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  1. Bullseye!

    Funnily enough I am imaging M51 this evening and had the exact same thing happen about the same time, looks more like a satellite than a plane though
  2. Prism Pro

    Hi Hamza, I think you might have missed what Ray I asked so have quoted it as it is really important and I am just about to install the trial.
  3. Prism Pro

    No, PRISM is entirely self-contained and standalone. In my remote observatory, all I have installed is: PRISMv10, ASCOM and my equipment drivers. This is one of PRISM's most powerful features, it absolutely needs now other software, none! Thanks Hamza, so does Prism have a guiding software built in then? The reason I ask is that you demonstrate the above image with no guiding using the NOVA120, but sadly many of us don't have mounts as good as that so need to guide?
  4. Prism Pro

    Thanks Hamza for the extra info, I haven't signed up and downloaded yet, just wanted to check that we can setup multiple equipment profiles and set up individually? Does the equipment need to be connected to set up Is there a choice of platesolving or are you aligned to a preference. Can I also ask if you can use PHD2 as an option for guiding? Thanks.
  5. Prism Pro

    Wow Hamza, what a beautiful image! I'm going to look at your software and see how it fits my needs, do you have a forum for discussing technical issues and advice? Have a link to your YouTube Videos? Thanks for taking your time to reply to this subject.
  6. Sara, Just a small thought, if you aren't going to use a hub then won't having 5 or 6 USB leads create even more problems if you are going to run them down to your PC?
  7. Yep I think you are right Ray, I seriously thought about switching over to one like @kirkster501 has and have been looking quite heavily today....but, the worry is that if I secured it to my mount and there was a heavy dew, then it may be fried! Looking at the Primaluce Eagle2 it really does look well sealed but at nearly 2K€ I just can't justify it. I need to try and find other variations to evaluate. The Pegasus and HitecAstro boxes might be the answer but it still means having my laptop outside. One option might be to mount a mini PC within a waterproof case and secure that to the pier, only problem would be heat!
  8. The Esprit is a brilliant range of scopes, I have two of them and you will be amazed at the quality. As you got the field flattener that was a blinding deal, IMHO you won't get a better scope for the price.
  9. How are you planning to use the Polemaster, as you'll need a screen to align?
  10. Thanks Steve, that looked a very good deal, unfortunately he doesn't have anything else. As I only have a permanent pier and not an Obsy I need to make sure my Wi-Fi will work via it to my phone so I can PA with TightVNC for iOS, it would be great to just run my cables out and then nothing else to connect just PA and start, I'm fairly computer savvy so there's no problem installing W10 64Bit on it.
  11. Have you an exact model for that Steve?
  12. Anyone using TheSky?

    Will do Sara, probably the reason people aren't using it as much is because of the price, which I don't have a problem with if it is good. SGP is good, but it is temperamental, like if you try to cancel an autofocus, it doesn't like it and bombs out. The pop up tips can't be moved out of the way and prevent you clicking a command, but the dev team refuse to answer that problem despite a number of people reporting it. They have a very cavalier attitude as well and from their forum if they don't agree with something they ignore the problem. Once we start getting some clear nights again, then will have a run with Prism and report back
  13. I'll take the parfocal rings if they are Allen key locking. Please send me your details for payment. Thanks.
  14. Anyone using TheSky?

    Thanks Steve & Paul, appreciate your replies. Thanks Oddsocks, reading your reply it seems to echo what I am reading elsewhere and the attitude of trial before you buy and their lack of response put me off considerably. Indeed Prism does look quite good (Thanks Steve) and I will most certainly have a look at that, but will delay downloading and commencing the trials until we at least get some resemblance of clear nights to test it upon, which was the concern with TheSky as they only offered a 14 day trial and I have only managed I think 3-4 clear nights since the beginning of the year. Trialling during the shorter nights is great in prep for the longer nights later in the year. I'll post back when I have had a play.
  15. Anyone using TheSky?

    Yep Tim, my thought exactly, it could cost $1219 if you go for all of them, that was why I was surprised about the trial option. As nice as it is I think they are pricing themselves out of the market.