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  1. Only stumbled on this this morning - brilliant idea! It's so fascinating to see what a range of results come out of the same (excellent) data! Although the party is over, I couldn't resist playing with it myself and figured I might upload it, just to add to the variety I only used Photoshop and tried to keep it kind of natural and retain a sense of scale. Seems like the contrast to the blacks comes out a bit harder in the JPG here than in my PS file ...
  2. The Arriflex were beautiful cameras! By far the nicest thing about shooting on film was that nobody else knew what you were doing But the Amira is still in the Arri spirit - it's just dead reliable and does what it's supposed to do incredibly well. It's hard to believe that the sensor is 10 years old and for most high end cinematographers still sets the standard for image quality. 3.2k PR4444XQ comes in at about 11Gb per minute. Surprisingly I can edit that without trouble on my laptop (as long as the footage is on SSDs). Storage is another story - I have a whole cabinet full of hard dri
  3. Cool - I'll try that - the sequence I used actually has 12.000 frames and I did convert 6000 to Tiff - and thinking about it 1/3000s should freeze most of the seeing. Guess the bit that will remain is focus and optical alignment. I'm running them through PIPP now and see if my laptop melts .. haha.
  4. Perhaps I'll try again with all the frames - haha. But the seeing was pretty bad and I really doubt the focus was spot on. I guess that's the main weakness of the idea. Mechanically trying to rig this camera in a way it can move and stays optically aligned while weighing 5kg would require so much effort that it probably by far outweighs any advantage the camera could gain from 4444 colour space or the 200fps it can record at full ProRes 4444XQ quality. It can do 1/8000s exposure time but, the little 120ED doesn't get enough light even from the moon to achieve decent exposure with that. I think
  5. It's a weird thing that I hesitate to spend £200 on an eyepiece for the scope, but it seems completely reasonable that a pair of batteries with charger for my camera cost £1500. Then again, nobody pays me to look at some fuzzy spots in the middle of the night but the people who do pay me wouldn't be happy if I ran out of batterie half way through a shoot day.
  6. Haha - I remember the Baader site from back in the days. It's on my black list To keep me sane. Also it'd be a serious sin to use any of this stuff in London. I have actually used Autostakkert for both pics. Looking at the video, the seeing was pretty horrendous. I didn't use all the 2500 frames because Autostakkert didn't like the ProRes 4444, so I exported a Tiff sequence and got impatient after half an hour. With the 7D I only stacked 250pictures. I guess the main limitation for this was my lack of experience with autostakkert and processing as well as the seeing (plus
  7. I was a bit surprised myself actually given the sheer haphazardness of the construction. But at the end of the day I don’t think it was really worth the effort, considering how easy it was to use the 7D instead Yeah. The toys of my trade tend to be priced slightly outside of this reality. A set of industry standard cine prime lenses can easily cost over a quarter million pounds and the Amira is on the low end of the Arri spectrum. It is the sensor and colour science that is used for 90% of all digital cinema productions (like Blade Runner 2049 for example). The medium fo
  8. Okay - went out yesterday and did the same thing with the 7D - just using raw stills - I don't think I'll bother with the cinema camera any more - haha.
  9. I went a bit silly yesterday and decided to stick a 5kg cinema camera together with an 120ED refractor onto a slab of plywood on a video tripod and film the moon. I didn't expect to get much out of it, because the whole thing isn't really stiff enough to keep the scope aligned with the sensor and in order to focus I had to move the entire optical tube within the rings, but I did it anyway. The camera was set to 60fps at 1/3000s shutter speed in 3.2k ProRes 4444. The 120ED had a 0.85 field flattener, so effectively 765mm focal length. It would be a complete miracle i
  10. "In the early hours of April 1st 2021, a small army of British amateur Astronomers tried to cross the channel to mainland Europe in a bid to reach the city of Ermelo, Netherlands."
  11. @rnobleeddy At the moment I am sort of thinking to start with the mount - depending on what I can get, too. My preference would be a CEM40 or CEM60 if I can find one. I think performance is more important to me than weight at this point, because if the tracking is bad, I'm just wasting time and sleep - haha. I had my eyes on the HEQ-5 as well, but I don't want to risk having to change mount in a year if stuff gets too heavy. Although with the CEM40 that would probably be the case. Too many options and too few of them actually available at the moment - haha. Luckily it's not really the season
  12. Thanks @Spongey - I might have to get back to the drawing board with this I quite like the SW Esprit 100, but they're not that easy to get these days and I could probably do with a little more aperture, plus I'll be 95% NB so the Evostar 120ED DS Pro seems like a good fit, just a little too long in focal length.
  13. @Spongey Thanks a lot for chiming in and offering your experience! That sounds good indeed! The 'worst case' I could end up with in terms of Telescope would be a 152/900. Weighing in at 8.5kg for the OTA only. Do you reckon, that'd push it? And how do you feel about the iPolar?
  14. @fwm891 a CEM60 would be nice to find. What's the SH market? HAHA ... sorry - second hand - it clicked now I was trying to find a forum with SH ...
  15. @vlaiv I have read about that one. Had not heard that they have unlocked the 1x1 binning. That does indeed sound like a good match to a 900/700 mm focal length. Which brings me back to choosing the scope - haha. @ollypenrice we're probably thinking of the same picture - haha. I still have some fast Canon L lenses, I can start to experiment with till I have found a scope. Although I don't have the mount yet, either
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