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  1. Yes and if I try to relax my eyelids a little bit ..ouch. I thought of switching to Pentax because it has the same shape as my "clone" or i can try with Planetary ED. The same problem comes to me from some mini binoculars that i have owned, but I thought it depended on the exit pupil (im not sure). I speak only of my feeling, the Morpheus is certainly excellent. But we are probably all a little different and we have different needs. May be depend on the combo: fast and short newton with 6.5mm eyepieces. With the current 28mm eyepiece that is provided by skywatcher, i rest my eye and can relax for a long time without blackouts, even moving slightly (inevitable in long sessions); so im looking for supercomfort eyepieces, as in my old 70's trinovid (leica) binoculars inherited. I like to lose myself looking at the sky.
  2. thank's for replay Ruud. I'm sorry but I'm lost in translation, and it's hard to explain what I feel. Ok: with/without glasses i have blackouts, i have to force myself to keep the eye physically wide open to avoid blackouts, and I have to stay at a precise and perpendicular distance. I also have the feeling that the diameter of the outer glass of the eyepiece is too large and ruin the comfort. But I had the same problem with some binoculars. Another example: with the eyepiece copy of the Planetary ED 25 I have no problem about blackouts even during the day, they are very relaxing even in long sessions, i can rest my eye and relax. Here no, i must always keep it wide open, as soon as I relax it for a second ... blackouts coming, that's why I thought of the eyepiece exit pupil. Maybe only pentaxes are similar to planetary ED as a solution?
  3. I tried with the extension ring and it improves but reflex of eyelashes still there and distract me a lot, the same happened to me with a old binocular that I had to replace because I couldn't stand it anymore. This does not happen with a leica trinovid for example. I tried on Saturn last night, same problem: total blackout and eyelashes reflex. I think it also depends on the eyepiece exit pupil couse i have to always keep eye widly open, otherwise blackout and eyelashes back. Annoying. Ironically, the cheap ED clone does not have this problem and it is very comfortable being not tiring.
  4. Hello guys, bad news, i purchased the morpheus 6.5 but it produces blackouts. Even without glasses and for this reason i find it not very comfortable to use: keeping your head at the right distance is difficult, as soon as i move it a few millimeters forwards or backwards there is a blackout. I don't know what it depends on, i chose this eyepiece precisely because it guaranteed a good distance from the eye and a large field combined with the fast newton causes this. I'm not satisfied. I hate blackouts, even on some binoculars. What can i do? thanks
  5. Thanks for the help, I live near a big city, there is often a lot of humidity. following your advice I seemed to understand that it is not useful to exceed 200x on my newton. Am I right? At this point I could take it 1: Mporpheus 6.5 + barlow that I already have 2: explore scientific (which model from 6.5 or less?) 3 Takahasi Abbe MC Televues are beautiful but also super super expensive :)
  6. omikron

    Hello world

    Thank's a lot guys! Have a nice sunday.
  7. First of all thank you very much for the answers, you are helping me to find a way. I also have a 2x barlow televue and i tried Planetary ED (look like the same as bst) but found them not so good for me. I would like to ask you for an opinion about the 9mm Takahashi mc abbe, do you think it could be a good choice on small fast telescope? Philip R, i can't recognize the televue models you posted, what exactly are they? Would you recommend them for this little fast scope? jonathan IMHO Glasses are secondary to other aspects in my case, i can unweare it with go-to, but it is always an extra operation to do if I aim a planet only by eye, it sometimes becomes boring. I agree that once centered in the eyepiece the object is no longer a problem.
  8. Hi, I read a lot on the forum but I couldn't find what I'm looking for. I would like a good eyepiece for my 130 pds 650 skywatcher. I wear glasses and i would like a focal that allows me to better observe the planets. The small skywatcher has a cheap 25mm, the budget is from 200 to 300 euros (about 300 dollars) thank you!
  9. omikron

    Hello world

    I've been browsing this forum for a long time now and finally decided to join. Just to say hello. Italy here, Stay safe.
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