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  1. Z3roCool

    Help with identification please

    I think it may be a mark on the scope or camera...Each photo will not be exactly in the same place. If you check the full size image do the edges line up or are they slightly out?
  2. Z3roCool

    Target Advice?

    Hi there, On Friday I am down in Morocco for a week. Will be travelling to Bortle1 Sky. I will be with my NEQ6 and Canon 7D and 400mm lens. Sadly the moon will be out and not setting until around midnight on the first night and later each evening. It pretty much sits around Orion and Pleiades where I was planning to image. Bodes looks like it should be okay, does anyone have any recommendations of good targets with 400mm lens that will be away from the moon? Thanks, Tom.
  3. Z3roCool

    ZWO 1600 pro 2018 recap

    Very nice indeed. Brilliant results in a very light polluted area!
  4. Z3roCool

    Tell us your sky quality

    I live in Bortle 5-6 but spend a lot of time with family on IOW so below is that reading: Will be here though in just over a weeks time! Road trip down to Morocco. Packed all my gear into Motor Home and worrying I have forgotten something.
  5. Side by Side bar works great. Do not use the controller now, EQMod is good.
  6. Z3roCool

    Four Rocket Launches Today

    Me too, just on the new housing estate near Church Gresley. Really need to get up to a meet in the New Year!
  7. Z3roCool

    Four Rocket Launches Today

    Hopefully be watching this...just noticed your name...believe you are on the Astro Group for Rolliston? I am on there but do not chat often as silly busy and not had time to get out this year. Off to the Sahara in January so hopefully be able to share some shots in the New Year
  8. Brilliant, thanks so much for the info. Hopefully Bortle 1 Sky so other than a Sand Storm, should be good
  9. Hi there, I will be travelling down to the Sahara mid January and wondered if I would be able to image 46P still? I have looked up the trajectory and it seems to get higher in the sky but was not sure of its magnitude by that time and if possible to still capture? Thanks for any incite. Tom.
  10. Z3roCool

    Help with PHD2 guiding roadblock?

    I had this issue and it was EQMod that was overriding the ability for the mount to move far enough. Changed the setting in there (Near the Top Right - It is a slider) and all worked. Just in case you use that.
  11. Z3roCool

    Achieving Focus - How to work out?

    Thanks Michael, sadly I have no rings available yet so will just have the camera and gear that comes with that. I am really new to this part and clueless on it I am getting terms mixed up I think...some places I read that you need to get the distance exact to get focus and others either way is okay...sure it is me just not understanding properly each of the terms.
  12. Z3roCool

    Achieving Focus - How to work out?

    Thanks for the info Martin Much appreciated.
  13. Hi there, I wonder if someone could help with making sure I will achieve focus with the following setup? I will be using a 400mm Canon lens with a Geoptik EOS adapter. Camera will be an ASI 1600MM Pro with EFW (x5). I have worked out that I go over the 44mm needed for the 400mm Canon lens but not really sure what all this means and how to get around it, if I am even on the right track! I think the sizes of the train are: 6.5mm - (ASI1600 distance to sensor from housing) 19mm - EOS Adapter 20mm - EFW If using the ZWO adapter (17.5mm) the calculation comes out at 44mm, which is on the money. Does this mean the Geoptik adapter is just too big, or is there a way around this. Can anyone with a bit more understanding guide me on the right path? Many thanks, Tom.
  14. Z3roCool

    M33 - RGB

    Very nice! Loving it.

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