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  1. My Carbon RC8 is 28" x 10", by the time it was wrapped it would be too big for hand luggage, personally if it is that large then would wrap carefully and put in the hold and use a proper case for it.
  2. Upgrade To Outside Pier......

    My pier is just being finished at the moment and my concrete was poured yesterday, I can't position an Obs to accommodate the pier/Mount, so I have to bring my equipment in at the end of a session. I was interested at is appear that you are leaving your mount out all the time, will it be alright doing that?
  3. Moravian G2 8300 FW

    Hmm, that's interesting, not that I have any problems at the moment, can I ask where you are enabling the this?
  4. 12 volt distribution panel

    Thanks CJ, never used bus bars before, do you take the feed to the bus bars first or to the fuse box are all of the accs. direct fitted without intermediate connections?
  5. 12 volt distribution panel

    Thanks CJ, that fused board is what I am looking for and I could build that into a box to mount on the side of my OTA. Before I got my CCD, FW & focuser I had everything really quite tidy, but adding6 more lead in because of this has just made everything messy and untidy. Is that just a standard car fusebox, and have you got a link to the Bus Bars, not used them before?
  6. 12 volt distribution panel

    Thanks for everyone's ideas, I already have the Nevada Power Supply: - And I have a number of waterproof boxes, what I am really looking for is like a Distribution panel, where I can bring in all the 12v power feeds without having to run two 4-way splitters, currently the 12v feeds are for: - USB Hub, attached to the side of my mount AZ Mount 12v Feed Dew Heaters (Already made up a box to feed 3 with one feed) Atik 383 Atik FW Moonlite Focuser I really don't like using the following: - Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. Hi All, I now have at least 6 items running/can run from a cigarette lighter adapter and I only have a 4 way version! In addition last week when imaging I found the dew heater power kept popping out, nearly costing me a nights imaging. Has anyone got a nice tidy idea for connecting all of the 12v items to a single 12v distribution board that is or can be made waterproof? My power is from a 12v Nevada PSU that is great (Thanks to someone recommendation on here), but I am just conscious that: - 1. I need more connections 2. I need a more secure connection 3. I need to make it waterproof 4. It really needs to be fused 5. I can't make it permanent as although I am just completing my permanent pier, it won't be in an observatory. Thanks in anticipation of your thoughts.
  8. HoTech SCA laser collimator SOLD

    blinding price, I have just paid £70 for one S/H
  9. Thanks Ray, those are the exact ones I have ordered since posting, just got to sort the right size shrink tube for them. I normally fill the ends up with glue from a glue gun, that seems to work quite well.
  10. Telescope took a fall

    Sorry Astronator, just didn't want you being taken advantage of :-) Not sure about serial numbers though, I'll have a look.
  11. Telescope took a fall

    Be careful, they may insist on sending a replacement only when they receive yours back, if so they may just switch the case and send you the same scope back, personally I would send the whole lot back and as tooth said, order elsewhere unless they deliver a new one as they collect the old one.
  12. Thanks Ray, just ordered some, just need to sort some right angle 2.1mm power connectors.
  13. Hi Ray, Where did you get the water tight heat shrink tube from with the adhesive as I am having to make up new cables at the moment? BTW If anyone is looking for the Lynx Cable that FLO sell made up then you can buy it in 50m length from www.lapplimited.lappgroup.com the specification is Offlex Code 0046001 2 x 0.75 I've managed to buy some right angled USB adapters from Fleabay, they were just a couple of quid each but should help keep things tidy: - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2Pcs-Female-Right-Angle-90-to-Mini-5-Pin-Male-Adapter-Connectors-USB-2-0-JX/142500435295 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-USB-2-0-B-Male-to-USB-B-Female-Right-Angle-Printer-Port-Adapter-L-Shape-H2/253014237259 Hope that helps anyone.
  14. C33 Pickerings Triangle - strange bands

    You asked about the Bhatinov Grabber, it has now been incorporated into Astro Photography Tools http://www.ideiki.com/astro/Default.aspx I have just switched over to it as with my eyes at night time I needed some assistance. It's a superb piece of software and the focusing aid is brilliant. I have just started using my 383 and my mate put me onto taking flats from an LCD panel at 3 secs http://elpanelandtape.co.uk/products/square-el-panels/25-x-25cm/ I am powering it via one of the outputs of my dew heater control with it turned fully up. Hope this might help a little.
  15. A Small Imaging Observatory

    Nice to read Ian, sorry to side track, just had a look at your blog, that is a cracker of M51 that you imaged and with only 2 hours of data! Your imaging toolbox appears really good, so will use that when next trying to determine which sites to image, if we ever get any more clear nights!