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  1. I was out imaging again last night with the 135mm Samyang and thought I would look at the differences between the Astronomik filters with the Bahtinov mask. I focused using the 6nm H alpha and then swapped to the other filters to see what the focus would be like. This was all done at f2.8. I'm going to redo this target using f4 to see if it helps with the poor coma around the edges (reminds me of my newtonian without a coma corrector!) This was the focus using H alpha This was OIII This was SII Will be interesting to see if I get the same result when using f4.
  2. I have read many blogs and posts that say its best to stop down slightly to help increase star sharpness
  3. I wonder if its because we are using this lens with it still quite wide open and fast? I think I've read that these filters are suited up to f4. I thought that was more for vignetting issue but maybe it also causes focusing difference between the filters?
  4. I'm currently imaging with the Astronomik 6mm S,H,O filters with my Samyang 135mm and the ASI1600MM-Cool I have in the past just used a single focus point for all the filers, this was when using them on my 150PDS I compared them by using the pegasus focus cube and the new focusing system in APT. Three was a slight difference but it was like 100 steps which is nothing for the Focus Cube. With the Samyang I am using manual focus with a small focusing jig that fits onto the lens. I was really surprised to see quite a large difference between the filters with OIII being the worst. I have the lens set to f2.8
  5. Would you be willing to split? I am looking to get the SII filter to add to my collection
  6. @Droogie 2001 I'm not sure if its an option with your set up as I can't see it. But I have used the usb ports on the back of my camera to connect other devices EFW and Focuser because I have the same problem with my ASI1600MM-Cool I can't connect it to USB3 port 1 it needs to be one of the others because the camera needs a USB2 connection made first before it then swaps to USB3
  7. @Dinglem @Richie092 Well the Nevada arrived today and I did some testing with the Pegasus. I can confirm that if you feed it 13.8v the Pegasus will still work and even show that voltage in the Pegasus control panel. I wasn't sure if the PPA would output that voltage so I asked Pegasus and they responded saying that it will output what it is input which is great news because it will mean I can still run everything from the PPA I just need to power it from the Nevada. The reason for this question about power supply to the mount was because I have been told that I should be driving the EQ6-R pro mount with 13.8v as this will help with RA guiding as it reduces the spiking by 30%. On heavier payloads it has been proven by several sources that the sweet spot is 13.6-13.8v. This is because the mounts electronics, namely the voltage regulation circuit. They are designed to handle DC battery power, which is a nominal 12v, but in fact runs from 10.8-14.4v range from a lead-acid battery. Once the voltage drops, the motors torque output is also reduced. On small payloads this isn’t an issue until about 11.2v. However, if you want flat graphs, then 13.8v is the way to go.
  8. @Dinglem Does the mount get 13.8v doing it this way or does the PPG limit to 12v
  9. Brilliant, I actually ordered one of these myself today. I was wondering what made you use this over powering the mount directly from the PPA? Do you also power the PPA from this or does that have its own power supply?
  10. Hi Everyone I was wondering what are you using to power your mount? I initially used a 12v 8A mains to cigarette adaptor sold to me by RVO when I purchased the mount from them. I later swapped to the Pegasus Pocket Power Advance with their own power brick which is 12v 10a. When I look at the Pegasus control panel I can see the input was 12.4v. I have been told that I should be driving the mount with 13.8v. This annoys me bit because the Pegasus unit is not cheap and is sold as a unit to do this exact thing. So I am wondering how you are al powering your mounts from the mains as I only use my mount in the garden. Thanks Greg
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