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  1. Perhaps the best thing to do is get the roof repaired then see how it goes.
  2. How can I go about ventilating? We never had condensation/damp years ago. It seems to be recent. Admittedly, there is a lot more heat in the house due to central heating and more electrical devices.
  3. I used one of those before, at another property. They're good.
  4. I'm in need of a dehumidifier for temporary use in a loft space (unoccupied) until roof repairs are completed and for later use in my yet to be built ROR obsy. It needs to be quiet, able to operate (on/off) by a power relay/timer and a catch tank with as safe shut off. I was looking at the Pro Breeze 1500 Premium (1500ml) which is available for around £70. It uses a peltier, is suitable for approx 220 sq ft / 6 cu metres, and operates in 10-50C. It's on the small side for the loft and not sure of 10C is low enough for the loft or obsy. Any suggestions please (budget roughly £100)?
  5. What material are they made from?
  6. Tactile/touch screen is optional/nice to have (I'd be OK with removing a glove). Really looking for a pair that are OK to use with focuser, laptop, etc. Ski gloves are warm but too bulky (from what I have seen). Not overly keen on exposing fingers...
  7. Will be interested to hear how they perform.
  8. Happy New Year to all. Any suggestions or recommendations for tactile gloves? I have a pair of Ronhill cycling gloves which means I can use my phone touch screen but they are a bit thin in this cold weather.
  9. I'm planning to set up my C 9.25 for planetary imaging at f10 and found a back focus of 5.472 inches indicated on the Celestron Website. I take it this distance is measured from the rear of the OTA assy to the camera sensor? How much tolerance is there from this distance in average seeing?
  10. Looking for a tube cradle in very good condition.
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