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  1. new astrophotography camera required

    Can I suggest this company: - www.cpes-europe.co.uk Unit 87, Bedford Street, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4PZ Tel/Fax: 01782 261286 EMAIL: service@cpes-europe.co.uk I damaged my D800 and I dropped it off and two hours later collected it. They repair most makes including Canon and am fairly sure they could do this for you, nice people to do business with as well and not expensive.
  2. Which APO refractor

    I have one of these and have been blown away with it.
  3. Lars, the stock focuser on my Esprit 100 is excellent and probably every bit as good as the Moonlite, had I known then I would probably have saved myself a fortune and bought a Lakeside Motor as recommended by @RayD. It was too late as I wanted to use my new Moonlite that I bought for my ED80.
  4. Padded Scope Bag

    Hi, i’m away from my office until later tonight, am interested so will message you later if that’s ok?
  5. Here you go, hope it helps, I like images like this as they are full of interest: - http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/1856601#original
  6. Star Adventurer or the Mini Version?

    Hi Steve, Last time I used it I was in Central France in June and was doing 450secs, but my camera wasn't balanced as I had left the bar and weights at home, but I have no reason not to use even longer exposures. I don't image without the polemaster.
  7. Star Adventurer or the Mini Version?

    I use a polemaster with my SA and it is perfect, very easy and simple to set up.
  8. Can I make a suggestion, dispense with the levelling bolts and weld the brake disc to the top of the tube, there is absolutely no need to have a self levelling facility on the pier, have a read of my thread about my pier: - If you make the concrete level in the first place by building a frame for the concrete to level to, then there is no need to build extra flex into the system. My pier works perfectly and I am amazed how simply everything is now. Hope that helps?
  9. Thanks Ray, seems like I could have saved a small fortune with that Lakeside, did you make the bracket up you self or have it made, what software and controller are you using? Ron has just come back to me and said they make an adapter for $59, just can't work out why he never mentioned this when I bought everything else from him :-( I specifically gave him a run down of my kit and the only thing he said I needed was the flange to change the focuser to work with the Esprit......grrr more £'s and delays and frustrations.
  10. Thanks Ray, Great minds think alike :-) Already emailed Ron at Moonlite with images, but it maybe quicker to get my neighbour who is an engineer to knock it up, he reckons he could have it done within a couple of weeks. Ididn't know that you could get an internal FF for the Moonlite So you have a lakeside, is that an addon to the existing SW focuser providing a motorised function or a complete assembly (Excuse my ignorance)?
  11. Yes, I think I may have mentioned that I already have a brand new Moonlite with focuser and controller that was fitted briefly on my ED80, the flange adapter to allow me to fit to the Esprit is arriving tomorrow (Customs held it back for taxes :-( ), but the problem is fitting it to the flattener. I appreciate that the focuser on the Skywatcher is superb, but it isn't motorised and will mean my having to readjust the focusing for each filter and potentially change in temperature and freeze my proverbial's off in the ice if need be rather than power it up and tell it to go to a focus setting, didn't really want to go to the extent of buying a different focuser for the skywatcher when I have a virtually new one anyway.
  12. Thanks Ray, Yes that is how mine fits using the Skywatcher focuser - Pic1, but with the Moonlite it comes with a 2" compression fit I have to use a 54mm adapter to fit the IDAS LP filter to the front of the filter wheel. Absolute pain to remove and ended up in the vice, I have a replacement, just need to find it. Pic 2 show the Flattener against the rear of the Moonlite with the Moonlites compression ring fitted. Pic 3 shows the Moonlites compression ring unscrewed. Pic 4 shows the rear of the Moonlite focuser showing the internal thread of approx. 62.41mm So what I am needing to do is mate the Flattener to the Moonlite, which is where I need one of two types of adapters, either a step down from 72.9mm to 62.41mm or a 72.9mm to say a 48mm T Adapter and then fit via the compression ring. Hope that explains it a little better?
  13. Hi Ray, Before I go out and get an adapter made, I thought I'd ask how you are attaching the Flattener to your focuser, I have no problem screwing it to the skywatcher, but the moonlight comes with a 2" compression ring fitment and the inside thread of the flattener is approx., 72.9mm, so what would do it perfectly is a 72.9mm T adapter :-) The alternative is to get an adapter that will fit the inside of the flattener which as I say measures approx. 72.9mm and then get a 62.4 male thread at the other end that will replace the compression ring. Any thoughts would be appreciated. BTW it really is a beautiful OTA, so different from the 80ED.
  14. Those Skywatcher Guidescope Mounts are brilliant, I have just changed both my scopes over to them and got rid of the rings, so much firmer and flexible when you need to be, I hated it when you had to keep setting up and adjusting the guide rings because you had knocked them, a thing of the past now.