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  1. Jkulin

    Esprit 120 part 2

    I've seen something similar reported elsewhere with a scratched CCD cover and my mate had similar on his camera, might worth having a look.
  2. Jkulin

    Bought the wrong item?

    Here you go, I have one that is for sale as I bought the higher rated versions: - https://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/amateur-radio/amateur-radio-power-supplies/nevada-ps-08
  3. I'm just putting feelers out as I'm undecided whether to go for a quality fast Astrograph Newtonian with a focal length of 900/1000mm/F4/250 300mm or to go for an RC/DK with a focal length around the 1750mm but faster than my F8 I'm leaning towards a fast Newtonian, there was one on ABS but unfortunately that didn't turn out to be right for me. An Orion UK 300mm would be perfect or a Lacerta. Weight needs to be a consideration, so it either needs to be a Carbon Tubed or Truss with Shroud, mainly as I am soon to have major spinal surgery so don't want to be lifting 25Kgs onto my mount. Budget wise around £1500-2000 or less but not really more. Many Thanks.
  4. Fantastic Scope Steve and at a brilliant price, anyone not grabbing that with both hands are missing an absolute bargain.
  5. Jkulin

    M31 4-panel mosaic

    You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful images Jens, simply beautiful
  6. Jkulin

    Driver Support

    $9.99 for what?....Sorry but that is ridiculous, it takes 5 mins once a month to just check and most software will tell you when there is an update, SGP and PHD2 do and the rest are just a quick visit to the ASCOM site. There's the old adage if it ain't broke why fix it!
  7. I've measured it from the back of the focuser closed in to the front of the dew shield fully expanded at 41.5cm for the Esprit 80 and 51.5cm for the Esprit 100, these are just rough figures as I don't want to wind my focusers fully in as they are set.
  8. Sorry missed this reply. The Esprit 80 has a focal length of 400mm and the 100 550mm I use the standard field flattener that SW sell, it doesn't reduce at all, just ensure a perfectly flat image.
  9. Yep as Ray says, it depends on what you were advised and what was booked. If you booked anything other than what their website says Here then you will be on a sticky wicket, but if you paid for the service as described, then I would most certainly go back to them and state that it isn't performing to what you booked or their advertisement and that you require them to confirm by log results and guide graphs to the contrary or your require the mount to be fixed or receive a full refund. The above would fall within the consumer rights act.
  10. Having been involved with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and won my case at court, you have the right to reject the goods within 28days, the seller has one chance to fix the problem at his cost or refund you in full or make alternative arrangements which are in agreement with you. So my take is that if it is faulty then write to Dave very clearly stating what is wrong with support documentation and that you request that he make arrangements to collect and fix the problem without further charge to yourself and within a reasonable time frame, if the goods are then returned with the same fault then you can take it to a place of your choosing and have the fault repaired and claim those costs back from Dave.
  11. Sorry Steve, I started a new thread and forgot to close this one, the Ha filter sold yesterday. Mods please can you close this thread, thanks.
  12. Jkulin


    I have two of the Nevada PSU's and have a run of about 25m from my shed to my pier and I had to up the cable thickness to prevent the drop off, which prior to that were dropping the voltage to the head to about 11.5volts. I purchased this cable: - Round Twin 2 Core Cable 12V 24V Thin Wall Wire For 11A 14A 16.5A 21A 25A 29A https://ebay.us/zk9lEc I went for the 29Amps 2.5mm and it works perfectly pumping out about 13.3V
  13. Jkulin

    Atik 2" Carousel

    Just the 2" Atik Carousel left now
  14. Jkulin

    Atik 2" Carousel

    You have a PM
  15. Jkulin

    Atik 2" Carousel

    If I can pack it less than 2.5cm thick then the postage would only be £8.50 signed for. Let me know if this helps?

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