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  1. Always had to go to my Dads to image as using stock DSLR. Recently picked up an ASI 1600 MM Pro and got first light last night from my light polluted back garden. Still learning a lot as I go but so pleased with first result with dedicated camera. This is 5x5min subs with using a Canon 400mm lens, some Flats (Moved the focus by accident when doing!) and some darks. Only had time to use the Ha filter (25mins). I think Ha subs tend to be a bit noisier than other filters?
  2. Thanks for info. Will take a look at those options
  3. Hi there, I have got APT up and running with Plate Solving and works great. My problem is that there does not seem to be a great catalog of images to Plate Solve from. I tried to 'GoTo' The Heart Nebula but not in the list. Had to find an image online and 'Solve' and then 'GoTo'. Is there a way to add more targets in or is it a matter of adding them yourself under the custom option? Any advice is much appreciated, Tom.
  4. Just upgraded to an ASI 1600 Mono camera and got FL tonight through my Canon 400mm lens. First time used at home (Bad LP) Used Ha and only got 25mins (5x300s). No Dark or Flats yet. Stretched in PS (Roughly Done). Guiding was having a fit but not time to fix so stars not great, focus not great either . Really happy with the amount of data in a Light Polluted back garden! Opens a new door for me The thought of being able to do Darks in the day with the set cooling!
  5. I think so! Will give it a go.
  6. Very nice indeed! Can I ask where you put the filter? I have an ASI 1600 MM but using a filter wheel. I could use an Ha filter but trying to see if I can use LRGB on the filter wheel with a LP filter also. If I can install in an adapter for the CCD-->Camera Lens (I have one but not sure I can use a filter in it (It is a ZWO Canon EOS adapter). I also wonder if using 2 filters would cause problems also? Maybe easier just using the NB filter and keep mono. Cheers, Tom.
  7. Was driving my gran back home after a family get together and noticed the lovely sunset. Decided to go down to the beach and see if I could catch the Moon and Venus's reflection. Taken on my phone so resolution is not great. Tommy.
  8. It is the ZWO adapter for the EFW wheel. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-eos-lens-adapter-for-efw-mini-asi-cooled-cameras.html
  9. Hi there, I have just purchased the ASI1600MM with EFW and NB, LRGB filters. I plan on using NB mostly from home as terrible LP. Was just thinking if an LP filter would fit on my setup to work with the LRGB filters (if not will only use when at darker sky). My setup is as in photo. 1600 straight onto EFW and then the EOS adapter for Canon camera. Would I be able to fit anything between the adapter and lens? Cheers for any ideas. Tommy.
  10. That looks very nice. Really wanted one of the originals but waiting until I get a scope (Instead of 400mm lens) so I can link it with the EAF also. Mmm, a red WO GT81 in red, 1600MM and this....Astro Pr0n!!!!
  11. I find that if I can get darks at a very similar temp to my lights it makes a difference, even when dithering. Hard to do though!
  12. Thanks for info Carole Not sure why I found this so hard to get around in my head! The one thing I have suffered with is dew problems that cut short my imaging time.
  13. Thanks for info That multi plug looks the business. Will check the specs of the straps I purchased, hopefully will be good. Tommy.
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