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  1. Never had this scope... But my SW 130PDS had exactly the same egg shaped stars/coma while imaging without a coma corrector... However, your scope manufacturer states it should be coma free... Not sure, and do not know what collimation steps your already done, - maybe it could cause it, but I doubt it would for F8 system.
  2. Not sure if it will help But after I have "circumcised" mine, - I used a black permanent marker to darken the place of the "injury"... And never had a problem... So cannot confirm... But Aluminum is very reflective.... it must be it.
  3. You probably could... If you would adjust the focuser's base plate angle accordingly, - to keep drawtube at 90 degree angle. But l would not advise to go this way, unless you are experienced in collimation of the secondary mirror alongside with missplaced focuser...
  4. I had the similar problem... Unfortunately, - not much advise from my side, as focusers on 130PDS are probably not the best quality (but for such a price!)... To solve the issue, I tensioned it a bit more than it was out of the box (to get rid of any possible tilt after meridian flip) and attached DIY autofocuser which holds cam+EFW in place and prevents possible slippage. .
  5. I wonder how would "Elon Musk" look like on such a cam?
  6. Hi again once more time... While playing around with the drawtube cap and Dark subs during a daytime I have diagnosed one disturbing hole in the scope... I wonder if everyone has it in the same place.... I flocked mine and I afraid I placed primary incorrectly. And usual temp solution which I don't like....
  7. Hi guys, Just a funny toy or idea on how to make Dark subs even darker https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4349721
  8. In that case, it is most likely the best you can get... of course, if you would load up raw files to any kind of viewer and visually compare the first and the last image of each group, - you would be sure what has happened with the orientation. Sorry, but I have checked this post on the PC just now... Not sure if you were concerned about the frame... I would be more concerned about that pattern you've got... I never had/seen it before.... But it doesn't look like the error of the grouping... Maybe the cause of the Panel used for Flats... Or some other settings on DSS Sorry, Apollo13, I am not useful here
  9. The problem, I image from under the trees.... They always add few tens of gigabits extra.... One leaf even looked like a slime... I was lucky!!! No Primary Mirror surgery were needed
  10. I found a new method to download the huge amount of subs just in a few seconds!!! I have a slight feeling, l am not the first one who been entertaining neighborhood in such a manner
  11. Apollo13... We need more data... Can you please check if both groups been pictured at the same camera orientation? I am sad to see it... Not sure what to advice...
  12. And do not forget to test how your guiding performs after the Meridian Flip.. Especially if you balanced it East Heavy and you do not adjust weights after the flip. In my case, (it does not mean it will happen to you also), East Heavy was not an option... Yes, it had quite a better guiding results on the East side, but not on the West... So I stayed with a completely balanced setup with a bit worse, but constant guiding results (around 0.7 - 0.8 Total RMRS) on Both sides of the Meridian, but without any manual adjustments, - means, I can sleep. Before you push the guiding to the limits, - you should know values which are enough for your imaging. Thanks to @vlaiv who has explained it to me few years ago, however I am not so bright and do not remember all of the maths But as per your set up, - I am almost sure, even with 1 Total RMS error, - you will not notice much difference (or no difference at all) at the final image if you will compare it with 0.7 guiding. (especially with a shorter subs, - somewhere below 3min)
  13. Looks like as doctor prescribed All good, Click Next! P.S. You can also choose the "best" Light sub you want the rest of the subs to be aligned to, if not, DSS will decide for you.
  14. In my case with NEQ6 + 130PDS, guiding via EvoGuide +Asi120MM Mini If I increase subs to 2-3s, I get results above 1.2 Total RMS... 1s produces around 0.7 - 0.8 Total RMS, which is enough for me, plus, calibration and PHD graph settling gets faster on 1s Not everything works nice and as prescribed....
  15. Mate! Your cooling system is much more impresive than the image of M51!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow
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