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  1. RolandKol

    High Quality Astro Gear

    Which if of the gear is done in EU? All of mine is Chinese
  2. RolandKol

    Weird red banding in the photo

    interesting... No idea, but want to follow, btw, have you done Flats the same night? can you post one? Maybe it was dew....
  3. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    I think I managed to find a suplier for the 3rd attempt. http://www.theinsertcompany.com/steel_self_threading_inserts.php they have M10 x 1.5, with even 16mm diameter Just a note for my self, and maybe for someone who will need it. And I would probably go for these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M8-Threaded-Insert-Nuts-wood-timber-With-Load-Spreading-Flange-Zinc-Alloy-X-5/232931630737?hash=item363bce9e91:g:tvEAAOSwMgdX1bYd As they would be replacable, however, cannot find M10
  4. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    I think, I heard it on LBC, that Dartford Toll bridge was build with the agrement, that no other bridges will be built for 20 or 30 years in East London... Don't remember excactly...
  5. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    I afraid of these... Zinc.. they are for wood, - have no idea if they are strong enough to handle the head, counter weights and the rig all together... Ofcourse, the bolt does not hold all of it, but strongly supports for sure... As I have only one last try with M10, I will go for something from stainless steel. otherwise, after the second fail, I will need to go for M12 and the wrench for adjustment
  6. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    Unfortunatelly, I have to use it almost daily... it is nice to have a ride or two, but for daily commuting... nitghtmare... escpecially then Lorries try to get int and jam Woolwich round about Why we have no bridges in the East London? what a shame....
  7. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    Yep, Dave, I've been looking for something similar, The perfect one, would be a bit longer with a nut to tighten from inside. But, I cannot find anything online...
  8. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    Damn... It needs a proper thread also
  9. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    Aaaaaaaaaa Nice one Thank you!
  10. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    In my case, the main problem is, - Tools... I am more into electric side, not the metal works... However, I would not call may self "Lad with both left hands".
  11. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    I was not able to find it... any link? It may be handy, in case if I will kill my wedge completely
  12. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    Found a bit cheaper option https://www.amazon.co.uk/sourcingmap®-M10x18mm-Stainless-Tapping-Slotted/dp/B077G2K79R/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1537259521&sr=1-1&keywords=sourcingmap®+M10x18mm+304 ordered
  13. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    The problem I had with Helicoil, was at the last step - Once I hit to break the inner pin, half of the coil together with the Pin simply slid out as it cut the soft SW metal off instead of breaking the Pin!!!!. I have managed to fit it in from the second attempt, Broke the pin with pliers from inside of the mound, but... the mount metal was already damaged with my first try... And of course, the second attempt was not solid enough to keep the bolt properly... "Don't try it at home!", - or do it from the first Attempt properly I simply have not expected mount to be so soft... As per thread pitch, I do not remember which I used, now I simply googled for the toolkit which looked more or less the same. Previously I bought based on someone's direct link My Altitude bolt fitted in properly, I can check the box if I will manage to find it (I moved houses recently....)
  14. RolandKol

    Help to fix Altitude Adjustment T-bolt thread :(

    Thanks guys for ideas, I will probably try this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baerfix-M10-x-1-5mm-Metric-Self-Tapping-Damaged-Thread-Repair-Cutter-Kit-Inserts/142889395003?epid=25021992058&hash=item2144df233b:g:5nQAAOSwXV1bYESP I think I will not need to drill the hole as it is around 13mm already... Will check tomorrow. If I will kill it again... Will go for a wider Insert + wider bolt and Pipe Wrench for adjustment ... As far as I understood NEQ6 upgrade wedges are not on the market anymore (plus the price!!!!)...
  15. Hi guys, I bought NEQ6 (second hand) almost a year ago... Unfortunately, the seller has not told me that Mount has a damaged Altitude adjustment thread, so my T - bolt fell off after a month or two... I tried used THREAD TAP REPAIR CUTTER KIT M10 x 1.25 and it worked till today While placing new Thread, I noticed that SW Mount metal is not very tough, however, the new thread was quite good. Today, I tried to adjust my scope in the new place and the Altitude Adjustment bold simply fell off... Fortunately, I managed to catch my rig, otherwise, I presume, my whole set up could end up on the ground... "LUCKY!!!!". Is there any fast way to fix it up? I planned to attend astrocamp on the 5th of October for the first time... I guess I need to buy a larger Bolt and re-thread the mount, but metal is sooo soft... I afraid to do it again ;( Any advice will help... .... ....

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