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  1. Jkulin

    AZ EQ6 or CEM60

    Yes David, I'm looking forward to try the new mount as well, if it ever finally arrives!!!
  2. When I had the 383 I had the exact problem after installing the latest Ascom platform and drivers. I uninstalled the Atik drivers and the Ascom platform, re-installed the Ascom and then the Atik drivers and it was fine, but it did have me stumped for a while.
  3. Jkulin

    Delrin ring alternative

    The link I provided is to 48mm Delrins, I don't use 42mm anyway
  4. Adam, I think you risk some vignetting with 1.25" on the 383, thats a good shout from Vlaiv for the filter draw and would get you sorted until you put some dosh together for a FW. I am always bad at rushing things and end up spending twice.
  5. Jkulin


    Alan, when you launch TightVNC viewer there is a button for Options and to configure as the clipping: - Once connected you can access this information from the tool bar. Hope that helps?
  6. Jkulin

    AZ EQ6 or CEM60

    Funny you should post this, I have just sold my AZ-EQ6-GT and purchased a CEM60EC (which I am still waiting for). I changed because I wanted a heavier payload for the future without having to carry a heavier mount. I also hated the DEC adjustment bolt which always seemed to get in the way, a bad design in my opinion. The reviews of the CEM60 were very good in fact exceptional even unguided, I probably didn't need to spend the extra grand for the EC version, but I like to future proof and probably for now won't need the encoders. Initially when the iOptron came out there were mixed reviews whilst the firmware was sorted, but now I can't find anything negative and the images I have seen are really exceptional. I purchased mine from Altair Astro and I'll let you know when I finally get it!
  7. Jkulin


    The server is the computer that you want to view and the viewer is the client that allows you to view the server. Just install both and it will install all the required files, you can always disable the server on your client machine if you never need to view that system.
  8. Jkulin


    Hi, I only use it via the Wi-Fi as I don't have a fixed IP address, but I'm sure other members on here have worked around that. The licence is free if you use it fr personal use, the app I think was a couple of quid for my iPhone. It is so easy to set up, when you install you can choose as a server or viewer or both, it updates your firewall and sets it as a service, all that is need is to create a 4 digit secure code, all I do is type the IP address is on the unit I wish to control and that's it, you can set alias's as well.
  9. Jkulin

    Delrin ring alternative

    I bought spacers from here https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/altair-m48-17-29.html#aM4817-29MM And I also bought their Delrin spacers from this link https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/baader-t-2-adjustment-spacer-ring-set.html#SID=1664 HTH
  10. Jkulin


    I use TightVNC and love it, it is stable, and has a very small overhead, not only that but you can also download the App called Mocha VNC and this is brilliant and allows you total control via your phone, so you don't need to be in front of your PC, in fact I will often sit in with the family and have that on my phone just in case something goes amiss when imaging. https://www.tightvnc.com/download.php
  11. Hi Adam, I too worry about light getting into the chip, even though it is protected with a metal cover. I just leave mine in the dining room with the curtains pulled and a warning to everyone not to switch the lights on. I wouldn't shut down, I would just leave the whole lot running until it has finished, I still have 28 hours to go!!! BTW 30 subs is perfectly enough, I do however take 100 bias frames Regards, John
  12. Hi Adam, I can indeed send/upload the dark library I used, however it doesn't take much to create a library, just time, my new camera arrived on Friday and I started last night creating my dark library with 60s, 120s, 180s, 240s, 300s, 450s, 600s, 750s, 900s, 1200s darks @ -20, I take 30 of each and I have left my laptop churning away in my dining room for the next 40 hours, I do this every 6 months and create a new library, for the Atik I did them all at -15 Give me a shout if I can help.
  13. Jkulin

    EQ8 Problems?

    Thanks Mike, I did look on there using a simulated mount as my new one still hasn't arrived yet. Really appreciate your help.
  14. Jkulin

    EQ8 Problems?

    Can you point me to where that is as I can't see it in EQMod V 2.00? Thanks
  15. Now Sold to Mr Tooth_Dr Mods please close, ta

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