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  1. Cheers MarkAR, i'll give that a try tonight and see, how i get on, as it's the stars that i have the biggest issue with.
  2. Thanks Alan, but i'm not happy with it, struggling to get the golds of the lower region as they are more reddish no matter what i try and the stars aren't the best in the nebula region - i think i need to maybe comine a star mask with a colour mask to try and control them when i chnage the nebula colour. I tried removing the stars with starnet, whilst i was processing the nebula but it seemed to only make it worse.
  3. I think it's my OIII data that is cuasing the issues as it's not the best so making the processing a bit tricky
  4. Hi All, I'm just trying to get back into imaging and i've just been working on IC5070 in Narrowband and really struggled to process the image. I've attached my poor attempt, but would be interested to see what other can do with my data. I've put my narrowband subs on google drive - please feel free to try and process them as i would really like to see what the pro's can do with my data and see if they can turn it into a half decent image. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PhbJ2bZ9exJREHOd1YI-nuoUjGkfKEIW?usp=sharing All the best, Rich.
  5. yeah i'm happy for it to be closed out as i think we have got a bit off topic here.
  6. yes that is my biggest concern about OO uk, their reputation for customer service leaves a lot to be desired. This is the reason i'm patiently waiting on the new design lacerta newt. it's a new design built from the ground up. I couldn't bring myself to buy the the original design no matter how good the reviews were as it was essentially a heavily modified SW quattro and used the standard SW quattro primary & secondary mirror cells and for over £2000 i just couldn't justify it. from what i've seen so far or the yet to be unveiled new design, it looks like it's built like a tank and they have taken some neat design ideas from other types of scopes and adapted them to the newt the think i really like about lacerta newts is that they literally do real star tests with them before they ship as well as tests on the bench and every is hand built, so you know you are getting a good quality item.
  7. Not waiting for it to be delivered, waiting for the new design to be completed. Lacerta is designing a new version of their newt from the ground up. I'm pencilled in to be 1st customer to receive it Out of interest what software do you process your image with ? Can recommend a bit of MureDenoise on the background
  8. Hi Mangifigeek, Great image - Can i ask if you were using a coma corrector as i noticed a lot of coma in the corners of the image ? Also were you using an OAG to guide or a seperate guide scope as i also noticed some elongated stars in the middle of the image so wasn't sure if this was differential flex, guiding issues or just flex in the tube itself. The reason i ask is because i'm still keeping the idea of a VX10 on the back burner in case my new lacerta scope gets delayed past the end of the year, so want to find out as much about the vx10 direct from people using the scope. Cheers, Rich.
  9. Well it turned out that it was due to the latest version which has starnet built into it. So a quick uninstall & reinstall and configure of the wights in the starnet and everything is golden all thanks to DarkArchon who to took the time and patience to talk me through solving the problem
  10. I had a look at discord once and couldn't figure it out - I suppose i could try and again.
  11. Hi All, I'm trying to use the EZ-Deconvolution from the new EZ Suite script. but when i try to use any of the scripts in the suite - it just stop and does nothing and gives no error messages until i close the script. So just wondering some kind folks could take a look at the attached screenshots and see if they can figure out whats going on.
  12. Hi Nigel, I'm just up the road at whitley Bay. I've been considering the 10" and 12" quattro for my EQ8. How do you find your mount handles the scope ? In regards to the scope, how have you found it for imaging? Does it hold it collimation across the sky. Also have you noticed any tube flex. Sorry for all the questions, just keen to get some feedback from someone who actually owns the scope rather than people who just have opinions about it. Cheers, Rich
  13. I'm trying to remember what the average was on half decent nights - i'm sure it was usually anywhere between 1.6-2.0, but then again my memory is not the best. I normally imaged at around 1070mm F/L @ about F5.4
  14. Many thanks Chris I'm really struggling making a decision on this - I'm torn 3 different ways :- 1) Buy 10" Quattro and upgrade the focuser, springs etc (chapest options but none available until end of Oct) 2) Buy the 12" quattro - upgrade focuser & springs as well as flocking the entire tube (Can't get the focuser upgrade i want - but is available in 2-3 days) 3) Wait until the end of the year and get the new design 10" F4 Lacerta when it's finished an ready to ship (will be superbly built and most likley hassle free, but also 3x price of option1 and 2x price of option 2) Rich
  15. Vlaiv, I dont like the RC, even using it reduced down to around 1m F/L, but i struggled with wierd reflections from time to time and i found that flats could also be a pain in the end i grew tired of it, and wanted something a bit bigger and a bit faster. I also want something that i can also use visually, as the RC was no good in that respect due to large central obstruction. I'll probably keep it and maybe play around with it again in the future.
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