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  1. This has got to win me this coveted prize This was captured with the iPhone X, Procam on Tiff setting and 10x digital zoom on the 'telephoto' lens, manual focus and exposure, no telescope involved. Handheld, resting the phone on the car roof in Lidl car park. I used Stu's invaluable advice and cropped to remove all the distractions from the background sky Slight processing with PS express. I got narky questions as to what I was doing from a family who were getting out of their car at the time as well, and when I told them I was taking a picture of the moon, they said they couldn't see it (they were closer to the building that the Moon was above than I) When I explained angles to them in the nicest possible terms, they continued to be narky, so I showed them (the moon, then my photo) and they harrumphed, some people! Anyway the point is I suffered for this image, so I deserve the prize. Plus I know the judge personally, so I doubly deserve the prize, ahem.
  2. It’s all been said but for me it’s all about understanding the universe and however you do that is fine by me. As for AP people being hypercritical, the only criticism I’ve ever had on my limited imaging output here has been nothing but valuable. Also, if there was any elitism amongst AP people I most certainly would have been on the receiving end with my limited budget, and I have not. I love to browse through the imaging boards and the observing reports, they’re two different paths towards the greater understanding that I want.
  3. Here, have a lend of my thermal imager, that'll root the blighter out!
  4. I reckon it's a decoy! Best start checking Ebay. Good effort Charl
  5. Thanks folks. I went back out for another session, and although the Moon was 7 degrees higher in the sky the seeing had deteriorated so this image is at a shorter focal length, but I wanted to do a larger colour version. So here you have it.
  6. Just... I'm sure I can do better than 'just edges' I may have to go back out and have another crack at it seeing as I have a day off tomorrow RGB versions do well inverted, it makes the colours contrast more.
  7. Well I won't bother entering mine if there's corruption going on
  8. A wide RGB image plus inverted version and a larger mono, worth viewing at full size. 150 frames each. Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG and Photoshop for the RGB.
  9. Disgusting behaviour, although a Jaffa Cake may serve as a suitable bribe for the judge to overlook the details
  10. Nice session this evening. Observing, then imaging and finished off with a quick iPhone snap before I process the big images. Captured with ProCam, sharpened with PS Express it’ll probably look awful on a proper screen
  11. A quick image of the moon looking very atmospheric surrounded by a bit of light local cloud. I actually took 4 shots and stacked in photoshop to allow me to sharpen it up a little and raise the background sky level without introducing too much noise.
  12. lovely shots, and yes, you've got the wrong debayer setting. Toggle it the other way and you'll sort it.
  13. One more for good measure before I turn in. Quickmaps has layers to show different imagery and this is a layer showing the area when it's on/near the terminator. It's a little earlier than tonights views hence the elongated shadow. I've also turned on the contour layer to show the elevation.
  14. This should take you straight to our ROI, with a little topographical info for good measure https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/query?layers=NrBsFYBoAZIRnpEoAsjZwLpNKG%2BscB2fDbMADlPnNAE5rDgjZWakiE2mAmOuqt3J9%2BjTOKQ9QPRkmBSuBcgGZoPQUskVVYicDhwo3OQbRCkBkueCroisls5iLO63GX32%2B5cufe8bspWmt4M1urKMuEURFEhcChsDvIU9H7qaUJ6kXEYcpGeWNnQymGkAHRQIKqJuiolZhVVNiVGSsU%2BstVqZayV9a5NA57Q-UiqkdSj4OIq0l02oCPlPDPjoL5JY4uNfWuLbXuz4yUae-klAUMnQVP92US7iNVEmxWG9TxPox8nq3e-FpSAH7VQ8YJ9D4PK55F6HLxBM4Ioi9BEUJJowoqCi5NFvZLKChPIrkRIYhDVUTWMH4hFqXEk9YQ56LGEI0BI3gxclzVFMII88ZOamxOpIFBfBYS2mjZSk-5bOXi4FbOjHYAocC0ika8AM0ngeHTdWqOB8i7QNn86DQYn1Ep%2BWyC4B650ZbXCVLwrmodKpK2ejlil2GBbgBJ%2BcPMpjhznkcN8%2BM8ZZEJO40aprSgaP2-UnaDe2aYIA&lineTool=-26.14520421%2C46.98819701%2C-26.96041988%2C46.61228699&extent=-27.89735144886454%2C46.18807345290969%2C-25.118588713719458%2C47.30203167208551&proj=10
  15. And just out of interest, apropos of nothing at all, but to remind you what a great resource the LRO imagery is, here's one as close as you can get to the top of the ridge showing what appears to be a rubble field. What a great time to be alive!!
  16. I think what causes the apparent odd angle of the shadow maybe a curved terraced feature. These are higher resolution versions of one of the images Stu posted, from the LRO quickmap site. The curved section would cast shadows for a prolonged period as the sun moved around it and the terrace could have something to do with the apparent break in the shadow.
  17. Those hills are quite prominent, I caught shadows off them last night too. Excuse the double image effect, I had problems stacking.
  18. I generally try to keep it natural, apart from the odd liberty sometimes. Had real trouble stacking this one as it goes, I think you may have hexed it Worth a look at full size.
  19. I thought so too! Stacking will give a bigger image though and bring out lots of lovely detail to match the views I had before imaging. But you knew that anyway
  20. Single random frame, basic stretch using Pipp. Processing the stack at the moment.
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