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  1. With the pixel 4 entering into fray, this will be more interesting next time..
  2. [removed word]... Tell me when you are selling it at an even better bargain
  3. Yep.. That just means ordering a new focuser. I opened up the motor to see all plastic gears in disarray. Positioned them in original order, it ran for a min then again messed up
  4. This was a test run of Hypercam 174m. The skywatcher autofocuser broke so I got shoddy focus and I was trying to avoid sun burn, so could not correct the tilt totally. But happy with the cam, got 70fps, a contrast to the 3fps i got with my old cam and laptop.
  5. Oops.. Sorry, had forgotten I had posted it here as well. How to now delete one ad?
  6. Canon 1100d, astro modified Shutter Count 819 3 batteries and Charger included £160 including postage to UK
  7. Smarteq... dont touch it from a mile away. Shoddy all the way
  8. Low shutter count. Have used this camera only twice. Once for andromeda and then for lunar eclipse. Will supply with 2 or prob 3 batteries, whatever i have and charger £200 pp extra
  9. One of the best cameras for Ha solar. With a 1/2" chip and large pixels, I used to fit the entire disc with lunt 35. I can still do a full disk with a quark using my TS 60ED and a reducer on the camera nose. This camera does not suffer from Newton's rings so saves a lot of time which is otherwise wasted in setting up a tilt adjuster. Boxed with the cable, probably i have the disc as well, but not sure where in my astro dump it is. Software is available from the website though. £180+pp
  10. So i made another purchase.. OAG. I have zwo 120mcs. I gather mono cams are better, but with 75% qe, has anyone used an oag with this cam? Or god forbid i have to buy another cam
  11. This was taken using the 'damaged' tripod. Just to give you an idea about how much effect it has on the performance.
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