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  1. Problem Graduation banding

    Ray, I owe you a very large beer, unchecked it in the Equipment profile and the results speak for themselves in SGP: - x So it would appear that SGP ignores whether it is switched off within the ASCOM program but, with APT it accepts it the check box as below: - Well one very pleased person, thanks for everyone's help and especially you Ray.
  2. Problem Graduation banding

    The gradient is only visible when you use the Frame and focus option and you have to stretch using either low,medium or high stretch, these are standard stretches. I have just set it up in my dining room to try and see if there were any settings wrong and taking a 3s image with the lens cap on resulted in this with a high stretch: - @RayD thought the culprit might have been the Ascom settings set as high priority, you can only show this when the camera is disconnected as below: - Indeed if you enable the high priority then the gradients are even worse as below: - I am really at a loss, running Atik Artemis all I got was a very noisy image with no banding.
  3. Problem Graduation banding

    Hi Gordon, Sorry my post above yours was posted in the wrong place. No the banding isn't resolved when viewing, it is still prevalent. According to Vince at Atik the problem exists because of the software doing a "Pre-Charge Subtraction", he advises that their software Artemis doesn't do this and that for viewing it would be better to use that. APT isn't as bad but SGP does seem to be the worse for it, indeed I could mess with the standard stretching, but it is still there. After capturing some more images on Thursday night, I tend to always try and get the auto option working before resorting to manual with a Bahtinov mask. The seeing conditions were good on Thursday night I agree about the deconvolution tool in PI, I don't use it at the moment as I agree overuse can make the image look false. As you can see the Ha image below does not show any graduations and this image has just been stretched and nothing else, focusing isn't bad either, it is just a PITA to get focus whilst using the viewing option: - Thanks once again for your comments.
  4. A quick LRGB

    You know my comments Peter, but they aren't repeatable on here :-)
  5. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    Hi Gordon, can fully understand your comments and I agree to some extent, however competition is healthy and if someone takes a product and "Makes it better" then there can only be a gain to the consumer. As long a there was no direct theft and everything was done legally then I have no objections. Talking to Bernard at MA yesterday, he advised that it was his belief that Astrodons were originally made by Chroma, so in this instance have Astrodon changed manufacture and developed their product further or are they both the same? Have Chroma decided to steal back their business from Astrodon because Astrodon took their business elsewhere? At the end of the day its a piece of glass and as serious photographer/businessman I feel that the price is inviting other companies to come along and make a better version because for too long the stupidity of manufacturers to hike their prices is not good/fair for the consumer. JMHO
  6. DIY All Sky Camera

    Sorry just posted this on another thread: -
  7. Another allsky camera build

    Sorry Duplicated
  8. Another allsky camera build

    Thanks everyone for their help, seems like I am eating humble pie again :-( The parfocal ring was locked in the precise place that the CS adapter joined the camera, so it looked like it ddn't have a join, as soon as I removed the parfocal ring I could see that the adapter was made up in two parts, unscrewed it and the lens screwed on as it should, sorry to have wasted anyone's time. Walks away with egg all over his face....:-(
  9. DIY All Sky Camera

    Hi Neil, Just checked all of the original boxes for my 3 QHY Cameras and none of them came with a converter, I'll give Bernard at Modern Astronomy a call where I bought them from and see what his thoughts are.
  10. Another allsky camera build

    Hi, I asked on another thread but am struggling to find the right adapter so that I can screw the Fujinon lens into my 1.25" guide camera, can you advise where I can get an adapter from, I think it is a 1.25 to C Adapter? Thanks.
  11. Astrodon vs... The rest.

    When I was looking at 2" LRGB And NB filters my search kept prompting me to look at Optolong as they had more than just copied the Astronomik they went on apparently to improve on them, I too can only dream about owning some good quality 3nm NB Filters and would certainly research into buying the Chroma, which BTW Bernard at Modern Astronomy is an agent for. I'll check with my contact in China and see if Optolong are planning to do some 3NM NB filters. It really amazes me that top photographers will moan if the have to pay more than £100 for a quality branded filter, but in Astronomy it would appear that you have to pay 20 times more for similar quality, what a shame that the minority are being ripped because of the selective demand :-(
  12. Problem Graduation banding

    oops sorry posted in the wrong place.
  13. DIY All Sky Camera

    Thanks for that, so I just need to find 1 1/4" to C Mount adapters? Have you got any links as not finding the adapters easily, thanks
  14. DIY All Sky Camera

    @Gina, Hope you don't mind my asking Gina but no one seems to have advised and you seem to be the guru with the all sky weather items :-), can I buy a converter so that I can screw one of these lenses onto the front of my QHY5 camera?
  15. Problem Graduation banding

    Hi Louise, Yep 100% sure there are no light leaks, I sent the images to FLO where the scope was purchased from and they said it is the camera, contacted Vince at Atik and he says it is the software. I made sure that there are no light leaks by ensuring that the complete focusing tube was wrapped up in black material so that there was no chance of any light entering. All of my flats, bias's and darks are perfect as are my subs, it just seems to be when the images are stretched when using live view, Vince at Atik said it is the fault of the software developers not switching off the pre-charge subtraction, if it is clear tomorrow then will try using their Artemis Capture software.