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  1. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    Yes i agree, better to get it right than to push out a mount that has not been tested, like ASA did in the early days which did a lot of damage to their reputation
  2. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    A bit disappointed as it doesn't look like the finished product. Mark said he would be displaying the mount complete with wheel covers as a big reveal at the show.
  3. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    Oddly enough i checked the ATT 2018 website and JTW is not listed as one of the exhibitor, which is odd seeing that they are supposed to be launching their mount at the show. http://www.att-essen.de/aussteller_uk.html
  4. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    Anyone seen any news on this mount as it was supposed to lauch today but nothing on vendors website or facebook page
  5. Northernlight

    Anyone Imaging with TS UNC or ONTC

    The cheaper UNC has a entry-level focuser included, but the mirror is the same GSO mirror as the skywatcher, and looks to have the same mirror cell. The ONTC model is a huge step up with quality components, but the 10" is 2,000 euro and the 12" is 3,000 Neither of the ONTC come with a focuser, you have the choice of 4 different focusers but you have to pay for the focuser and the base plate. Its not very apparent until you checkout.
  6. Northernlight

    Anyone Imaging with TS UNC or ONTC

    Thanks Wim, His images look great but i just found out that the TS ONTC newts are 2,000 euro and that does't include a focuser, then they are asking for another 700 euros for a decent focuser and base plate, Which is more than i wanted to pay, and the UNC scopes are apparently not much better than the Skywatcher quattro but over double the price.
  7. Northernlight

    Anyone Imaging with TS UNC or ONTC

    No joy on CN so will try astrobin
  8. Northernlight

    Anyone Imaging with TS UNC or ONTC

    Do they have a forum ??
  9. Northernlight

    More refractor galaxies - M101.

    Yes, it was Darrens Tec. The plan was to get the Tec which would have been my one and only scope, then i was discussing it on another forum under the topic of 130mm vs 150mm apo, where a few people jumped in and suggested going for a cheaper 130mm and using the money saved to buy a larger decent quality newt, So spoke to TS and they offered a cracking deal, a TS photoline 130mm triplet which gets good reviews & the TS 12" carbon UNC newt for around £2700 which seemed like a no brainer, but now I'm having doubts again as the Tec 140mm is a dream scope. That said, the TS 130mm uses FPL53 ohara and reports say they are very well colour corrected, so it should hopefully be 75-80% as good as the Tec and i would be happy with that.
  10. Hi all, Just wondeting if anyone is imaging with a TS UNC or ONTC scope as i would like to get some feedback on these before possibly buying one for imaging Cheers, Rich
  11. Northernlight

    More refractor galaxies - M101.

    Olly, will you please stop making my life so difficult....... So tonight i have turned down a good deal on a Tec 140 in favor of buying a smaller TS Photoline 130mm apo and with the money left over buying a 12" newt for galaxies and Dso's thinking it will be ideally suited and here you sre posting a stunning galaxy image and telling us it's not far off your 14" My head is literally about to explode. Just as i've convinced myself that it's right decision you throw this spanner into the works and bring my metaphorical carousel to a grinding halt Ahhhhhhh....... .
  12. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    Agreed, the whole mount must work well, and i really hope it does as mark at JTW seems like really decent bloke with a real passion for astronomy.
  13. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    Will be interesting to see how those absolute encoders work, as if all works well, it spells trouble for musu, paramount, ASA & 10 micron and possibly the EQ8, especially if they keep the price down if the mount becomes popular.
  14. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    if you are using google chrome it usually will translate the page for you.
  15. Northernlight

    OGEM open source mount

    If it works as well as everyone hopes, it's really going to shake up the mount market.

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