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  1. help/twist it using your hand... and if you do it for the first time... unfortunately, I doubt you will manage to place the secondary correctly during an hour...
  2. just experiment, connect mount directly, press find for port. if finds, - next step via HUB. If EQMOD does not finds via hub.... order another hub... If does not find even without a hub, - check the cable but I guess, hub is a problem, not all of them work good enough
  3. have you tried to press on these bino's? Button looks for active COM port. P.S. what hub? my cheap / un-powered, worked fine with 3 devices, but was quite unreliable with 4. powered one, works nice with 5 devices P.P.S. Would suggest starting with only Mount Connected, - adding devices one by one later
  4. P.S. my model is here if someone needs it by any chance. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3514044
  5. Looks like strongly under-sampled maybe as all stars are square Which lens have you used?
  6. Just finished checking/testing. No difference... Almost. But the larger gaps actually do allow to use shorter exposure on the same gain/iso, So a bit faster. P.S. "Perfect" (if such is possible) focus difference between 150mm and 130 was around 70microns.... PDS critical focus range is around 50... So .... Mathematically, should be a difference. However, Seeing is not perfect today. Not yet sure. But 5min stack with 150mm bahtinov focus looked just, just a bit better... Again... Seeing could be a factor.
  7. Hi guys, anyone knows if there is a difference if bahtinov mask is larger than the primary mirror? For example, 130PDS p.mirror is 130mm, but OTA is 150mm. I want to make/3d print bahtinov with gaps covering full 150mm diameter, to allow more light in for focusing in HA.
  8. Anyway, simple look at the prism from guide cam view, directed at the light, makes everything clear.
  9. You can change Download speeds in SGP, to make short sub session faster... Unfortunately I have not yet tried NINA on a short ones
  10. I haven't managed to get anything close with my Canon 1300D and 130PDS without Barlow.
  11. I am even a bit jealous reading you are able to finish 10min exposures on OIII... in my case 5mins = close to overexposed! And usually I end up deleting half of my OIII subs due to quality... And even whats left, not even close to quality of HA. So I end up de-noising and smoothing OIII as much as possible and sharpening HA, which I use to bring back the final sharpness. not yet perfect... but makes background a bit smoother...
  12. I totally agree with @vlaiv, I started not so long time ago and I do remember my thoughts, - THE LARGER the BETTER! And ended up with my first scope - SW 10" flexitube DOB My vote goes for 130PDS!
  13. And yes... it was enough one cable to go off and I was in a deep "something" Now I do have some extra USB cables (from previous "toys" and etc) and one extra power cable for mount and ASI camera. And even set of keys/tools, plus plaster and etc
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