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  1. Yes that would be more accurate but I guess they wanted to raise awareness of light pollution and get people involved and looking up.
  2. Well it was very clear here in the middle of Cardiff last night, I think the best it's been since Christmas and I managed 10 stars standing under a street light. CPRE says I live in an area of severe light pollution which is kicking a chap when he's down!
  3. NOW SOLD Hi, having just bought an Altair BT100 bino I'm selling my Williams binoviewer bought from FLO in January 2017. It has solely been used for viewing from my loft while attached to a Celestron C8 (now sold). Origional packaging, 20mm eyepieces and 1.6 Barlow. I have attached grip tape to the bino to make fitting and removal from a scope more secure. Price is £180.00 plus £12.00 carriage.
  4. Hi, just took delivery of this Altair 30x100 bin and Fotomate VT990 tripod. I'm really chuffed with both. Par for the course the weather hasn't been great but I've managed some delightful views of the Pleiades, Orion nebula and some great flat wide field views of stars within Orion. The fluid head works very well indeed.
  5. Hi all, I've just come across this star count survey: People urged to count stars to see if lockdown has cut light pollution | Astronomy | The Guardian Hopefully it will be used to limit light pollution. Cheers and clear skies!
  6. Cheers Steve, Thanks for that. Those online events look really interesting too. Clear skies! Martin
  7. Cheers Mark, I'll keep a look out for that. Hope we have a clear night!
  8. Sorry, should have said that payment can be by bank transfer or cash if items are being collected. Cheers
  9. Hi, The Celestron C8 has now been sold. I'm selling my Celestron C8 XLT OTA and a Williams binoviewer. I bought both from FLO, the C8 in October 2018 and the binoviewer in January 2017. They are both in very good condition having been used solely for observering the moon from my loft as can be seen from the photos. Neither has ever been used outdoors. While I've had some great views I've come to the conclusion that a binocular such as a Helios Quantum 7.4 would be a more practical device owing to the limitations of viewing from a skylight! I'm selling these to help fund
  10. Well that sounds spectacular. I'll keep an eye on this post! Cheers
  11. Hi, I have the W.O binoviewer on a Celestron C8 and use it all the time and find it very good, particuarly for lunar work. I'm not sure if using two zoom eyepieces would work though as it may be tricky to match the zoom mag. equally especially if you are changing the zoom often. The binoviewer comes with I think 2 x 22mm eyepieces but I bought a couple of Starguider 25mm which I prefer. I think you'll enjoy them. Cheers
  12. It's great what a leveler the moon is for viewing it. I imagine you have in Powys a decent dark sky. I'm in central Cardiff Bortle8 but I still get loverly moon viewing. Cheers
  13. Hi Dai I see your just up the road from me. That's no good for you though as I can't answer your question! I'm sure others here will though. Cheers
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