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  1. Here's my old grey giro ii and current red giro iii with matching wine.
  2. Great post Olly. You are quite right.
  3. I suppose it's a rhetorical question LOL. I'd imagine the capability of the larger scope of potentially better but in most conditions it will never reach its potential.
  4. Good point ☺There goes my Nobel Prize ?
  5. It looks like you need to adjust the central screw to take the secondary towards the primary a but and also adjust the tilt of the secondary screws to move the mirror 'down' in the view shown. Re the vanes just asses which way it needs to go and loosen the opposite external nut and then tighten the one in the direction of movement. Don't overtighten though as the OOUK threaded bars are quite delicate. Don't sweat it though as their tubes are not round. Rely more on what you see not what you measure.
  6. Just thinking out loud. What I have read so far (and assuming that I understand it) suggests that dark energy is the 'force' which is driving expansion of the universe from the inside out. However, with the multiverse idea, is it possible that the 'dark energy' is actually other, presumably more massive, universes that are 'pulling' our universe's expansion and therefore dark energy is not therefore required in our own universe?
  7. I am selling this excellent pair of eyepieces, used for binoviewing. I am happy to split but would prefer to sell as a pair hence the ‘bulk’ reduction. They are in great condition with just the usual minor sleaks on the nosepieces from putting into the BVs. I use them – so shoot me! They have caps for both ends and the original boxes. A step up in quality from most plossls and with superb optical quality. Coatings are as new. I’ll add photos later on. Price for the pair is £100 including delivery to the UK. Price individually is £55 including delivery to the UK. Payment either by bank transfer of fee free paypal (or add 4% to cover the fees if preferred). Any questions, just ask. Thanks Shane
  8. Yeah a steep hill. The garden drops 20 feet over about 90 feet and is terraced all the way down. We raised the bit you see by about four feet or so to level it.
  9. I think selling a 40mm Teleview Widefield is my biggest regret. I sold it too cheaply and miss it. That said, I don't really have regrets about anything. Life's too short.
  10. You are entitled to your view Ben but did you read the original post?
  11. Yeah, the lights are Manchester which is north so I don't bother that way. My obs will be in a well this side of our hedge at the bottom end of our garden. It drops 20 feet from the patio in the picture. Maybe not burning paper will improve their health!
  12. I was going to ask how long they are left on? I have lights which albeit more subtle would affect an astronomer next door. I only put them on when needed though. I hate log burners of any kind as much as lights. They are antisocial in my opinion making the whole area, my clothes and my house (unless I shut all windows) stink.
  13. I think it depends on the target. I have used 533x in my 6" f11 Newtonian on double stars and the moon, occasionally 300x on Mars and Saturn with my 16" dob and perhaps very occasionally 250x on Jupiter. Galaxies more often are best at lower powers and clusters need an appropriate magnification to get them in field. Planetary nebulae sometimes take more, sometimes less. I suppose it's a reasonable question to ask but (without wishing to sound rude) is slightly meaningless as the answer is always going to be 'it depends'.
  14. Just had a wander down to where my obs will be and it's a bit better there. Tonight near the house was 18.85 and down where the obs will be 19.12 both at zenith so hopefully a worthwhile exercise for a number of reasons.
  15. Just checked and it's 18.9 at zenith and 18.5 towards Manchester. Not ideal!
  16. I tend to have two screws on one side and two on the other. That said if you collimate each time as you should then it won't really matter. The secondary adjustment has a very minor impact on image quality and you cannot align the secondary in the drawtube with a laser anyhow unless you use specific methods involving bespoke templates.
  17. The Maier one works really well and is an easy replacement assuming you can get the retaining ring off. It looks like someone had had a go already maybe. I found mine worked ok but with the new filter is much brighter with binoviewers. I converted mine to a PST mod. Other options are probably more expensive than the Maier to be honest. It is a consumable item. How long you get depends on how stored and a bit of luck I think
  18. I was told by a psychologist the other day (I was at a conference) that if something takes you more than 20 seconds to do then you are more likely to find an excuse in your head not to do it. This is probably why I have not observed much lately as I have so much on with various things that it's a step too far sometimes. That said I think that once my garden and obs are finished and my degree completed I'll have both more time to do it and a better environment to do it in so I am sure my own keen interest will continue. I have started reading a lot more (mainly popular astrophysics books) and this is a great alternative for now for me at least. Hope you get your mojo back mate. I am a bit closer to you now so maybe pop round when my obs is sorted. Hopefully by next winter's season.
  19. Personally, and as much as I like Newts, I'd expect a cooled 180 Mak to wipe the floor with an 8" Newt on doubles. Not that I have ever used a 180 Mak but doubles are not a Newt's strong point.
  20. I'll know more accurately on Thursday if clear. I get a SQML from my birthday
  21. I suspect you are confusing the variable aperture of a camera lens with the fixed aperture of a telescope. Yes, a fast, wide open lens at f2.8 will be faster than a lens stopped down to f22 but with a scope, the aperture is fixed (unless you apply an aperture mask. E.g. my 16" f4 dob becomes an 6" f10 if I use a mask with a 6" hole cut in it. This reduces brightness due to lost aperture compared with the 16" but the focal length (1600mm) remains the same and the view is tighter on e.g. double stars etc than with full aperture, perhaps partly at least due to no diffraction via the secondary spider.
  22. Here's my sketch. A good match with yours.
  23. Hi there I don't have that particular incarnation any more but agree with Peter, Ken's notes are excellent.
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