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  1. Just a quick suggestion.... 100GB SSD is a bit too small for C disk... and Win 10 with all the software we use in AP... Uninstall all Large APs like Photoshop, PI and etc and DSS. Create Folder in D disk for example "Programs" and install all your apps to this location. Also, create Downloands, Documents, Video, Pic, Music and even Desktop folders in D disk, after - Right Click on each original ShortCut (Video, Documents, Downloads) on the Left Pane, Select Properties >Location and move them one by one to newly created folders in D disk.
  2. RolandKol

    SynScan Alignment using Plate Solver

    Not sure how it works with AZ GTe in EQ mode... But I always use SharpCap to set alignment points for EQMOD and my NEQ6 mount, I find it the best and the fastest way to Start. SharpCap also has location options, - I have ticked the box, - get location from the Mount (as I remember). As I do not use handset, my Location alt/long details are entered in the EQMOD and in the Stellarium. As a platesolver for SharpCap I use All Sky Platesolver. And yes, sometimes, after mount slews to the target and misses a bit, once I press button "platesolve and sync", - it platesolves, but Not centers on the target... Not sure why. But even if it not re-centers, - it always updates the Stellarium and shows the exact position of the scope, - so I simply press CTRL+1 (Slew to target) again in the Stellarium and in 90% of the times, - scopes gets spot on on the target, 10% - very very close. If I want to start fast, I do at least 2 syncs on one side of the meridian around the future target and at least 1 on another side, - but the more syncs, the better, EQMOD is able to handle around 1000 or 2000 sync points... do not remember, - never reached even 500. I hope it helps
  3. RolandKol

    First image M45

    Very Nice start! As per stars in the corners: You need coma corrector to get rid of the egg shaped stars in the corners, - at the moment that form is caused by parabolic primary mirror, - all newtonians suffer from it. Collimation: I would say it is close to perfect, - do not touch it for a while. At least, do Not touch the secondary mirror, it will cause more headache than improvement. To Collimate primary is easy, but I am almost sure, you do not need it at the moment, unless you been transporting the scope and etc. Grainy background is what all astrophotographers fighting against, and there is no short way... unless jumping straight to Mono astro camera. More exposures, more calibration subs, darker skies, colder nights (sensor) and guiding with dithering will help a lot. Also some experience with Dynamic Background Extraction in Pixinisght will reduce gradient and uneven corners, which may be caused by the Moon or even by CMOS sensor amp glow.
  4. RolandKol

    3D Printers

    I am not even suggesting OpenSCAD, - just wrote my findings And thanks for the FreeCAD!!! Will check it tonight!
  5. RolandKol

    3D Printers

    Hi Hi, I have also recently entered this "Terra incognita" of 3D prints, And this is what I have learned so far about soft: 1st place: Autocad - difficult to use, Expensive like hell, but you will have almost no restrictions; 2nd place: Blender: almost like Autocad, but FREE, however I was not able to learn how to create precise models properly, - I think I will come back to it sooner or later. 3rd place: SketchUP: Easy to use even for children, but looses in flexibility.... Sometimes it simply does not allow you to change shape of the model at the end of the design... and all must be re-done from the start... As a name states, - quite nice to use for Sketches, or simple models but, not free also... The last place, - OpenSCAD... Free, - lots of models online have .stl for printing and also .SCAD files for adjustment, however... OpenSCAD is a command-line based openSource software, I afraid to invest time to learn it... I decided to stick to Autocad as I was familiar with it before my 3D print adventures have started and my opinion is a bit biased... But I am sure, sooner or later, I will be made to go back and learn Blender as I will not be able to afford Autocad for such a hobby.
  6. RolandKol

    small (ish) colour imaging cam for dob

    Good choice! P.S. IR Cut filter goes directly on the camera it also works as a sensor protector.
  7. RolandKol

    small (ish) colour imaging cam for dob

    Start from the MOON! Good target to learn how software works, SharpCap or FireCapture are the flagships in this area. For the Planets, Yep... Very Good Finder alignment... VERY! Keep in mind, you will end up with x3 Barlow and you will not be able to focus on the planet with it... Summary, - Align Finder at F15, focus close to the planet, enable ROI (Region of interest, or Crop, depends on the software you will use), keep histogram peak around 70% with Max FPS possible, file formant .AVI or .Srt, 60 or 90 secs records, - shoot shoot shoot A Little/weak haze in the air, - is not an obstacle, it actually even helps!
  8. Thats why I went Samyang 135mm way
  9. RolandKol

    small (ish) colour imaging cam for dob

    I have ZWO ASI224MC, nice toy! USB3, Very high Frame per Second rate and quite cheap. I have managed to get quite nice Jupiter images with it even via 130PS And without any proper skills Unfortunately, they sell it without IR cut filter... So if you will decide to got for one, - keep it in mind... Of course... the best results would be with mono, - but the total price will jump through the roof...
  10. RolandKol

    skywatcher EQM-35 PRO

    Hi Scott, if you are really into AP, - why do you want to take the risk? HEQ5 is only a bit more expensive... The Second hand one, - probably even cheaper....
  11. RolandKol

    Az-GTI Dec movement reversed in EQ mode

    They are insane... is there an option to downgrade the firmware? if not... You will end up buying or 3D printing holder rings for Finders only....
  12. RolandKol

    Az-GTI Dec movement reversed in EQ mode

    Uch... I have not expected the dovetail to be attached directly to the OTA... Usually it is attached to the holding rings...
  13. RolandKol

    Az-GTI Dec movement reversed in EQ mode

    And why you afraid to turn the scope in the holder tings?
  14. RolandKol

    EQ5 bent bolt

    Probably the best approach
  15. RolandKol

    EQ5 bent bolt

    Have you tried hairdryer? Be careful, I tried the heat-gun, it had no effect for the first 5 min and at the end melted the plastic instantly, and it was the lowest power with around 30-50cm distance.... I guess.. even hairdryer will have a similar effect... If you have any opposite options of approach of somehow "freezing it" - maybe it will work. On another hand... I would not play with it again, - takes too much time and hassle I would rip it off and forget...

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