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  1. Not good Kev, the objects have to be at least 60 degrees to avoid conflicting with the light and the willows.
  2. Thanks Kev, South is away from my home towards the two willows, but unfortunately on the other side is a street light that stops me imaging too low.
  3. Yep I think you are right, I'd give that as part of the brief to the carpenter, if I keep the roof lightish, then that should help, do't really want to be moving a tiled roof.
  4. Thanks Carole, I need to chat with a carpenter to see how easy it would be to convert it to slide off, but I think it would be a great compromise, it's a bit near our home, but no more than any structure would be.
  5. Right bit of an update and potentially something unusual, my wife is really working with me on this and she has fed in some ideas. Our home is only about 20 years old and the gardens were never planned to be like beautiful Victorian rambling jobs with mysteries around each corner. I've created a roughly scale drawing of the layout with the grey part our patio and the small grey block the pier: - The wooden trellis is a pergola style and you pass under it to enter the garden, the front of the patio has an 18" high brick wall which meets either side of the pergola. Now one of the potential ideas we have come up with which wouldn't look unattractive is to erect an octagonal summer house in the middle of the garden with a sliding roof and then extend two rails out to the pergola that the roof could slide on to clear the walls of the summer house, it would probably have to be eight sided so that you had enough roof to slide on: - Something sliding like this: - I'd have to either extend the width of the pergola or build a new one to match the width of the roof of the summer house. The summer house walls would be false, just made to look like windows. The Obsy only needs to be big enough to house my Mount and OTA as it would be controlled remotely from my office, the pier is 1.2m tall, so by the time my new 120EC mount arrived, then it should be tall enough to clear the sides, if not then I would lower it or get a pier extension made or even add in fold down sections.. Being made from wood I should not have a condensation problem, I could coat the roof with something a bit more substantial than roofing felt. I'm not a carpenter and only have rudimentary skills with wood work, but I'm sure I could get a carpenter to design a way for the roof to slide off, especially as my lifting skills are impeded with my spinal problems. What do you think, would it work and how simple do you think it would be to make the roof slide off?
  6. Thanks Blinky, I really would prefer a dry dome, so that may mean the Skyshed is out
  7. @tomato Thanks for the drawing, I don't do observing so as long as I can get in and do maintenance, then shouldn't have a problem with the width. @Anne S can you motorise the older pulsars and do you know if you can still get parts for them? @LeeRich I will be going motorised even if it means designing my own motorised system. I truly appreciate every ones thoughts, still got lots of planning to do.
  8. To be truthful the width isn't an issue as I very much doubt that I will go bigger than a 12" Newt or a 150 Refractor. I'm going to do some measurements today and try and work out a scale drawing, my wife was receptive last night, so will plan it with her.
  9. Jkulin

    DaveS's Obsy Build. First thoughts.

    Dave, I had my telegizmo 365 leak and flooded my mount, so as a precaution I bought one of Steve @ENS's breathable covers and I fitted that over my setup and then fitted the telegizmo over that, as an extra precaution. I was amazed that the Telegizmo doesn't have taped/welded seams and is just stitched...unbelievable, I used to design waterproof covers and we would never have put anything out without taped seams.
  10. Jkulin

    Lakeside focusing issue

    For back lash compensation I bring the focus to as close as possible in until it holds a thin piece of paper, then I move it out 10 steps at a time until the paper falls, that movement I regards as my backlash compensation and with Lakeside motors and with all my focusers it is between 40 and 90 units. For V curves have a watch of @RayD's focusing with SGP, it really does make calculating the steps count so easy.
  11. Thanks, they are surprisingly cheap, but reviews aren't brilliant with regards to flimsy build and just watched the video of the build and it looks like it is made from flimsy plastic.
  12. That's really quite tidy William, thanks, it might be a bit large with the 10" and the 120EC inside
  13. Yep, totally agree Carole, a RoR would be great, but for me I can't destroy the trees I nurtured when we first moved here out of selfishness, so I have got to work on an alternative. I still have in my mind what was discussed a little while ago about a portable version. The other thing that is going through my mind is that the home is really too large for us now since the kids moved out, so we may move in 2-3 years time to a bungalow, especially if my back problems continue, although I am not worried about putting something up and taking it down in that period of time, it is another thing to think about. Yes the labourer really did a good job. Boxers...yep, we now only have rescue boxers and usually always pairs as no one wants two mad nutters in their home, Skye is on her own now after losing Storm in November, one of the saddest rawest days/weeks/months that I have ever experienced, it never gets easier when they have such big personalities
  14. You know what, that might be the solution, it would stop her moaning then Hi Swoop, no the pier is on a 75cm x 75cm concrete block that was poured a couple of years ago, I wanted something really quite solid. The trick for the permanent pier was to paint it green, but now she moans when I leave the Telegizmo 365 (cream coloured)on all the time, you can't win Seriously though, I do understand my wife and she knows me if I want something I do it and after 34 years of marriage we do try to solve things together, however our garden is not ideally suited to an obsy and it is never going to be an arboretum, but I would like something more permanent that appeases both of us. Thanks Carole, I am fast coming to the conclusion that the Skypod might be the wrong one to opt for, the Pulsar looks like it has a large footprint, whereas the Astrograph version looks quite compact.. As Oddscoks said insulation will be worth applying and probably easier to do before putting together.

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