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  1. Arduino Ascom focuser Mark2

    Thank you
  2. M33 Triangulum

    I bet it's Coma Corrector... It looks like SW Newtonians hate to work with them correctly... I wanted to "Circumcise" my focuser tube for that reason, but it looks like radical collimation (I tightened bolts to the limit and pushed primary mirror as much as possible) solved the problem and my stars looked worse than yours... I am not yet 100% sure it fixed, as had only very short window for tests and only few short exposures...
  3. Arduino Ascom focuser Mark2

    Hi guys, a bit offtopic as you are far away in your projects. As nights are mostly cloudy, I want to start experimenting with Stepper motors for the remote focuser (simple one: with 2 buttons and a speed controller) and I wonder if you can advise and direct me to the best initial start. From my google explorations, I have picked up 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor (5v) with ULN2003 driver and UNO R3 Arduino Rev3 board for a start. I have few questions in relation: 1) Is this 28BYJ-48 5-volt motor powerful enough for 130PDS focuser with Canon 1300D camera (around 650g in total) in it? (I strongly doubt it will be enough) 2) In case I will succeed with a remote focuser project and will decide to move on to autofocuser, - will UNO R3 Arduino Rev3 board be the right board to interact with ASCOM driver? if not, which should I go for? Thank you for any comment in advance! Regards, R.K.
  4. Totally agree, even if it was the reflection of the rearview mirror of the Tesla, it was VERY intriguing We can even give it a name, - something like MG-USO "Unknown Shining Object"
  5. M33 Triangulum

    Very impressive! Your pic was a lost drop in the cup! I will mod my Canon 1300D How is your canon behaving in a day use with Baader? any difference? P.S. Have you moded your secondary mirror or placed something on it as bright stars have strange shadow in between the spikes. I have something similar with 130PDS using Coma Corrector, but in my case, I can literally see 1 shadow from the Focuser on all-stars, but in your pic - there are 2 shadows (left top, left bottom)... or is it also caused by Coma Corrector?
  6. It does not look like Tesla at all! Have you already reported it to LucasArtsAstroSociety?
  7. dc motor spec

    I think of trying one from any old printer or scanner
  8. Have you tried to plate solve it at http://astrometry.net/ first?
  9. Imaging Targets for Tenerife

    Amazing vid! I have never seen the Milky Way time-lapse before! And in such a detail! Stunning!
  10. 130pds drawtube length

    Thanks for letting me know. It does not ring any of my bells at the moment, but probably, I will get the point after I will disassemble the focuser. My plan was to chop off 1.5cm, - I will reduce the plan to 1cm Max Yesterday I recollimated the scope by tightening the bolts of the primary mirror to the limit. It was cloudy and I failed to experiment will long exposures, I am not sure if 30 sec is enough, but the few I have managed to do, - do not show any D shape stars. Sirius had perfect spikes... Have no idea how to test on long exposures without actual stars... And one more time, Thanks for advise. P.S. While writing, I understood I am a complete idiot... I do not need to remove focuser to measure the tube length! Took a carpenters ruler, - there is a plastic tube inside which is 2.5cm, all together from edge to the edge (including plastic)= 11.5cm Enjoy
  11. 130pds drawtube length

    Do you still need the length? I am planning to deal with drawtube intrusion problem during this weekend... If collimating and tightening up the bolts of the primary mirror to the limit will not help, I will proceed with drawtube "circumcision" - so I will be able to measure it.
  12. Is it dirt/dust or something else?

    yep... forgot about the focus... It seems, no other option, but only after the "play" or in between them... I will try a white T-Shirt today to see what it shows. later maybe this http://tinyurl.com/yb8pxnc8 P.S. And I hate to think of a Jigsaw and the "circumcision" of the focuser. I will try to collimate the scope by tightening up the bolts to the limit at first.
  13. Is it dirt/dust or something else?

    Thanks again, - I guess, I will start doing Flats at the start of the play... as I am sure, - I will be tooo lazy to do it at the end... Furthermore, it looks like, my 130PDS focuser needs a surgery... 1.5cm off... Just look at the top Dognut... and the brighter stars... Focuser intrusion is obvious I thought I will avoid this if I will use all parts from Skywatcher (SW Coma Corrector, SW Ring/Adaptor for Canon) Sad
  14. Is it dirt/dust or something else?

    Thanks a lot for a fast reply and advice! as I was a bit nervous! It will be the LP filter - 100% Coma Corrector is brand new, used it for the first time today P.S. Will need to start learning t-shirt technique for flats
  15. Hi guys, Today is my happy day, as at last, I caught a few hours of the clear skies and I properly tested my new 130PDS scope and mount. Previously I played around with my DOB and short exposures. I was excited as I managed to get 2 and even 3 min exposures, but.... While stretching I saw some dark/black circles on the pic... is it just a dirt/dust on the camera's filter or even sensor? The form of the top one looks like a shadow of something... the rest two are dust (probably) I use 130PDS, SkyWatcher Coma Corrector with CLP Filter on Canon 1300D... Quite disturbing.... Please advise. P.S. I have stretched this picture to make these circles more visible P.P.S just darks and bias, - I have not done flats