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  1. Thanks for your replies! @Kirkster501: My laptop is stand-alone, so I've disabled windows updates. No, I didn't try to slew from CDC - will try that next time. @Ken: I will definitely consider the EQDIR option. @Marci: That definitely needs to be checked. Anyone who use a wireless adapter? Thommy
  2. Dear all, Until now I've used a cable from my laptop to the Skywatcher handset to make use of pulse guiding. For this I make use of a USB to serial connector. Until now this worked fine with my old CGEM and also with my current EQ8. But now I experience frequent loss of communication. When this happens, my laptop report that the USB to serial connector is connected and working, but ASCOM notifies me that connection is lost. Strange that something that used to work fine suddenly fails. No changes has been made to the laptop. What are you using for sending guide pulses? ST4 cable? Or a USB to serial adaptor that actually works? Thanks, Thommy
  3. Thommy

    Intro to CMOS vs CCD

    The CMOS cameras seem very attractive, but my concern is the small pixels producing a pixel resolution that oversamples "by miles", in particular for long focal lengths. I can see their applicability for short FL and wide field imaging, though. CCD's come with larger pixels or you can choose to hardbin your pixels, which is not possible with CMOS. If there would be CMOS available with pixel sizes around 6-9um and extreme sensitivity, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one. /Thommy
  4. Thanks, actually that was the recommendation I was thinking of! /Thommy
  5. Is there a recommendation regarding resolution of guide setup compared to imaging setup? I think I have seen some guide lines, but I can't find it again. /Thommy
  6. Thommy

    NGC7331 and Stephan's Quintet.

    Stunning .... So much detail. On my screen, I can clearly see the IFN. /Thommy
  7. Really no advice on how to fix the internal extender of the original MN190 focuser? /Thommy
  8. Dear all, I recently bought a new MN190 that is going to be used for deep sky photography. I am quite satisfied with the focuser except for the internal extension tube. Even when it's not extracted, the camera and FW wobbles quite a bit. Any of you had a fix to this problem? My idea is to bolt it to the focuser and use external extension rings if needed. But this is easier if the internal extension tube is removed from the focuser first - do any of you know how it is fixed to the focuser? By the way, I don't want to replace the focuser with a moonlite or similar - just fix the original. Thanks, /Thommy
  9. Thommy

    Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Very interesting, indeed. It has been demonstrated before that object S/N is independent of f-ratio. However, aperture and exposure time are important. Perhaps that is the effect we see here. Take a look at the argumentation here http://www.stanmooreastro.com/f_ratio_myth.htm /Thommy
  10. Thommy

    Advice for new guide cam

    Yeah, that's another option. The thing is that I need to buy an adapter to make my old guide camera (T2 thread) fit the OAG (C thread) and probably an extender as well to keep both cameras at focus simultaneously. That is why I consider to replace the guide camera. But of course if the new guide camera has a T2 thread as well, I have to get the adapter anyway. My idea was to wait for your recommendations, and if those guide cameras all need the adapter, I would start with the adapter and old camera first, and if this sensitive enough, I would stick to that, as you are suggesting - thanks!
  11. Dear all, My old QHY5 still works flawlessly, but since I plan to change from guide scope guiding to OAG, I consider a replacement with a more sensitive guide camera. So in your opinion, what is the best suited guide camera right now for OAG use? FYI, my telescope has a focal length of 1000mm and the pixelsize of my imaging camera is 8,2 x 8.4 (same chip as in SX Lodestar x2). Thanks, Thommy
  12. Thommy

    M 109

    Excellent image! I like the "well-done but not over-done" processing that you always use. What a season you had! /Thommy
  13. Thommy

    NGC 4395 unbarred spiral galaxy

    Hallo Jens, I only saw this nice capture now - it's really magnificent - nice color, good tracking, not too dark background etc. I noticed on your homepage that you use off axis guiding on your newtonian - do you have any problems with that setup? Sometimes you hear people saying that OAG and newtonians is not a good fit. When I started studying astronomy back in 91' I was also attracted by dwarf galaxies somehow. Perhaps because each dwarf galaxy is unique - there is no "typical" dwarf galaxy. Also their stellar generations are well separated in time which allows us to study each generation isolated for the others. There were no scientists who worked with dwarf galaxies at Copenhagen University at the time, I was ready to decide for a thesis, but I discovered that there was a British professor at Nordita in Copenhagen, who had worked with dwarf galaxies for many years. It turned out that he was very enthusiastic to become my instructor for my thesis - what a wonderful time! Now astronomy is just my hobby. /Thommy
  14. Thommy

    Cge pro or just poor?

    It would be nice to hear experience from other CGE PRO owners - in particular those who use it for high resolution imaging, so you know what to expect. As I mentioned above, my CGEM has a very similar behavior to your CGE pro. I would like to image at around 0.8 "/px, and I'm fully aware that it will not be with my current mount. I consider either an EQ8 or a Mesu, depending on my mood the day I take the decision. /Thommy
  15. Thommy

    Cge pro or just poor?

    Perhaps you should chenck the balance first. Then check if the gears binds or there is excessive backlash. Is the scale on the guide graph correct so peak to peak in RA is roughly 3"? It´s pretty much the same guide graph I see with my CGEM! Even though the CGE pro is more expensive, I don´t think the build quality is better than for, say CGEM. In other Words - don´t expect too much. It is possible to tune the Mount. Perhaps that's one thing to consider. /Thommy

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