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  1. I have Moonlite and the Baader Steeltrack and both are excellent. I'm visual only though
  2. Just advertise for what they are worth to you and/or someone else. The latter will eventually determine the success or otherwise of the sale.
  3. It's fairly standard to ask between 50-75% of new depending on how scarce or in demand what you are selling and how quickly you want to sell.
  4. Great sketch. I do sketches in a similar way but the reverse the colours in the basic phone software. There are lots of sketches here which might give some ideas. I often do a rough one at the eyepiece with exaggerated sizes to help with a neater version done later. It's great fun and improves your observing too. Here's my M45 if you click the photo it should take you to the thread.
  5. I did what is suggested in this video and it improved the performance substantially
  6. Made the other two roof panels today so looking more like a building now
  7. I pretty much use it on setting 4 for 1.25" and 3 for 2". Works for me.Might not be perfect but saves all the messing about.
  8. haha yeah I remember that. I still cannot star hop as well with an eq as I can with an AZ!
  9. Here's the mount in position (just plonked for effect).
  10. LOL I am guilty of that too. I did the whole thing in a day which didn't help. The bucket is an attempt to prevent water going down the side of the concrete (i.e. inside the tube walls) as it might sit there and then split something when the colder weather comes. I'll take some pics over the weekend no doubt.
  11. If you are concentrating on solar system objects then I'd suggest that the scope is a secondary consideration. From my perspective, what transformed my planetary observing was a combination of a tracking mount and beginning to sketch. Either an equatorial platform for a dob or a tracking AZ or eq mount would be a great investment. An eq5 with drives would be fine with eg a 120mm refractor or 150mm Mak. All that said, the planets are great but have seasons when they are in and not in accessible positions and it might be worth thinking more generally. In such a case then if funds are tight, you won't go wrong with a manual 8" dob but start saving or making an equatorial platform and it will enhance your observing experience no end.
  12. hi Alan The pier is poured! See above. It's rock solid. I'll be using a 120mm Equinox and a 100mm PST mod on the pier and will have 16" and 12" dobs on the other sides. Hope to get the other two frames done this weekend along with painting the frames and then sorting out the mechanisms. Plus the final trimming of the floor and fixing down (after bringing conduit and wiring through of course.Then I can clad etc. Should be finished by the end of October with any luck although I should be able to have a few trials before then.
  13. my own pier cost about £20 in hardcore and recycled materials and freebies from friends. It's 140cm high and 10" in diameter.
  14. In my. 100mm pst mod with binos I get visual images far sharper than the video both of proms and disk. I usually use 68 or about 68-85x occasionally 115x which is right in ratio for aperture re Peter's 150mm.
  15. Yep totally. I think sometimes we obsess about getting as low in declination as possible but for visual observers in light polluted areas surrounded by houses there's often no point. Higher in the sky is darker and more stable. I have decided to accept my (somewhat self imposed) circumstances and make the best of it.
  16. PS I like trees and think there's a balance between a garden to enjoy and maximising observing.
  17. I have an issue with trees and the fact my garden drops about 25 feet over its length. I have accepted that there's no point looking north as it's toward Manchester that way and light pollution rules out anything worthwhile. Towards the house and uphill is the best sky looking south, east and more or less west. There are a lit of trees and I cannot see anything below a 30 degree angle on the scope. However, even in these circumstances I feel an obs is worth it as I can access more objects than I'll ever get bored with and will not be (or should not be) affected by affected by local lights and will therefore have better quality of opportunity. I'd reconsider whether or not the patch of sky visible would be worth it to you. Here's my (in progress) obs
  18. to my mind it totally depends on the scope being used. In most slower scopes (f ratio of maybe f7 or more) pretty much any eyepiece will give decent views. Slower scopes f6 or less will start to challenge the cheaper ones. Other than extremely faint or subtle detail at the edge of seeing, no eyepiece even an ultra expensive one will show you something that a cheaper one will not (assuming the object fits in the field of view). However, the journey might just be a little more pleasing to the eye with a more expensive option. I did a comparison a while back which might explain my own findings.
  19. Will definitely need a central back to front cross member made of 2x 3x2s. I'll make it removable as it's only needed when snow is likely. Plus it will be blocking sky if fixed! The frame albeit bare is actually a lot lighter than expected. Getting excited now......
  20. Between showers managed to make one of the roof frames.
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