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  1. Its sold now.. I don't know how to move this to completed sales forum, but will do soon..
  2. I have been using this on my C8. Solidly built, hasn't slipped under the weight of all my accessories. It has a small crack in its cover as shown in the photo, I don't know how I got it, haven't dropped it ever. But this does not affect the performance at all. Ideal if you are doing high resolution planetary imaging, for a vibration free focusing. Here's a small video showing its operation £120 + PP Bank Transfer preferred but if you want paypal, add the fee please Thanks for looking
  3. I have this up for sale, still have the box and will cost you £190 plus postage. I prefer bank transfer but PayPal is good, if you add the fee..
  4. I have one.. selling on astrobuysell. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=147318
  5. Location: Eversley, United Kingdom Date: 17 November 2018 Equipment Used: TS Optics 60ED refractor, with 0.79x reducer on Celestron AVX mount Imaging camera: ZWO 1600mm camera with ZWO LRGB filters Guide camera: ZWO 120mc-s on ZWO mini guidescope Image details: Image is constituted of the under: 18 no, Luminance x 5 min 10 no. Red x 5 min 10 no. Green x 5 min 3 no. Blue x 5 min (Target went behind trees) Processed in Pixinsight
  6. I know Dave... But when you are doing a quick 10 min process at 4 in the morning while feeding and burping a baby, this is what you get..
  7. Quark Chromosphere, DMK41 mono, TS 60ED
  8. Lol.. Come to my location. You'll 'love' it. 30-40 stars at the max
  9. 1 sec exposure of Orion rising over London, taken with Sony Xperia XZ Premium, I think it captured the smudge of the nebula as well
  10. I've been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of Optolong's UHC filter. I live in Canary Wharf area in London and this filter enabled me to extend the exposures a lot. The sky background is easy to get rid of as well.. It produces a green cast which is very easy to remove. The image is not great, sorry the collimation is off and the tracking was a hit and miss, but I like the colours in this RGB image.
  11. No, its a 2 pane image... when i put on a 0.5x reducer on the nosepiece, 3/4th of the sun was there. Guess, I need a bigger chip but they cost £££. Don't want to go the CMOS way because of Newton's rings. Guess I will get a full disc with my guidescope. I will try next time.
  12. Thanks Pete, Yes, I sorted that out on QHY, but it didn't happen on DMK at all..
  13. So, I tested my newly acquired DMK41 mono cam, both with and without a nosepiece reducer. What a difference from QHY 5LII- no Newton's rings. Easy focusing, and better frame rate Quark chromosphereTS 60ED on iOptron SmarteqDMK41AU04.AS
  14. Yep.. Horrible. I had two options give it up or carry on. Glad I chose the second option.
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