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  1. Just to be clear on star tests, what you have above is a defocused image of the view. A star text is a slightly defocused star at high magnification. e.g. https://astunit.com/astunit_tutorial.php?topic=startest
  2. You could use something like that but I'd check if it is a rotating or non-rotating unit. Depending on your 'spare' focus travel something like this might be good. https://www.365astronomy.com/365Astronomy-1.25-Non-rotating-Helical-Micro-Focuser-with-T-thread-and-0.05mm-Scale.html
  3. It's another belter although being picky, I think the composition would be more aesthetically pleasing if the camera was panned right a bit so the comet and tree were in the same approximate position but on the right. Then the comet's (apparent) motion would be into the frame not out of it.
  4. I'd be interested depending when it is although I may only be able to do one night if not end of October.
  5. As far as I read, in the UK at least the planets hardly ever go higher than the level that an ADC will benefit the view. I have never really felt the need other than once through my 12" dob but it will be interesting to try and it may be one of those things that you get by without until you use it and then wow.
  6. Assuming your camera is central, it looks like your secondary adjusters are different lengths. Is the secondary holder on a slant when you look from the top of the tube? Bear in mind the secondary has a minor effect on image quality.
  7. I'd suggest attending a star party or if there's a local astronomy society perhaps someone with a decent sized scope could show you a few things. Visual astronomy is amazing and rewarding but I fear you will need to adjust your expectations as you'll never see galaxies like they are in images with the possible exception of night vision technology and even then.......
  8. It looks to me like the secondary wants to move a smidge towards the primary (i.e. lengthen the central screw a couple of turns - with the usually advised precautions) and it then needs to be rotated slightly. You could just do the latter as you are not that far off. Then tweak the primary.
  9. I haven't but make sure you have enough focus travel. The clicklock unit is quite long.
  10. It might be easier to move the primary up. Then no cutting, just (presumably) new holes for the screws. You will probably be OK re the secondary. assuming you can see all of the primary in it when in position.
  11. To be fair for visual that's pretty much what he says.
  12. That was always my approach to romance
  13. I cannot think how it can align with the horizon in a newt as the focuser is perpendicular to it and at a slant. Hence my starting assumption that you align down the axis. The only thing I can think of is having the focuser vertical which would get you closeish.
  14. I reckon it might work well in my 6" f11 1/10 PV newt. I presume in a newt you get the alignment along the axis of the scope. Might be a lot more experimentation with that scope!
  15. Does that mean that you have to readjust throughout the night with an eq mount but not an altaz?
  16. For me it's about the joy of research and the joy of ownership and the joy of use. There's no issue with anyone buying anything as far as I am concerned as long as they don't over stretch themselves. The most worrying thing for me about the op is the sneaking around and what appears to be an element of deception which leads to feeling guilty. I would also feel like this but my wife and I get a small allowance every month from the family budget and we can spend that, birthday money, Christmas money, anniversary money, sale of kit funds etc with impunity. I still have kit worth a fair bit. My wife's has long gone on makeup, shoes and bags, many of which end up recycled. I also ignore the "I've had it ages" remarks when she wears a new pair of shoes. As far as I am concerned, "happy wife, happy life".
  17. Funny how we start modding straight away! Here's my initial set up. Using things I had already. Baader 1.25" clicklock, Baader quick release clamp, 1.25" 2x Barlow element, 20mm TV Plossl. I think this will give about 180x in my 120 Equinox assuming 4x factor on the Barlow. Have lots of options eyepiece wise.
  18. Also do some research on the size of planets in the eyepiece. Even with a top quality scope and at 150x Jupiter would be about the size of a 10p piece at arms length.
  19. I'll be screwing a 1.25" nose into the 2" nose of my diagonal and the barlow element onto that. Not sure how it will affect the focal ratio/magnification though at this point.
  20. Cheers. I only have the end element but will add to the nose of the diagonal or maybe not use it. Will do some trial and error
  21. My current thinking is Equinox 120 Baader Prism diagonal T2 quick changer female Baader quick change wedge Prism unit minus nosepiece 1.25" eyepiece holder 2x Barlow element screwed into 9mm Delite for 150x and 7mm for 192x or 6-3mm zoom (if I want to go mad) for 225-450x
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