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  1. Well this weekend I hope to get the floor joists, main frame and roof framework done. I’ll be putting the concrete pier in after the floor joists are formed as this will make assessing the final height a bit easier. I’ll show how these bits fit together in due course. The roof will be flat but in three sections, all 1m deep by 4m wide. I envisage each leaf will weigh about 50kg. I may develop a spring or counterweight system depending on the motion. The obs will only really open up to about half of the sky looking south (but uphill) as Manchester and Ashton-under-Lyne are to the north. There will be plenty of objects to keep me going, especially as I should be able to maintain dark adaptation! The front section will be on a pivot and the two rear sections will be hinged/concertinaed. That said, I expect that on most occasions I’ll not have to move the rear sections other than to lift slightly to allow the front to pivot. I’ll take some pics as I get to various stages over the weekend.
  2. I agree that like many things experience counts. I suppose technically you are training your brain to see differences in the background sky that are the fuzzies or clusters etc, not your eyes. The techniques mentioned above are important to this as is keeping out of as much light as you can - even a red torch can affect dark adaptation. Be careful though. I was once observing the Pacman nebula at a star party and had been for a while. It was in field and someone passing asked if they could have a look. On viewing the field he said "I think I see what you mean but cannot tell if I am seeing it or remembering it" For this reason I always try to sketch the field and shape of the object before looking at images. This way you can check if what you think you see is the target object. As a side benefit, sketching seems to allow more focused observing and helps see more detail in most objects, even bright ones (like the solar system objects).
  3. Yeah a lens flare/reflection. The colour is similar to chromatic aberration in cheap lenses.
  4. All the bits to create an obs. Will have pretty much everything bar the metal cladding for this weekend and will make a start!
  5. Totally agree that any sort of tracking is a real boon to observing. Especially so if sketching or at high powers. I have sold my platform now but might make another once my obs is complete. I may eventually get a AZ tracking mount for my frac.
  6. Hi Alan The top of the pier will be about 1500mm which replicates my heq5 tripod at full extension with my home made 10" approx. extension. This allows me to see whole available sky from a seated position.
  7. Well not that much to report other than the garden is finished and I converted the chunk of metal from this To this last weekend. Just needs painting and nuts for the rod ends to set into concrete of the pier. Hope to get the pier and hopefully the deck on which the obs will sit finished next weekend
  8. I use binos for solar, lunar and planetary but never got on with them for general observing. The main issue for me is comfort. I find that with binos you just sink into the view and relax which for me makes for more detailed observing. I find lower powers are best and around the 100x mark is just amazing for most targets although for Ha solar, about 70x is best for me. On planets and the moon (and sometime white light solar) you can use more but the views are never as impressive, sharp and contrasty as at about 100x. I use a pair of Baader Maxbrights and TV plossls (8mm, 11mm, 20mm, 25mm) and a pair of 15mm Panoptics. I may eventually change the 20mm and 25mm plossls to 19mm and 24mm Panoptics as I have one each of these currently too. I do sometimes use mono for viewing solar but my kit is now set up for full disk viewing and changing requires a lot of extension. I often use mono for planets when I am just having a quick peek.
  9. I much prefer the 19mm Panoptic as to my eyes it doesn't suffer any lateral CA which I find troublesome on the moon with the 16mm T5 hence I sold it.
  10. Cool. Cheers for the heads up John. Hope to see this. First astronomy for ages - finally finished my degree and about to build my obs! Woohoo!
  11. I think I have just been observing NLCs over Ashton under Lyme / Oldham directly north of me. Taken with my android. So even visible with bad LP?
  12. If you live in the centre of Ashton (or close) then the light pollution will be pretty bad. I have never seen M101 from either Romiley or Gee Cross and the LP is probably a fair bit worse in Ashton. You'd definitely get M13, M31, M81/82 from your site though but do manage your expectations in terms of what you'll see. Messier 13 might be like this M31 like this (maybe even less obvious) M81/82 like this (maybe even less obvious) Messier 101 might be even fainter than this
  13. Moonshane

    Sun dog?

    Don't tell him Pike!
  14. As long as you are within the adjustment possible with your mount there won't be an issue. I am planning to use a compass too. There's usually about 15 degrees of range (there is with my HEQ5) so you don't need to be particularly exact.
  15. hi Richard I have been trying to contact you via email and PM for over a week. Can you reply please? Just need confirmation of the email address for paypal. Thanks Shane
  16. A used HEQ5 skyscan would work but that's a big scope to start astrophotography with.
  17. I suspect that if you remove or loosen the screws holding on the cover and jiggle it then it may reseat properly and you can then put back / tighten the screws.
  18. Hi Tom In the end, my neighbour gave me a steel ring which I can use - see above. That said they way I was going to do it was to use a piece if 30mm square section steel and replace the legs with them to a suitable length to allow the steel to be set into the concrete. That way I could always remove the head and use the tripod normally. Yes there would / will be enough gap to allow me to get a socket on the bolt I will use in place of the standard hand wheel. Hope this helps.
  19. I think the key sentence in what you say Mike is that you record 'the detail that gradually revealed itself on the tiny disc over a 10 to 15 minute period.'. Amazing observing.
  20. Today we pointed the step fronts and laid the small patio. As a little treat we also concreted the post hole. As I was barrowing one of about 15 mixes from the front, I spotted a lump of metal in my neighbour's garden and asked if he had plans for it. He said not and let me have it after I explained what I might use it for. Can you guess? ?
  21. There's nothing against this in the code of conduct https://stargazerslounge.com/guidelines/ but if for example you did it several times in a day it might be considered spamming which can result in a ban. If the as is expired it will have been moved to a section unavailable to members but a mod could reinstate if you ask, preferably with a link or some idea what the ad was about. That said it would be 'cleaner' to just start a new thread. If still active, simply post in the thread something like 'still looking for this' once in a while, perhaps every week or so. I have done similar myself. Hope this helps.
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