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  1. But then I'd lose the much coveted fisheye look.
  2. I think your car should get a mug too
  3. Both, but then I would say that wouldn't I ? That's the one!
  4. Assuming you are able to furnish me with the correct answer, under the right circumstances, it's very decent of you to give somebody else the opportunity to reign victorious. I salute you
  5. Ok, the prize is a Nagler.... The next time we're together.... At my house
  6. So it looks like I used the wrong settings to combine data from two different rigs in APP. 3 points to the first to get this right. 1 point to anyone who gets it right after that! NB. POINTS ARE OF NO VALUE TO ANYONE, JUST LIKE THIS IMAGE.
  7. Amazing shots Michael, I knew the P9 was good but I didn't know it could see round corners
  8. Gorgeous here, but sadly other duties forbid any practical astronomy
  9. I'd go down the road to Tintagel and get some cracking photos as well as astronomy Mark!
  10. Lovely image. I did mine in the wee small hours, before the sun rose. Then I went to bed so no chance of getting it in daylight.
  11. I dodged clouds for 2 hours and the seeing was awful
  12. And they said I'm taking it too seriously Cracking image.
  13. I certainly was. 2 hats were employed!
  14. Outstanding seeing last night. Here's a few images captured after a long observing session. I've not observed or imaged this phase very much so I'm very pleased. Wide Closer, worth a look at full size More contrast Closer look
  15. johnfosteruk


    From the album: Imaging Challenge #17 - Through the Eyepiece

    Crisium, Cleomedes and surrounding region. Captured with iPhone X using Procam 5, through the little Skymax 102 and a 4 mm (8mm with rings) Hyperion EP. Processing done with PS Express.
  16. I've just come in from an outstanding session on the Moon during a phase I haven't got to image or observe much over the last year or so and it's not even at it's highest yet. I may have to pop out again in a bit. I had some visual first, studying the craters in what's left of Crisium, Messier A&B and the terrain in Fecunditatis. On to the Rheita Valley. The chaotic Janssen, Fabricus & surrounding craters. All in all a great session with rock solid, crisp views in the little mak. Before I replaced the eyepieces with the camera, I thought of Stu's world renowned contest, could I summon the courage, the wherewithal and the skill to submit a world class winning image for the second time in a week? Would the iPhone be up to the challenge at such short notice, with so little time to prepare? Would my waffle be enough to distract the judges from what's really going on here? (What's really going on here? I don't know) Well, you be the judge! This was captured using the RAW setting in Procam 5, afocal with the little 102 Mak, and a Hyperion 8mm with the adjustment ring to make it 4mm. Cropped, sharpened and levels adjusted using PS express.
  17. Your midships are safe! What gives is I was playing with Topaz, won't be doing that again. I didn't with the RGB and the difference is obvious to see. Funny thing is, I thought the monos looked fine, but now with time and another pair of eyes I see the problem. Must have been tired, it was late. Oh and I did reduce the scale of the RGB a little as well but the main difference is the processing. I might redo the mono without Topaz.
  18. Thanks everyone. The RGB version finished stacking overnight.
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