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  1. Sorry Rainer, but you are wrong my 120EC is guiding at between 0.18 and 0.29RMS now, I think the issue you had was related to the EC2 and was exacerbated by poor dealer support in Mexico, not something I have experienced with UK delaers: -
  2. Lovely Carole, you have really tamed that Samyang 135mm
  3. Love it, love it, Love it, that is truly amazing Richard, superb processing, the more I see yours and @tooth_dr Adams images, the more you lot are pushing me to save for one! What temp are you getting the ASI2600MC down to?
  4. Thanks Adam, yep my builder is a quality craftsman. You might want to think about raising you dome as it will give you that extra clearance which is what I wanted.
  5. Builder has now finished the brickwork, all the cables are through ready to connect up to the fusebox, wood for the flooring will be arriving Saturday so I will cut and fit then cover in a tarp until the Dome arrives on the 17th.
  6. That truly is an amazing engineers thinking behind that ASC, I'm truly impressed Gina
  7. Thanks, I will take a long kitchen knife down as well, just in case, maybe a bread knife would help? I've hired a Luton Van, so I am hoping that we can get the dome out in two pieces and won't have to split the base, but will pay attention to what you have said about the alignment, thanks.
  8. The more I kept looking at the image the more I kept noticing that the background was a little red, so a quick curve and I think it is now a lot better: - What do you reckon?
  9. This is just an example of how many instances I had open to try and get this right, and this was after so many different projects to get it the way I wanted: -
  10. Thanks, yes when I added it it went bang, now sussed how to add Ha in PI, which I have failed miserably in the past to add.
  11. Small update today, concrete is finished and setting, he's laying the bricks tomorrow. He only shuttered half of the concrete as the garden slopes, so he needed to build it up on one end. Chatting to Steve we were trying to work out how to easily break the bottom seal of the silicone, I then remembered that it is the same problem when people fit new windscreens, so onto Fleabay and they sell Cars Windshield Removal Tool Windscreen Window Glass Cutting Wire + Handles K KY Using them it should release the silicon quite easily with one of us on the inside and the other on the outside.
  12. Thanks Richard, much appreciate your comment.
  13. Morning all, I did a quick stack of last nights Ha, its looking very promising, you watch I bet you I won't get the other channels until next year now!
  14. Thanks Carole, yes the packing up and putting away at the end of the night was horrible and I was always conscious of making too much noise for my neighbours. I've kept my kit out side for nearly three years now and it has been a godsend, but as our garden is southerly facing the wind really can howl, so hopefully the dome will reduce that. I'm also looking forward to drift aligning my PA as that will save time and be more accurate. My wife is already thinking of what "junk" I can move out of the house into there, I've said not much as its a small dome, she wasn't best pleased, mind you I think I have done well to put an observatory smack in the middle of the lawn any way.
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