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  1. Hey Fellow Astronomers. I was curious about Sky-Watcher Synguider Autoguider II, and the Celestron StarSense Accessory for Sky-Watcher Mounts. Can you use these together on the same mount? Lets say with an EQ5 pro ? or a lesser mount. Also can they be used with an alt/az mount? say a goto dob. I know you cant really do any good astro photography with the goto dobs but I@m wondering would the auto align work, and then the auto guide keep it aligned for longer so to speak?
  2. what would you say is the best double star splitter per price category? £2000 and up £1000 to £2000 Under £1000 I had an old mak 127 years ago and was amazed how well it split doubles.
  3. When you look through the EP you see all that colored noise? if so then it would REALLY put me off, especially considering the price.
  4. An object a dark orange/brown travelling north to south. Half pea sized at arms leather with a fuzzy outline. Object travelling fast, after about 40 degrees above horizon sharp right angle towards west for approx 20 degrees. Then another sharp turn back to south, could see the drop off curve as it approached the horizon.
  5. Are there any reports for early hours of 30th June at around 0021 to 0025, observing location walsall West Midlands of anything strange? I saw something I cannot explain. Thanks.
  6. Hey SGL's how is everyone doing? I've been looking at the current EQ platforms going, Tom's from abroad with are very expensive but also the watch house platform, unfortunately I can't seem to get through via email and also only just noticed you have to actually lift this to reset it with i don't like. Is there anyone on here that has the expertise to build a platform or has on from the UK? Thanks
  7. That's fine. Send me your address and what time you'd like me to come etc. Thanks again.
  8. Prefer bank transfer if that's ok ? It's usually instant now a days too.
  9. Some crazy people down here lol. ok mate well as long as you're deffo having it I'll save it for you until the weekend.
  10. Hey mate, Let me know when you're available, I regularly go to stoke so could meet there? You dont have to provide any ID ill just hope you wont kill me and take the telescope lol. ill PM you my phone number and we can sort something out if you still want it end of the week. Thanks
  11. Hello, I've posted this on astro buy and sell I've bought my first house so I dont have the room or time for this, I haven't used it much but got some great images from it. Telescope comes with ota, mount, handset, red dot, a small case with 2 no brand EP's and 2x barlow and a 3x barlow, plus some filters. Also has a dew shield and solar filter. This is a bargain! I've also made a custom case for it as can be seen in the pictures. originally priced at 1700, reduced to £1400 to sell, this is the lowest, id rather burn it than sell it for less lol. Pick up or delivery only, can deliver if within a 60-70 mile radius of Walsall. Thanks. http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=124948
  12. I need to check again on another night as the clouds rolled in. I considered its sister star's but because of only getting focus when defocusing caused me some alarm, and the fact it stayed next to Vega as I slewed away. Maybe I'm just going insane from having two clear nights back to back
  13. Doing a start test to test my 9.25 collimation. I noticed on defocus there seems to be a blue star, but this is only visible when you start to defocus as it starts to focus in. Very weird. I slewed the scope around check its not the scope or eyepeice but the object stays close to vega. The only reason I saw it was because of defocusing to do my star test, First time I've seen this. What is it ? its very blue visually.
  14. What location are these captured from ? I think that IS THE best Mars capture on here I've ever seen. Incredible.
  15. Here are my custom dew shields for my 10 inch orion and 12 inch skywatcher a few years ago... Really crude but hey it did the job
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