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  1. Just checked out the listing that Ships and Stars pointed out. It looks pretty good and I can almost believe it's just been used a couple of times if the seller was using it with just the neck strap as shown in the photos. You would need a tripod to get the best use out of it but not a particularly heavy duty one.
  2. I've got the 16x70 Lightquest and really love their relative lightness and excellent optics. Mmmm, tempted by those above.
  3. Really good images. Haven't seen it myself yet and skies here aren't promising at the moment. Cheers
  4. Wow, having admired your moon and Venus I looked for this sketch. I imagine that sketching really impresses the details in the viewers mind. A great skill to have. Cheers Martin
  5. Hi, I was watching the new moon a couple of nights ago about a half hour after sunset when it was low on the horizon to the west. It was an amazing bright golden sliver reflecting the suns rays. Cheers
  6. The crescent moon last night, low in the western sky looked a golden sliver, not it's usual silver just after sunset. Well worth viewing again tonight I hope. Cheers
  7. Hi, as mentioned above one difference between the Apollo and the Lightquest is weight. The former weigh 2.5kg for the 15x70 and the latter 1.9kg as it's made from magnesium which is a bonus for me. Yes the Monfrotto fluid head is very nice and smooth. I replaced the quite long handle with a shortish piece of aluminium tube as the bino is light.
  8. I use a Manfrotto 293C4 tripod and a 128RC head. I bought an additional central pillar and welded a nut onto the bottom which I can screw onto the top of the pillar supplied with the tripod to give a max height of 180cm. My bino is a Helios Lightquest 15x70 so it's a very lightweight set up as I'm usually carrying it all on my bike! If you're getting a heavier binocular you would probably be better served by the suggestions offered above. Cheers
  9. Hi I've got a mint pair of these, but I had to pay £90 for them!
  10. Really nicely made video and I'll be checking out your others. I do most of my observing through a 15x70 bino mounted on a carbon tripod. I think using a tripod or monopod with any size of bino makes a big difference to the detail of what I can see. Cheers Martin
  11. Nice pictures! I've seen some flights of geese or swans flit across and a couple of aircraft but all quite a rare event. Do remember that they jolted out my lunar reverie. Cheers Martin
  12. Many thanks Stephen for all your work. Always enjoy reading the Newsletter. Cheers
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