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  1. Any LAS members who can help out with equipment please let us know. all tickets for the public sold out!! View the calendar event
  2. The 2018 FAS Convention will take place on September 22nd 2018 at the University of York. The convention will start at 9.00am. View the calendar event
  3. A workshop which will help people to learn more about night photography and hone their skills so they can enter the Night Photography Competition. Tuition provided by Ian Collins Photography www.icpic.co.uk Ian has a passion for low-light photography and has had his work published widely in publications including National geographic and The Times. Presentations include practical demonstrations bringing the terminology and technology to a level everybody can understand. Register your place: Online: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/night-photography-workshop-tickets-47416624400?ref=estw Phone: 01597 811527 View the calendar event
  4. Earthquakes, Volcanoes & (BIG) Telescopes: My Fortnight in Hawai’ by Nahid Chowdhury View the calendar event
  5. Main talk: The variable Hubble Nebula by Dr John Lightfoot of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. Plus what's in the sky for September and occasional short presentations from members. Refreshments afterwards. Open to all, admission free. You don't have to be a member to come along and we're always happy to see new faces. View the calendar event
  6. admin

    Anyone heard of Grant Mitchell in Dorset??

    We don’t think it appropriate that SGL be used to publicly discuss and determine a private person’s reputation and integrity so the thread has been locked and will be removed.
  7. Astrocymru: 3D Astronomy and Space Event time: 10am - 4pm Location: Elan Valley Visitor Centre Join Emma Wride from Astrocymru and learn about Space through a 3D cinematic experience! We will explore the surface of solar system bodies, see the sizes of celestial objects in our Universe, learn about the birth of the Solar System and much more! View the calendar event
  8. Longest eclipse in 21st century (103 mins) Will be visible in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America View the calendar event
  9. Mars at Opposition, best placed for viewing ie at its largest apparent diameter of 24.3 arc seconds, visual magnitude -2.8 and a distance of 57.8 million km. It transits at 1.15am but at a height of only 13.2 degrees above the horizon from London. Best bet is to get on a plane and head South! View the calendar event
  10. admin

    APM 16x70 ED (review of sorts)

    Gentlemen. This is SGL. Spats allowed on other forums are not permitted here. Please play nicely
  11. Wow this was a tough one, I know we say that every month but this one had the most variety of voting choices yet. Thanks everyone who took part and well done to the winners! Stofler and Maurolycus By astroavani Plato By MilwaukeeLion Lacus Mortis By Nick Smith
  12. admin

    widescreen center website issue?

    The two threads discussing WSC's website are now merged into one. HTH
  13. admin

    JTW Astronomy - rival to MESU?

    You asked us to remove Merlin66' post. We complied (only because he discussed a dispute he is/was having with you over a joint business venture) so are surprised at your post today. We are not going to referee disputes between manufacturer's, suppliers and SGL members. This thread is locked!
  14. Congratulations to everybody that entered this challenge, the winners are: Collinder 399 By Allinthehead m46 By alacant The Jewel Box open star cluster ( ngc 4755 ) in Crux By MikeODay Well done all three! Stunning entries Don't forget for our latest challenge the format has changed, please see the details here: Clear Skies!
  15. admin

    JTW Astronomy - rival to MESU?

    Mark Woodward at JTW Astronomy has contacted us saying he considers some of the posts from members in this thread "defamatory", "unfair" and "unacceptable". He has insisted the posts be removed. We don't normally allow companies to tell us what should or should not be posted at SGL but in this instance we have removed the posts. Customers of JTW are welcome to discuss their experiences (within reason) but SGL is not a suitable platform for someone to discuss a dispute they might have with JTW over a joint business venture.

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