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  1. RolandKol

    Yet another "which dslr camera?"

    if £100 only, - no difference at all... take the first you find for such a price... You will not feel much difference at the start... P.S. I managed to get new 1300D for £240 with a default lens almost 2 years ago. Noisy... but good all-around entry-level camera, with WIFI to Smartphone (but not the PC) connection and etc... If 500D has Wifi to PC, - I would take it as I make pics from the back garden.
  2. If you are sure that after Meridian Filip scope will stay on the target, - go as Carole suggests
  3. My 2 cents: USED 150P Newtnian with EQ mount with drive system- http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=137534 = £200 ZWO ASI 224MC - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi224mc-usb-3-colour-camera.html = £224 ZWO IR Filter - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uv-ir-filters/zwo-1-25inch-iruv-cut-filter.html = £23 Any cheap x3 Barlor for £20 from Ebay. TOTAL: £467
  4. RolandKol

    Empty Dome

    The fact - No astronomer... Suggests... SCT or Refractor... and more £££ than just a bit for Newtonian.... + cam... And even refractor would need someone who is more or less familiar with that hobby... (+mount issues, +imaging issues...) I would suggest, to look for a few local astronomers, who would be interested in using the dome and instead of paying the rent, they would manage the demos needed for the center. It's empty now anyway.
  5. Thanks and Welcome! P.S. Initially, I thought I will not manage to retrieve any colour from them... These raw images are soo ugly... but someone once told - "don't judge about the book from it's cover"
  6. Recently I decided to open up my wallet widely and go Narrowband... And before my set up comes, I decided to check how to process NB images. Plus, The last half a year was mostly cloudy so I started playing around with Hubble TelescopeRaw Images If someone will decide to kill some cloudy evenings in the same manner, Hubble Telescope raw images are freely available on Hubble Legacy Archive https://hla.stsci.edu And please also share your results on this forum. My first pancake below - "Pilar of Creation" (part of it) combined in Pixinsight. (M16-P1 - [Used Images: hst_10393_13_acs_wfc_f658n_sci & f502n_sci]) P.S. Raw Hubble Images are sooooo ugly... I was very, VERY pessimistic about my experiment initially
  7. ED APO, or... a cheaper one, - Skywatcher 130PDS, which will teach you collimation steps you will need (someday) with C8.
  8. RolandKol

    Help identifying ULTRA bright object

    Me and my friends been flashed in a similar manner back in the year 1999 (aprox) Lithuania, Vilnius (it was autumn.. don't remember the month, late evening). It was from East, in around 70 - 80 degrees altitude. We were hiding from parents and smoking cigarettes and were scared off by that light We have not managed to figure out what was that... Later, I heard of some kind "low noise" helicopters, but never tried to investigate... if they do exist, they would explain a lot.
  9. "is quantum state / wavefunction element of reality" As far as I remember, it is not "Cat is dead 100% or Cat is Alive 100%", - it's always a probability. So photon will land with some probability on spot A, or B or even Both and that's why time "kinda" has nothing to do with... And probabilities of all particles make up a full-scale object so even if you even "do not look at the Moon", it still exists. P.S. never heard anyone taking into account the space curvature in such a small scales... this is why gravity theory does not work in nanoscales... Maybe someone with PHD in String or M Theory is able to join for some beer with you! I am writing off! but I would like to listen
  10. RolandKol

    ZWO AS1 1600MM PRO

    Hi guys, decided to try Mono. Looking for faultless ZWO AS1 1600MM PRO. Can be with or without filter wheel and NB filters. P.S. Please note, I am Not interested in an older version - 1600MM Cooled.
  11. Plus simple 0.63 focal reducer, makes it 3 in one... But C9.25 or EdgeHD in a long-term plans only... I have to make up my mind with the Camera first... I just counted a "usual" MONO setup ASI1600MM + Astronomic 1.25" 6nm filters + ZWO Filter Wheel, = £2k in one go... if I go for a cheaper Baader 8nm, - £1.7K, £300 does not make a big difference in such amount (I expect, I will need some £££ spacers/mounts or £££ power leads in addition) and that's why the Colour Option becomes very attractive... P.S. Will check the prices for Kidneys and will make up my mind.... P.P.S. ZWO Chinese direct website sells ASi1600 even higher (x1.25) price than UK... how strange...
  12. DaveS & ollypenrice If I would manage to buy Astrodons + MonoCam in one go, no one would manage to get them even from my cold hands! I would be buried with them like a Pharaon And it's not the first time I been "pushed" towards NB AP.... Probably and not the last, - worth changing the way of thinking... however... amounts of ££££ becoming Pharaonic also.... and it freaks me out completely...
  13. Thanks ollypenrice "nobody would ever use anything else - if the numbers defined imaging reality. But they don't, as witness the images posted here and elsewhere." Some cold shower is really good at this point as it can change my long terms plans, but while checking Flickr Hyperstar images I still do not see these differences in small details you mentioned. I am sure, I am in the lack of experience in this field. but I will avoid NB AP for a while... As my current London weather-related experience whispers me, - "you can spend one night on H Alpha and wait another month for OIII night and your target will end up hiding in the bushes by that time". Focusing tilt, - the new problem I still have not heard of and worth investigating (thanks for a tip-off!), but I also never read or heard of any set up to work directly out of the box. This hobby is - "never-ending problem-solving hobby" never ending one! in other words, - part and parcel of the joy.
  14. Thanks for tips @AKB they only reassure I am in the right direction. I am on the Arduino AutoFocuser project at the moment, plus I got used to Bahtinov mask so much, I even cannot imagine how I managed to focus without it previously. So, I guess, the focusing problem will be solved in advance. Your pictures are really nice and I do not understand why they do not qualify for APOD? (you are a bit too modest here) Wich exactly C9.25 you've got? Celestron has so many variations, I am completely lost. @Handy_Andy thanks for the advice. A very nice toy!!!! but... have you seen it's price? almost 3.5k, EdgeHD 8 or C9.25 + Hyperstar becomes, two toys in one, - Planetary or DSO, plus saves 1.5k in the wallet (for a trip to LaPalma!)
  15. Hi guys, I need a guide for a "long run" purchase plan. Long Story Short: I want to buy colour CCD or CMOS camera for DSO via my SW 130PDS, and cannot decide as here the Long Story kicks in!: I am almost sure, in few years distance, I will go for a Hyperstar Solution. I am only 2 years in Ap hobby and these clouds are KILLING ME! London is not the best place for such a hobby, - I am sure you all will agree on that. So, to get the best of that "one clear night a month", - Hyperstar is probably the only option... or, alternatively, simply emigrate to LaPalma... I am 99% sure I will go Hyperstar way sooner or later, and like everyone, I hit the budget wall. I look for cam in around £1k, Hyperstar will cost around £1k and plus the scope minimum £1k. I am not the lucky one who can afford it in one go, so I think to by cam which will be usable with Hyperstar in the future and here are some question I have googled and googled and could not found out: 1) of course, which cam, I think of ZWO ASI1600MC PRO or ASI294MC PRO. I am sure, both will perform OK on SW 130PDS, but what about Hyperstar??? And the next Q goes in relation; 2) My wallet will be able to afford something like EdgeHD 8" (+ Hyperstar), however, these ZWO cams are sooo big and I afraid 8" aperture will be too small as ZWO may place too much shadow while sitting on the Hyperstar - anyone tried them on EdgeHD 8" ?; 3) If HD 8" is too small, I am sure, EdgeHD 9.25 is too expensive for my wallet, is there any alternative for 9" CSC + Flattener + Hyperstar to make a setup cheaper than HD 9.25" price (insane price difference... insane!).. 4) Or maybe, - I had to start with the question, - which is the ideal colour cam for HedgeHD 8", but if there are any cheaper options with larger Aperture + Flattener, - why not? All goes on NEQ6 mount, - back garden in London, Woolwich.... with LP level which I call "the constant Polar Day". P.S. Why Colour cam? Filter prices! I want to avoid them till I will win a lottery.

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