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  1. Jkulin

    Who’s out ?

    On my 4th 1200s sub of Mel 15, there's a little haze but guiding is running around 0.23rms
  2. Jkulin

    Power Management

    Even though its a bit hazy here, guiding is around the 0.2 RMS, so pleased with that. Angelo & Evans invited me over with Peter & Mark to Athens to one of their Star events, told the missus we might need a visit to Athens for a short break but didn't have the heart to say it was with the lads Its about 1.5hours from Athens about 1500 metres up the side of the mountain, they showed me some images of the event, simply beautiful. Mark my mate had shorted out his UPB, they swapped out his board in 3 mins, no charge, now that's service
  3. Jkulin

    IOptron iEQ45 pro OR Skywatcher EQ6-R

    I have never used the hand control preferring to use the laptop direct
  4. Jkulin

    IOptron iEQ45 pro OR Skywatcher EQ6-R

    I use a Polemaster on my 60EC and coudln't think about using the polarscope.
  5. Jkulin

    Power Management

    Cheers Ray, c'mon spill the beans hows the 120? My mate Mark bought the same last weekend at the IAS. BTW Evans and Angelo were there from Pegasus, really great knowledgeable lads, passionate about what they do, absolute pleasure to chat with them.
  6. Jkulin

    Power Management

    Brill thanks Ray, I'll download it and install in the morning as am imaging at the mo.
  7. Jkulin

    Power Management

    I have completely different setups, length of cables and fitment on my three OTA, The RC8, Esprit 100 and the Esprit 80, Evans and Angelo at Pegasus were going to bring out software to allow you to have three profiles, but they have more work to do before they can release. The way they are fitted to my outfits means that they can't easily be removed, so I am happy with that as it means tidy cables.
  8. Jkulin

    ieq 45 pro vs heq6r pro

    I'm biased having had an HEQ5 Pro and and AZ-EQ6-GT, I now am firmly in the iOptron court
  9. Jkulin

    Power Management

    Yep I have been through every conceivable option to get my cables tidy and finally bit the bullet and ordered three Pegasus UPB for my set ups. I really couldn't afford it, but slammed it on my card for a few months and have absolutely no regrets. My UPB runs: - 2 x Dew heaters 1 x Focuser 1 X Filter Wheel 1 x Camera 1 x Guide Camera 1 X Polemaster It used to run my mount but I changed to a direct feed with my iOptron as it keeps the cables tidier and there really is nothing to catch. The max I see this draw is about 3A and the voltage keeps stable at between 12.8 to 13.3V from my Nevada PSU
  10. Jkulin

    Heated dew shield

    I'm really not sure, I bought it for my RC as I didn't want to apply heat to the secondary, it seems to work but I see no reason why it woudln't work with a Newt.
  11. Jkulin

    Equipment Transport Case 3

    Thanks David, I have just checked and it will be too small for my mount, apologies.
  12. Jkulin

    Heated dew shield

    I'm using one that I bought from Barbara at dewheater.com, she will make it to specifically fit your OTA, a lovely friendly women who makes good kit.
  13. Jkulin

    Equipment Transport Case 3

    If Paul doesn't take the case then I will, please advise?
  14. Thanks Ray, Yes I removed my foot and used two willaims 101mm (i think) clamps to replace it on my Esprit 80 then used a Losmandy bar to mount my OTA, far better than to the original clamp. I just carefully unscrewed the rear and removed the nuts and bolts, then covered with tape so that it could be reversed.

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