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  1. Are you able to use the BST Starguiders with a DSLR using some kind of T-Adaptor? I spoke to someone from FLO who said you can't....and recommended me to the Baaders (more costly)?
  2. Thanks Louis, I have worked out over the last few days that the Jones-Bird telescope design isn't the best....but I'm gonna try and roll with it, I'm just starting out so anything I see at the moment is quite thrilling. I have looked into the Starguiders range, I was surprised at the price...quite cheap . I contacted FLO to ask about using a DSLR with this range, they have advised they're not compatible & as an alternative suggested the Baader Hyperion range as the DSLR can attach to them. Have you or anyone else had any experience with these? Please do tell me if I'm missing the point on something, I'm also trying to get my head around the mirrors etc in the telescope itself...alot to take in but I'll get there. Damien
  3. Hi everyone, Up until now I've been using the 20mm & 4mm eyepieces that came with the telescope. The 20mm has been fairly good for Venus & the moon, however the 4mm has proved quite awkward & I rarely use it if I'm honest. I'd like to make the next step, but my research has now left me brain fried.... I only plan to look at the planets / Moon for the time being. I've been reading up on the Celestron X-Cel eyepieces, they don't seem to bad price wise and reviews I've read have been fairly good. Anyone agree? I'm getting the impression I should only invest in a couple lenses and in the 12-17mm range first followed by a 9mm for example. I'd like to take some shots with my Nikon D3200, but understanding whether it's a simple matter to connect the eyepieces, adaptor & camera via YouTube videos has been challenging. I have the T-Adaptor below....but I think it'll be to small as the Celestron X-Cel eyepieces for example look a little more chunky. Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Damien
  4. Hi all, I’m pretty new to astrophotography...well really new, only had my telescope (Celestron 127EQ) for 3 weeks. I’ve been looking at Venus for a couple weeks now and wanted to share my little journey photographing it. I started by linking my iPhone up to the telescope using an adaptor. The below photo is a collage of how I progressed over my first week, have to say after packing up every night and comparing that nights photos to the night before, it was so exciting as I could see I was getting slightly better day by day. However I soon worked out that the iPhone wasn’t much use for blocking out the brightness or focusing. I then purchased a T-Ring & T-adaptor to link up my Nikon D3200 to the telescope. I must add that I’m not very clued up with the camera neither, it’s one of those things I’ve had for years but never really given much time, so I had to give myself a YouTube crash course on aperture/shutter speed/ISO... Night before last I took these shots below... These were taken with a 2x Barlow lens...shutter at 3200 & ISO 800. I couldn’t quite work out how to / if I can incorporate the 20mm or 4mm lens that came with the telescope....would they make any difference? Any suggestions on how I can improve the sharpness and get a little closer would be great.
  5. Thanks for the comments and welcomes. I’m pretty pleased with the photos, I can’t wait to try taking some shots using the DSLR.....and when the moon reappears at a more appropriate time. I’ve been looking/snapping at Venus lately, but I’ll post those photos in the relevant section.
  6. Hello everyone. Newbie here to viewing the universe and astrophotography. I once had the opportunity as a young boy to view the major planets through a family friends telescope, and since then I've always been fascinated in them. I have never picked up the hobby on my own but always intended to eventually...but sometimes you just need a boot up the backside to get you going. Three weeks ago my other half gave me a telescope for my birthday. I now have a Celestron 127EQ (4mm & 20mm lens included), which from what I've read online is a good telescope for starting off with. I intend to start off with the Moon & planets, its been about 25 years since I last viewed them up close. I've been out most evenings since having it & was overjoyed early this month when viewing the moon. After purchasing a Celestron NexYZ Phone Scope Adaptor I was able to grab some photos with my iPhone....I hope you won't mind me sharing a couple. No doubt I can imagine these are very basic to most people, but I was more than pleased with them after only a couple of attempts. I do have a Nikon D3200 however at the time of taking these photos I was awaiting the arrival of the T-Ring & T-Adaptor in the post. Hoping to improve over time with some guidance. Thanks for looking & I look forward to the chats. Damien
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