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  1. Always loved the Witch Head and I think the Witch is sure mesmerized by her neighbour Rigel! This shot is taken on a remote telescope over 3 nights this week. About 3.5 hours of LRGB Data (L - Binned 1x1 & RGB - Binned 2x2). Processed in PixInsight & Lightroom. Tommy
  2. Thanks, yep. It is dark! My brother lives in Cornwall, he just loves surfing so the dark sky is wasted on him!
  3. Yep, love it there. Ferry over was not great this time. My little 3 year old who loves the sea was green as a parrot and slept the entire way (Never sleeps in the day....ever!) Next time I plan on going up to the castle ruins and shooting down the bay between Tresco and Bryher with the Milky Way in the background.
  4. Thanks for the kind words This was the first Milky Way shot I have ever tried, Normally do DSO work with my setup. Cannot remember the exact settings, will dig out original and take a look when on my home PC. Best thing to do is just get setup with tracker in the darkest sky you can and just play. I think this was set about ISO 800 and wide open (f2.8) and then adjusted to get the right exposure. The clockwork tracker I used seemed to get to about 2 minute exposure maximum before star trails became obvious. Once I had worked that out I just adjusted the ISO to suit the exposure of the image. I did take a numbr of images but still not been able to stack very well so just the single image for this one. I connect my camera up to my laptop and use BackyardEOS (Or Astro Photograpghy Tool) so it makes it easy to look at the subs very quickly and adjust settings in software. Good luck
  5. Thanks, the red glow is a communication mast I believe on the opposite island (St Mary's) to where we were staying (Tresco).
  6. Image was taken during a 2 week holiday on the Isles of Silly. One single 2 minute image taken with an un-modded Canon 7D and Tokina lens. Tracking was done with a clockwork tracker (Omegon LX2).
  7. First go at the Milky Way. 2 minute sub on a clockwork tracker with Canon 7D and Tokina 11-16mm lens.
  8. Very nice East Veil! Nice scope too
  9. Beauty Dave, I am just starting a 2 panel with 2 others on T12. Can I ask what subs you used and what binning also? Would really appreciate. Your image is a stunner. The Starless process looks to have really worked.
  10. I have just signed up for the Plan 40 with Triple Points Bonus so have 160 points. I have my own kit and do a lot of imaging myself at home. I have learnt everything myself and think I have a pretty good grasp on the process,. Always loads to learn, that is why I love this hobby. I love a session under the stars but for me it is very few and far between I get the chance. Also there are a number of targets I cannot see in the UK. For these reasons I think capturing data from a remote site is fine. I get to use kit I can never afford, in dark sky I will probably never get to other than the odd occasion a year, that is hoping the weather plays ball also. I will be able to get data on targets I will never see from the UK. Yes, I will not have the satisfaction of setting up and overcoming the challenges of doing the hard work myself, but as an add on to capturing data myself I think it is brilliant. As long as someone does not pretend they captured the data from their back garden and states it is data captured from a scope half way up a mountain in dark sky, setup and managed by someone else, all is good
  11. Looking forward to some reviews of this
  12. Ahh, no worries. You may need to increase the exposure time, depends on how dark it will be. Just make sure ISO low and aperture low (Not always wide open - maybe stop down a few) and then play with the exposure time to see what exposure you get. Good luck
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