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  1. Hi Stuart yes i do believe its the factor 6x6. Towards the end of the video I jump online and show the shed details as listed by Argos. I am not sure if other Keter sheds are as easy to convert as this one is. glenn
  2. Hi Martin Thanks for your kind comments. I am very pleased with the Obsey and it has made a huge difference. Environmental controls and power to automate the roof are really the only changes I will be making. So far it has performed flawlessly for me and I couldn't be happier. I attached the silver insulation with just some double sided adhesive tape. It definitely helps and stays nice and warm/dry no matter what the good old British weather decides to chuck at it. Glenn
  3. I have owned both OSC and now my current Mono’s. I built a roll off roof observatory and I believe having a permanent set up makes a big difference to your choices. I live in Southend on sea and Bortle 6 skies. I can be imaging within 5minutes of deciding too and stopping is just as quick (no tear downs) This seems to afford me the ability to grab a colour image with my mono even if time is short. On a personal level I love to spend multiple hours on whatever target I have chosen and the ability of an image grabbed in an hour or 2 does not appeal. For me its the journey and experience
  4. Hi smr you are welcome and if you have any questions please ask glennbloke
  5. Thank you Hals yes they work adapt very easily and work very well
  6. Hi Carole. I am quite lucky that I am sheltered from all sides where it is and not had any problems with the roof wanting to leave unannounced. Thank you for your suggestions on a name. I really need to sit down and settle on something. My wife says I talk too much so maybe Gobsy.....lol
  7. Thanks for all your kind comments. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact me as only too happy to help. Davey-T, a special thank you as it was your post and another which if I remember was the plastic pig that gave me the info on the keter shed. I thought it was a great idea and now I have one would highly recommend it. I don't think it can be beaten for its versatility and price point.
  8. Hi Steve thank you for your comments. I am still struggling namewise lol. I am sure one will show itself eventually. i will definitely check out Levesdome project. glenn
  9. I have a link to my diy budget observatory build. I converted a 6’ x 6’ keter shed to a roll off roof observatory. Its a very easy conversion and affordable. Completely enhances your hobby.
  10. There are 4 countersunk holes for mounting the plate. My plan is to drill holes through the metal plate I have below and dropping from that will be 4 M10 threaded studs that will set into concrete. I then have 4 M10-M8 adapters that are 40mm high that the adaptor plate will screw down to leaving a large enough gap to get to the centre screw to tighten down the mount. I just want to try and confirm which of the holes is the correct one for the Az pin for the EQ6 R Pro. Once its in I can't really change it (not easily) anyways but once i confirm correct hole and I am assuming its the larger of t
  11. Hi, I am hoping somebody may be able to help me. I am building a pier for a new mount I have on order (still awaiting arrival) Its for an EQ6 R Pro. I bought a pier adaptor from Altair Astro and I think I know which way up it goes but really want to confirm this before I set it into concrete. As with most Astro gear it came with no paperwork or directions and the adaptor is for numerous mounts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I had asked on the Altair page but no one has responded
  12. Glennbloke

    Me and my gear!

    Hi Nice set up you have. I have literally just bought the same shed and trying to decide the best options for removing the roof. Would you post some pics showing the hinges you used and how it is secured back down please. Glenn
  13. I use the AZ GTI On a Sw star adventurer mount successfully, replace the locking screw with an M8 grub screw, nice neat solution.
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