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  1. Fingers crossed for Sunday still Ron, it's just a shame some people return home on Sunday!
  2. It's fairly sheltered but still getting a few gusts. The tent is quite robust though, so it's all good!
  3. Stormy skies over the Wye. 18mm, 40s, ISO400, F8, 16:9 crop. Wind very much in evidence in this shot! As it was in the marquee.
  4. Pitched this in about 45 mins. It’s windy but not too bad!
  5. Orf we go! See you all in 3 hours hopefully.
  6. Useful summary and insight (as always) from Mr Manley.
  7. The Magellanic Clouds, also iconic, (almost) SH only objects.
  8. Nice image. It may just be my phone screen but could it benefit from knocking the green back a few points?
  9. Welcome back John. It’s wonderful to have something to help get you through these difficult times, and at last, the time to do it. Enjoy yourself.
  10. I don't see any beer Glad they're home safe.
  11. I’m having a fine day without having to look at photos of you filling your face Dave. ?
  12. Sod the rain, life is too short. So Clan Foster will be there early afternoon tomorrow. Holding Jupiter and lobbing paper at other astronomers is enough to keep me entertained ?
  13. Satellite probably. Take a look at heavens above or calsky.
  14. I don’t know. But I will say this, it was him or me. ?
  15. Amazing, even more amazing to think that it will take c. 70000 years for Voyager to reach our nearest stellar neighbour. I wonder if any passing travellers will intercept it on the way?
  16. An outstanding image, all the more impressive for being manually stitched!!!
  17. This is a fabulous build James, I don't know how I've missed it until now.
  18. And 3 pairs of underpants.
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