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  1. Hi, I’m using a 10 inch Newtonian and asi533 mc pro with a uv/ir filter, I put a t shirt over the scope and place the panel over that, and yes I mean the one of the channels is further over to the right than the other two channels in the histogram, thank you for replying
  2. Yes I love these kind of shots too, this is my kind of imaging you can keep all them bright nebulas these faint far away places is where it’s at, it’s amazing what we can capture from our amateur equipment in our back gardens
  3. Hi everyone, I use a tracing pad for my flat frames but noticed that the rgb channels don’t match up one channel is always way more exposed than the other two, would this matter to how they affect the image after they are applied to light frames? Or would it be a good idea to align the channels on the master flat before applying to the light frames?
  4. I fitted this to my neq6 just before Xmas and have to say it works a treat my rig is heavy, 10 inch Newtonian and 3 counter weights and this mod makes it so so much easier to polar align I can adjust the altitude pretty much with 1 finger
  5. Right now I know that I will sell the 2 inch uv/ir filter and buy the 1.25 inch one, until then I will try the neodymium filter and see how that works out. thanks so much for your help vliav
  6. Well I never! I didn’t even realise the cam came with the adapter that fits inside one of the spacers to accept a 1.25 filter here is what I’ve got now
  7. That’s a great idea, I have a baader neodymium filter that might do the job and not cut as much of the spectrum out as a lp filter would I shall check if the 533 accepts a filter there
  8. That’s what I didn’t want to hear as I got the 533 to image the smaller galaxies out there, I think I’m just going to have to try without the filter the next clear night, a bit of colour distortion is better than having the image ruined by them rings
  9. I me an would the coma corrector itself cause fat stars not using the filter?, as it’s a 4 element lens basically
  10. You say trouble, how much trouble are we talking getting colour balance?
  11. The point you make about not needing a coma corrector with the 533 is a good one, I may actually try without it the next clear night and check the stars in the corners, also will try without the uv/ir filter, but as the 533 doesn’t have the uv/ir glass in front of the sensor would that be a problem on a Newtonian?
  12. I’m pretty sure I have correct spacing as I’m using the zwo OAG and that replaces the one of the spacers that comes with the 533 and the spacer brings me to 55mm back focus so with the OAG in place not sure I can fit the filter behind the coma corrector, regarding the mirror I would have to move it up at least 15mm to take the corrector out the tube and I don’t think the collimating screws are that long.
  13. Would that matter? as the focus point would still be the same position? If using the stock focuser it would just be racked in further
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