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  1. 50 frames with the Nikon 50mm, 3s, ISO 800, F1.8. It was all rather low down in amongst the local light pollution so I'm rather pleased. I made a hash of blending the foreground though.
  2. Not often one says nice bokeh to a moon image
  3. Handheld, so patiently
  4. And here’s one just after sunrise with the iPhone. ?
  5. Fantastic Neil, love the part where it flies over the Vallis Alpes.
  6. Sadly not, I think I'd need more data to ID them with confidence, which sadly I didn't capture.
  7. until
    After seeing tonight's (11/11/18) close encounter I had a little browse to see if there were any occultations due. There are a few others in the meantime but this one is the first one due that's at a decent altitude. Hope this is enough warning
  8. Here's my one frame that's half decent i wish I’d got it sooner while it was closer but that’s British weather for you
  9. MPEC just issued MPEC 2018-V151: COMET C/2018 V1 (Machholz-Fujikawa-Iwamoto)
  10. Managed to get a glimpse and a few roughly focused frames. Stunning, Happy Birthday to me
  11. Thanks for sharing this Neil, I think the clouds are going to continue to spoil my efforts to image this
  12. This is 5 minutes each of LRGB from Slooh. I think I'll make a 4x3 mosaic out of this as I capture more data, such a lovely starfield.
  13. Or Silver Coin Galaxy, or Caroline's Galaxy. This is about 30 mins L and 5 mins RGB from one of the Slooh rigs. It has a nasty shutter fault at the moment causing occasional linear streaks from the brighter stars, but still gives reasonable data. I intend to capture another hour or so L and some more RGB too.
  14. This comet is very exciting, it has brightened, and now has a faint tail.
  15. Nice shots Charl. good to see some action.
  16. Nice shot though Dave. Few faint proms there.
  17. What a fine debut for the hairy astronomers ?
  18. This is Don Machholz's 12th visual discovery. Amazing. Here's an image from this morning courtesy of Slooh. Low precision astrometry so far puts it around 1.2 AU, probably.
  19. Afocal imaging with a difference!
  20. That gives me an idea, I'll run it through Photoshop's perspective tool and it should sort it out.
  21. In an alternate universe maybe
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