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  1. Hi, Maybe I am being a bit dopey, but I thought the SA can only track via ST4 and on the RA not DEC, but your PHD graph seems to show it guiding on both? When I have used my SA you are absolutely correct PA is so very important so I use my Polemaster as well and have got up to 450 secs unguided with a 14mm f2.8 Samyang on my D800. Thanks for your input.
  2. Jkulin

    IOptron iEQ45 pro OR Skywatcher EQ6-R

    Having had an AZ-EQ6-GT it is like chalk and cheese against my iOptron CEM60EC, I wish I had changed earlier, the software is lovely and straight forward. In my opinion the IOptron is in a totally different league both for quality, performance and customer service.
  3. Thanks Ray & Mike, cable made up and working beautifully on the RC, just need to make a bracket and custom cables and ready to roll, I bet I am going to like it so much that I want to buy two more for the other outfits!!!
  4. Thanks Mike, will give it a bash tonight
  5. Jkulin

    Pier & Observatory

    Yep I thought I recognised it as @peter shah, I thought for a minute someone had nicked his.
  6. Sorry to resurrect an older thread, Just bought a Ultimate box from Fellside (Thank-you very much), this was because a couple of months ago I was chatting to Pegasus and they are about to release some new software in September that will allow you to chose a different profile on launch, so I can switch the box between my three setups, this is a very big plus, so that swung it for me. I'm just wondering about the focuser as I use a Moonlite and Lakeside external box, but rarely use the boxes, preferring to control the focus within SGP, can anyone confirm if I follow the pinout guide on Pegasus's web site that I can then dispense with the external box? would I then not have a problem with the temp sensor or would it use the sensor from the ultimate box?
  7. Jkulin

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    It was the only thing I could find temporarily to point north whilst I set it all up, I'm good at improvising lol
  8. Jkulin

    Baader 3.5nm filter

    As I mentioned to you and Mark Peter, the next thing on my list is some Chroma Filters, but if these are as good then they will end up being purchased a lot earlier than I planned. I'm hoping that someone will know more at the International Astronomy show at Stoneleigh in October.
  9. Yes, I removed mine and then used Williams optics rings so that I could mount a Losmandy mount underneath and use a SW Guide Mount on the top, it made a massive improvement, just take your time and it works perfectly. Attached a couple of pictures, not very clear but you can see what I have done. Hope that helps?
  10. Jkulin

    Pier & Observatory

    Scroll down this thread and you'll see the link to m,y pier and photo's
  11. Jkulin

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    I did this image June 2017 on my SA unguided Nikon 800 with a Samyang 14mm F2.8 for 450 secs, it wasn't balanced as I forgot my counterbalances and the arm but was PA ISO160....I know it should have been a lot more than that but you live and learn. The mount has now been Hypertuned so should produce even better results.
  12. Jkulin

    Scope cover - Telegizmo?

    I bought a telegizmo to leave my mount out 365/366 days a year. I won't leave my Scopes out only if I am using them over a multi night session and then I have a much cheaper but fully waterproof taped and seamed cover that goes over the whole lot and keeps everything perfect until the following night: -£24.99 http://northstarastronomy.co.uk/accessories/telescope-covers/waterproof-telescope-cover
  13. Yes the flattener is very important and I used it originally with my 383, it really is important to achieve 55mm backfocus as well or your stars will not be perfect.
  14. Jkulin

    iOptron CEM60 Advanced - On it's way

    Hi Graeme, I did a review here: - I am trying to work with FTDI in Glasgow to resolve the Cable/RS232 improvement, so hopefully will know soon.

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