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  1. I think i've around fifty bino's but my fave are the Nikon Monarch 8x42 roof prism ones, They're just soooo crisp and bright and not unwieldly John
  2. WOW!! Those look the Biz! I've never counted but I think I must have around 50 bino's now!! John
  3. Here's a set of Tasco zoom bins that I bought this year, They seem a cut above other zoom ones that i've owned, Could be that they don't zoom loads like some others that I have (They're 7-15x) A nice quality case with them too! These on the other hand are naff by comparison, The mag starts where the Tasco's end!! John
  4. Hi all, After recovering from a knee replacement around 12 weeks ago, I've been having a steady amble around our local bootsales of a sunday and brought some more bins home with me! A while ago I picked these Tasco 7x50 armoured set up for £5, More recently (Last weekend) I found these Dowling and Rowe 7x50 focus free and armoured for the same price, The fella said he'd been a while wondering how to focus them!! John
  5. Replying to an old thread, I realised these weren't auto focus after using them for a while, They're individual focus but as Ruud said, they hardly need to be refocussed!! Cheers, John
  6. I've two sets of these, Very bright and crisp, Was told they're called Komz! I was told these were actually made at the Zeiss factory in East Germany that Russia took over after the war!, Have to say, I have a set of 8x30 Zeiss Jena and they're for all the world the same bins!! (And optically theior equal!).. This set was a fiver! Had to pay and extra three quid for the case as it had a set of other 8x30's in, The receipt was in the case too! This set is much better cosmetically but no different optically!! EDIT, Forgot to say I paid £10 from another bootsale for these!! The cheaper set came with orange fiters fitted, Seemed like they'd been on from new as they were stuck with decades of gunge!! John
  7. I've also around fifty air pistols too, I'm shortly going to start getting rid as I never use them now and let my range membership slip! John
  8. We've already swapped back although I think he'd still do a deal as he really wnts a rifle but as he's a leftie, It would have to be dedicated left hand or ambi I've around a hundred rifles for him to choose from though!! I thought that being top end bins, The repair would be quite pricey! John
  9. One was actually a Gamo Stutzen!! The other was an Air Arms SE90, A very nice rifle!! John
  10. Hi all As well as bins I also collect airguns, I recently swapped two of my rifles for a Zeiss Conquest 10x42 binocular, The warrenty said they were new in 2012 so are seven years old, The right extension tube (Sorry, Dunno the proper name!) was cracked and this played on my mind so much that I got in touch and traded back!! Was I stupid as these bins are now almost a grand now and clarity/brightness etc was absolutely outstanding!! These are they!! They came boxed with the manuals. warranty etc.. A pic of the crack that the original owner had tried to glue, I pulled it out further than it was meant to go (It does as it's cracked!! ) so that I could get a clear pic!! I loved the performance of these bins but couldn't live with the damage unfortunately Cheers, John
  11. A friend of mine that's really in to anything optic told me never to buy any zoom bin's, Of course I ignored his sage words and now have several sets, All of them require refocusing after I 'zoomed'!! I didn't mind though as they mostly still give a good image (For my ppor old eyes at least!) after fiddling with the focus knob!! John
  12. Ruskie glass tends to be excellent quality in my opinon, I was told that after WW2 when Russia took over east Germany, The Zeiss factory was in eastern Germany so thr Russian bino's suddenly became superb!! (Don't know for sure if this was the case but sounds feasable!!).. I found some Komz /Tento which are super clear, As good as my Jena and the 8x30 look identical in size and build!! These were knocked about but working superbly, They had the orange filters on the ocular lenses and seemed to have been attached for years!, I had to buy a cheapo set of broken Halina bins too as they were in the case that these should have been in!, Only cost a tenner for both bins and the case!! These also came from a bootsale for £10 These have some mould/fungus on the lenses but are still very bright and crisp, Need a clean on the outside though!! Hmm, I have some marked 'Tento' and made in USSR but can't seem to find pics of them! ? John ?
  13. I recently found a sunagor 15-70x25, These are shocking at the higher mags but passable as a 15x binocular!! ? In all fairness though, I couldn't be bothered to dig the tripod out to mount them on!! John ?
  14. WOW!! I thought it was the rear end of the Starship Enterprise!!! ?? John ?
  15. Thos Greenkat look superb!! ? Have to say, I've had several sets from charity shops but most from carboot sales and a few off fleabay!! These Tecnar 12x50 were my latest find around two weeks ago at a local charity shop for £10, Alas they came with no lens caps and neither of the straps were present!, The lenses are crystal clear though with no fogging or mould and perfect collimation, Also, I don't think this case is what originally came with the binocular as it's a couple of inches taller and they just seems lost in the case even though they are quite large bins! I won these 7x50 Greenkats frpm Ebay back in 2016 for £9.99, Can't remember if there was postage to pay too but again, They're lovely glasses! I think £25 is the most i've paid for a bino' although my bestest bargain was an 8x42 Nikon Monarch for £20 at a bootsale from a nice old gent!!, A friend of mine was looking through them and told me to have a squint!!, He wasn't buying them so I did! I've picked up loads of really nice binoculars over the years but also bought some tat too that made me go dizzy trying to view through them!! Just remembered I paid more than £25 for these Celestrons but I can't for the life of me remember how much I actually did pay! ? Happy new year all!!! John
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