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  1. Very much a Southern object I'm afraid
  2. You and me both Carole, I went a bit crazy on this one. It's a good job that Narrowband is subjective.
  3. A good question, I probably couldn't repeat it If I tried again. The initial colour combination had that area leaning towards cyan . I brought out more Blue using the selective colour tool in PS and by layer masking. The O3 data was also binned and stronger than I normally would expect
  4. Lobster Neb from Yea Victoria Australia Imaging Scope TS130APO Camera QSI583WSG Astrodon Narrowband Filters HOO mapped. 4hrs integration
  5. Just getting my own back , mines rubbish
  6. Gee, Jellyfish Neb , running man, running chicken, skull and crossbones, the propellor, butterfly, withches broom. Who dreams all these names up. At least this one resembles the name pretty well. It's a fine image, showing great resolution, superb guiding . I think this image will sell some scopes. Having said that mines better
  7. I certainly do, I smashed a tooth earlier this week. Thanks Buddy for the comments
  8. Thanks guys for the positive comments. There is a mistake in the original post, the data was taken not with my TS 130 Apo as stated but with my Meade ED80. Apologies. However I do have an image of the Carina Nebula taken with the TS 130 Apo which I will include. The star processing is rubbish on this version. I do have a better one but it's on a different machine. I'll post the image if anyone is interested. I probably should add that I've been a SGL member for some years, I moved from Wales to Australia in 2015 so have been lucky to be able to image in both Hemispheres
  9. Taken with a QSi583 Scope TS130 Apo From Yea , Victoria Australia 6Hrs Narrowband taken over 2nights
  10. It's Hubble mapped, 3 hrs in total. Ha was very strong I only used 40 mins Ha
  11. Taken with a QSi583 Scope TS130 Apo From Yea , Victoria Australia
  12. Moved from the UK to Australia back in 2015. Just getting back into Astrophotography image is 3hrs of narrowband data taken with a QSI583 through a Meade Ed80ED80
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