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  1. Hi Chris, don't get me wrong the scope is a work of art - absolute precision, my gripe is without a flattener/reducer the usable imaging area is small before you get elongated stars if you get me, so my question is why did they make a flattener/reducer and not just a flattener as in my opinion you don't need a reducer, just to give you some idea of the imaging area with the flattener/reducer you could fit three or four Orion nebulas and the running man, sometimes images look to small just something to bare in mind unless you like wide field images, at the moment I am imaging the M78 and the Wi
  2. Hi, I think the table you are referring to is only for DSLR cameras including mirrorless, (the one with the extra 2mm.), the first table with diagram is for dedicated astro cameras. I have a WO GT81 with flattener/reducer quite a good scope but not amazing and your right with the confusion over focal distancing, I set mine to 5.2 + 1mm but still have minor trails but only on one side which suggests tilt not focus, I use a Altair Hypercam 269C. I don't get why your measurement is nearly 90mm though ! as you should be looking at 55mm from the face of the camera to the face of the flattener
  3. Hi sorry for the late reply, I have sorted it it was a issue in deep sky stacker in the cosmetics tab, I turned down the pixel size and ratio. regards Neil
  4. Hi all anyone seen this before, I am using a WO GT81 2020 edition with correct flattener from FLO, ZWO 294C (I know the pixels are a little large), 240S subs X 40, darks X10, flats X25 and 20X bias frames running at -10 temp, Gain at 120 using Sharpcap, stacked in DSS part processed in Affinity Photo.
  5. Brill didn't realise that will do thanks
  6. HI everyone hope your keeping well, I was hoping someone can help I have a Hitecastro DC focus mk2 but I can't get the drivers to download on Win10 it keeps coming up with unable to write and a load of other stuff I don't understand also Windows defender smart screen pops up saying it's not a recognised or trusted supplier so, I turned off all the protection, firewall and anti virus bla bla bla but still it won't load, this is terribly confusing for an old fellow I have contacted Dave at Hitec but he doesn't have an answer, many thanks for looking and stay safe.
  7. Just wishing everyone a merry Christmas, and I still can't sort out PHD2 with my mount
  8. Good evening all, does anyone have the SkyWatcher EQ35 mount if you have are you able to auto-guide with PHD2 accurately as I can't, I had a brief conversation with someone I brought some kit from on Saturday about this and he said he had one but returned it very quickly as it wouldn't guide with PHD2 mmmmmm wonder if theirs a problem with the mount, I would contact Skywatcher but I can't wait three years for a reply, there seems to be a few of the mounts used around quite cheep at the moment so if your thinking of getting one hold off for the moment. Wish I could show you the graph on PHD i
  9. Hi there no I'm not using eq mod just PHD2 and a Altair ARO130 mono on a Skywatcher Evoguide 50 mm, main scope is a Skywatcher ED80 pro and the mount is a EQ35 pro hypertuned by dark frame. I carry out a polar alignment with polemaster which is very accurate and now I double check it with sharp cap pro, do the star alignment then set up set up calibration in PHD start guiding (not very well but ok) for a couple of minutes then it all goes wrong it mentions in calibration about the south steps not being enough so guiding will be impaired, I have tried suggestions from other members which has im
  10. Thanks Michael will try that, its all a little confusing but is getting easier with peoples help many thanks
  11. Hi everyone that gave me advice on PHD2, I have tried what was suggested and know I am getting some sort of guiding can get 3 minutes at a push, when I set up for a new session do the polar align with the qhy polarscope and star alignment all is well, then I do a fresh PHD2 calibration it keeps telling me there is no or little south steps so guiding will be poor, I have changed settings re-set settings but it still comes up about the south steps, do I need any other drivers like ascom !. Many thanks
  12. Thanks mate will give this a go weather permitting, will post results.
  13. Hi proto star will try that one, I take it the guiding assistant is on PHD 2, sorry to appear dumb I'm new to all this and as my screen name suggest I'm no you Einstein
  14. Hi Freddie sorry I know what you mean now, when PHD is calibrating sometimes it comes up with random messages sorry can't remember what they are but it's something to do with the steps or not enough movement now, bearing in mind this mount has been modified by dark skies (hypertuned) I thought all would be fine, it's probably me that's at fault
  15. Hi, I am trying to use PHD 2 on my Skywatcher eq35 pro mount, I do a precise polar alignment with my QHY polarscope carry out a 2 or 3 star alignment which requires very little manual adjustment, then I connect PHD 2 ( I have entered the parameters in PHD 2 for the guide scope) it finds a suitable star starts to guide for a couple of minutes then goes completely to pot, I have tried changing some settings on the main screen but nothing changes, its very frustrating as when you watch someone on a video using PHD they just click start and away it goes guiding for hours. Thanks for listening
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