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  1. Here you go, it's definitely doable. I downloaded the video from YT and had a play. A quick run through Pipp to stretch the black and white point, then another run to align. The proms were easier than the surface detail but there's the very faintest of hints of a filament lower left and I got it almost aligned on that. The surface stack was a little blurry as the alignment wasn't perfect but a quick trick with a duplicate layer (lighten mode) and the offset filter in Photoshop to take away some of that blur gave me back some detail. The proms were a doddle, almost perfect alignment, and then standard blending the layers to put it all together. Could do better with more fettling I'm sure
  2. Sorry I've only just seen this, I've barely looked in Solar this summer! Charl's right that I've stacked untracked vids Chris. What will probably help is doing 2 runs through Pipp. One to stretch, then one to align. It'll probably only work on the prom exposure due to lack of much contrasting detail on the surface detail end, but it's worth a go anyway. So first you run it through selecting stretch white point and stretch black point. White wants to be about 75%, black defaults to zero. Then run the output of that through with lunar/solar close up checked to align, moving the alignment area box over a suitably contrasty detail to give it something to 'track' I think that makes sense.
  3. How very dare you sir! I’m holding you fully accountable if it is. Recompense will be expected.
  4. Nice report John. I love observing with my 10x50, and my 8x40. Put 'em both to good use under Cornish skies last week, even with the moon out for most of it! As you say, hassle free, and simple.
  5. I hope people still have space to bring cake what with all this red tape they're bringing!
  6. That's the spirit Ray. Last year was my first star party and I was very apprehensive, especially because my wife came (as she is this year) and she was quite dismissive of the red light policy (in a loving, caring mild fun poking kind of way she assured me) But we painted a very low power torch with a few coats of red nail polish, same with a camping light, plus we purchased a red rope light for inside the tent (image attached) and I had no complaints at all. If I had, I'm sure it would have all been very friendly, I didn't see a single pitchfork
  7. Cracking find Neil, adding this to my diary.
  8. I played around with focus stacking (in Photoshop) 5 images focussed at various points from front to back (with the 200mm) and produced something that has relatively few stacking artefacts. Quite pleased.
  9. These captured with the Skymax, 2x Barlow and Nikon. 15% of 3000 frames in each.
  10. The seeing was better last night. This is 50 of 100 frames. The usual process.
  11. Although the seeing was rather wobbly last night, the few good frames were fair to middling so despite only stacking the 20 of 200 frames that were above 80% quality as measured by Pipp, there's some decent(ish) detail. They're just a bit noisy because of the lack of data. All derived from the one image which as I said is 20 of 200 frames processed with Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG>Photoshop (LTVT for the annotations) RGB Invert Mono 100% Crops
  12. Cracking. Welcome back Jules ?
  13. Impressive, it won't be long before we're getting images from Osiris Rex at Bennu too!
  14. Outstanding image, there's nothing wrong with a few gaps in a mosaic!
  15. The final lunar image of our week in Cornwall captured last night as the moon rose. A Nice wide shot to appreciate the majesty of our companion!
  16. Outstanding Charl. I'm in heaven looking at your images too
  17. Following on from this morning's Moon I set up the intervalometer on my trigger this evening to produce this.
  18. Thanks Carol, here's another one, no bird but captured a short while after the first when there's a little more light.
  19. Fantastic images Charl. Just been watching the moon with Mk1 eyeball as it rises from behind a headland over the sea. Before that it was planets with the bins. I love our solar system!
  20. We're on a break at one of our favourite spots at Mullion in Cornwall and I have no telescope with me!! NELM 7.7 is why, I want to observe as much as possible with the Mk1 eyeball and binoculars. However, with full moon rising early this evening there's not really much opportunity to achieve anything so I popped a 200mm lens on the camera and snapped this.
  21. Gorgeous clear skies this evening, but the seeing was a trifle wobbly to say the least. So I captured 400 frames at 1/500 and ISO100 with the Skymax and the Nikon, and stacked 100. The usual process employing the magic of Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG>Photoshop. Click to view full size.
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