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  1. Hi there, I have just purchased a WO GT-81 and the Flat6A FF to go with. I will be using with the ZWO Filter wheel and ZWO 1600 MM Pro camera. Looking at the manual that comes with the camera it states the following: SCOPE - FF - M42 to M48 16.5mm Extender - T2 Extender 11mm - M42 to M42 (Male to Male) adapter - EFW - CAMERA I have found info that states the FF needs to be set to 7.1mm for the GT-81. I am a bit confused as have found different information to this on the web and not really sure what I should be looking at. Any help would be much appreciated as this is my f
  2. Thanks. Absolutely, all a matter of taste I go between the 2...last night the starless was my favourite, today the star version
  3. Thanks Peter, I normally do not do Starless but sometimes on really detailed images I like to see what the nebula looks like on its own. I know what you mean though about no context
  4. Thanks, yeah I agree. It really brings out the structure
  5. A re-edit of a recent image. About 6 hours data split between Ha and OIII using the ASI1600MM camera and Canon 400mm lens. Also tried a starless version of same image.
  6. Very interesting! Will have to check which mine are. Got a feeling they are the new ones. Thanks for info
  7. Hi there, here you go. I have stacked both Ha & OIII with same amount of sub time. Added Ha & OIII with moderate stretch and then the same in Ha. I think you may have a good point with the stretch causing the problem. Think the stars are larger in OIII even in the moderate stretch but not as much as I was seeing. Think I may have been stretching too much. Still wonder how much the Canon camera lens (400mm 5.6L) may be not helping. Ha (Moderate) OIII (Moderate) Ha (Pushed) OIII (Pushed) Cheers Tommy.
  8. Hi there, it is the ZWO filter Standard one that comes with the bundle. Was looking at the Baader 4.5 Ultra filter. Cannot push to a Chroma or Astrodon
  9. Hi all, I currently have a 1600MM which I use with an adapter for my Canon 400mm lens (5.6). I get great images in Ha and SII using the standard 1.25" ZWO filters that come with the 1600MM package. I have noticed that OIII data is always bloated and looks out of focus. I have double checked focus with a Bhatinov Mask and nailed it but still the images are bloated looking. Is this a known issue with OIII filters, should I get a narrower filter Baader 4.5nm etc? Want to make sure it will help before spending £200 on a filter. It is really holding back my NB imaging as currently feel I
  10. Had a chance tonight to get some OIII data on top of last weeks Ha. About 3 hours in each filter. Using a Canon 400mm lens and ZWO 1600MM camera. Excuse the processing in NB, no idea how to combine properly but a first go of probably many! Tommy
  11. Thanks Was quite happy with the detail considering the integration time. Ha filter is just amazing.
  12. Thank you. Hope to get some OIII on the target next time it is clear, get some nice colour into it
  13. Thanks, yep...the 1600 is just amazing. I used to use a Canon 7D but from Bortle 1. When at home in Bortle 7 it was pretty much unusable. The 1600 with NB filters is just brilliant.
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