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  1. Then please don't hijack his thread to discuss alternatives.
  2. @Ben the Ignorant, @Louis D, I think the OP is politely hinting he isn't looking for buying advice. He has already chosen and purchased an eyepiece and is sharing his experience with it
  3. You are mistaken, you have not submitted another review for Tring Astro. Prior to this you posted only one other review (it was for Telescope Service) 30th July 2015.
  4. Yes indeed... Knighty2112 is pleased with the outcome and has posted Nick's advertorial so we think now is a good time to close the thread.
  5. @oobydooby Rather than have multiple threads we have merged yours with JamesF's.
  6. We disagree A discussion on the pros and cons of GOTO v non-GOTO is welcome.
  7. Ken82, you have received a number of positive suggestions in this thread but you don't appear to have acknowledged them. You seem more interested in bashing Celestron than achieving the best results from your mount and we do not allow vendor bashing at SGL.
  8. Olly is right and the majority of contributors to Sky at Night and Astronomy Now magazines are members at SGL so please keep the critique courteous
  9. I have just sold my first item on Astro classifieds - a ZWO ASI120 MM-S

    Your sticky asks me to close the thread once the sal is completed, but it is not clear how I do that.  Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you.


    1. Grant


      I've moved it for you to the completed area :) Alternatively, you can just reply to anything that's sold saying it's sold and one of the mod team will notice and move it.

    2. gnomus


      OK.  I had already marked it as sold so if that is what is required that is what I will do in future.



  10. Hi Admin,

    I'm unable to edit or delete a posting I made in the for sale classifieds section, please can you help?

    Thanks, Steve


    1. Dinsdale Piranha

      Dinsdale Piranha

      Unlikely admin will read a status update.

      You'll not be able to Delete a post on SGL, only admin and mods can do that. But usually you an edit posts, maybe something specific in the permissions for the buy/sell section.

      Suggest you post a query in the bugs/suggestions board, that'll get seen really quick by the mod and admin team. :)

    2. WebSentinel


      Thanks, I posted here because Admin didn't reply to my private message.  I'll try bugs/suggestions board as you.... erm, suggest! 😜

    3. Dinsdale Piranha

      Dinsdale Piranha

      Don't forget that the admin team (Steve and grant) generally log in as themselves, and only login as Admin when they have to. So they may not have seen it yet.

      The bugs section will get their attention pretty quick :)


  11. Things are still looking good, the new Classifieds section is clearly busier since the change and we still haven't received any complaints feedback We will continue monitoring things for another week or two so if you have any thoughts, suggestions or concerns regarding the new Classifieds section please do contact us.
  12. We hope you approve of this new and improved Stargazers Lounge. A number of background tasks are still running so you might find some older posts that are not displaying properly or are missing links to their attachments, also the search function will need a day or two to catch up with the changes. Change can be unsettling but the new layout will soon become familiar and includes a whole bunch of useful features. Here are some of the most noteworthy: New theme - works well on a range of screen sizes so everyone sees the same SGL and has access to the same features. New editor - more powerful and no need for a 'preview' because it shows you everything as it will appear. It also works on mobile devices Mobile uploading - you can now upload from mobile devices, e.g. iPhones, straight into the forum. New SGL logo - the old logo served us well but this new one is cleaner and more modern. HTTPS - the entire site now has full SSL encryption for enhanced security. Post editing - is now enabled for everyone (all post edits are recorded so moderators have a history of changes). More powerful 'follow' features - you can follow people to receive notifications when they post (replaces the previous 'friends' feature and is much more capable). View new content - has been replaced with an 'Activity' button (top-left). It uses the ‘streams’ concept (similar to the wall feed on Facebook) which enables you to keep track of everything happening on the forum. You can also choose what you do/don’t want to see. I.e. if you aren't interested in status updates, you can ignore those. If you want to follow a particular forum and nothing else, you can This powerful new feature grows more useful the more you use it (we are currently using default streams but we shall create more and you can create your own). More editor buttons - includes mathematical and scientific notations. Ability to tag people - when you mention another member in a post, if you type @ before their username (e.g. @Grant) they will receive a notification. This useful feature alerts others to conversations they might find interesting or might want to participate in. The above is only a selection of the new features, there are many more and we shall turn some of them on over the coming weeks so watch this space! With this new upgrade and the larger more powerful server we are confident SGL will continue to serve the needs of what must surely be the UK’s largest and BEST community of astronomers if you have suggestions or feedback please post them here in this thread. If you encounter any issues or bugs please post them in the regular Bugs, Errors and Issues forum so we can assist you directly.
  13. So far so good... Only one week in but the new Classifieds section appears to be working well (other than the initial confusion mentioned above). We will continue monitoring things and will tweak here and there if necessary so if you have any concerns or suggestions please PM us, we will be pleased to hear from you.
  14. This request is perhaps the most significant change but please understand it is a request, not a requirement. We have noticed this open approach works very well on some other forums and requires very little moderation so we hope it will be the same here at SGL, we'll know in a month or so.
  15. We are upgrading to the new forum platform Friday (possibly earlier). It has features that will enable you to stay on top of new activity. Features more advanced that the simple lists we have been used to