was a really incredible deep red over Manchester. which is more of less west of me. I just put it down to a particularly red sunset perhaps caused by murk over Manc.
  13. Moonshane

    mysteries object

    Satellites are generally lit for a short period as the sun's angle means it is reflected for a period and then the satellite goes back into the Earth's shadow. It could even be a piece of space junk. There's a lot of it up there.
  14. Moonshane

    mysteries object

    Probably an Iridium satellite flare.
  15. If you are a general observer, zipping about finding lots of objects then I'd say a good AZ mount (AZ4, maybe AZ5, SkyTee or Giro type) would be best. BUT if you just enjoy solar system objects or spending a lot of time on objects and maybe sketching, a driven EQ mount is ideal. Subject to the size of the scope, I'd recommend a basic driven (non goto) EQ5 or similar.
  16. I have used a 1.25" wedge in my 120ED scope and it works fine albeit it does get quite hot - that's the idea of course - the heat is dissipated by the wedge.
  17. Superb effort. The image is packed with galaxies.
  18. In that case, I agree it's a tough choice. You cannot go far wrong with either but as Mike says, the frac would perhaps be a more robust and simpler design at as small cost of resolution vs the newt.
  19. What are you mounting it on Grumpy? And when you say transportable, do you mean in the car or on a 'plane?
  20. 75x-100x for me especially with the binoviewers on the sun and moon. For planets about 150x and everything else depends on the target and conditions.
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