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  1. There is a good post in CN about this. OP has 36mm filters so looks like he will be fine. Another thing to consider is the pixel size in both bin 1 and bin 2. Bin 2 would be rather big for my SW 80ED but great on the SW 200pds. Bin1 is a better alternative for a smaller refractor but looking at the graphs, DR isnt anything special compared to the ASI1600. The great side is that you can choose which ones suites you best for different scopes plus it has much better quantum efficiency. Guess also depends on your seeing quality so worth a play with the CCD suitability calculator
  2. It is curious to see how different other people do things. I generally do focus first, polar align (I target less than 1arcmin), slew to target (takes usually 3 iterations to get within 15arcsecs), activate guiding and then take pictures with focus for each filter. No plate solving at all. Regarding your issue, how far off is it? And how far off was it when you were doing it initially? 5 to 10arcmin differences should be normal. If its more and you already checked that date, time and GPS are accurate, it could be cone error. Cleaning the mount model helps. I would suggest in any case, mot parking the mount indeed. Keep it tracking at sidereal rate. Dont switch off either. For visual, i would also suggest using the guide camera on your scope, make sure its aligned so both scope and guidescooe point at the same target and use that to plate solve / slew to target in EKOS. Should be less than a minute to get spot on.
  3. Hello I am selling my well taken care Nevada PS-08 with a Female Cigarette Socket to M8 Ring Tongue The retail price is £45. I am selling both for £30. Apologiies for this but for the time being, collection only in Oxford. If doesnt sell past Christmas, I will consider posting it. Thanks
  4. Hi all I have bought a 400mm WO losmandy universal dovetail for my 200PDS to use in combination with the original SW Vixen 335mm dovetail to improve stability and also to piggyback my guidescope and RaspberryPi + Pegasus PPA to the top. I have some issues finding how to use it right and was wondering what other people have done with a similar dovetail and telescope. If I use the SkyWatcher dovetail, the losmandy ends up in an M8 bolt, the 1/4 threads are too far away. I ended up with one solution that has one of the holes protuding from the flat face which isnt perhaps too bad, as it might help to stop the losmandy falling downwards on the telescope mount, but its not neat. Has anyone experience with this dovetail bar? Cheers Both dovetails side-by-side Temporal solution Drawings
  5. Thanks @han59 Unfortunately, I think I have accidentally deleted them with MaxSelector!! The same has occured with other set of pictures but thankfully I had a backup of those. Not sure how that happened to be honest. I repeated the same experiment with another set of pictures, this time M33. I have found that with CCDInspector, Tilt in Y axis has been greatly reduced from previous nights and the aberrations more concentrically distributed, which is encouraging. The difference in tilt and curvature percentage is significant, plus the plot distribution. Thought it seems to be indicating that the periphery has indeed more curvature. Edit: For completion here is the FWHM and eccentricity distribution in Pixinsight. I used the same arcsecds per pixel in all 3 software: 1.63"/pixel for my SW 80ED with 0.8x flattener on a ZWO ASI 1600 (3.8microns pixel size) Out of curiosity, repeated the CCDInspector plot for 10subframes. And here the negative of M33: This time the top left corner doesnt look as great (Zoom120%.) And the bottom left very acceptable (Zoom120%) I Attached the FITS file for thesubframe 001 (analysed above). Hope its helpful Thanks! M_33_Light_Blue_300_secs_2020-11-22T21-06-32_001.fits
  6. Hello all. I have had some troubles in the last observing night with elongated stars. I think I have found what a couple of weak spots that I fixed (namely unprecise backfocus and both flattener and guidescope not very tight). On the meantime I was having a play with CCDInspector and I was quite impressed by it, but even more impressed with its price. I am convinced soon I will buy the PixInsight license after a very satisfactory trial, but on the meantime I decided to give Maxpilote's MaxSelector a try as it's now free. I was surprised by seeing a significant different for the same picture. Not only in distribution but in curvature and tilt percentages as well. Does this match anyone else's experience? I think I will stick with MaxSelector as I will soon buy PixInsight (the FWHMEEccentricity script is good enough for quick check IMO). Find an example below. Its a 300" guided exposure with Red filter of the Elephants Trunk Nebula. ZWO ASI 1600 MM-Pro & Altair x0.8 flattener/reducer & SW Evostar 80ED on a SW EQ6-R Pro. Guiding error was ~1 arcsec. CCD Inspector MaxSelector See below a negative of the stars on the Absolute Bottom-Right corner magnified at 210% And here the (much worse) Top-Right corner:
  7. Ive read the making of the atomic bomb during the first lockdown and I highly recommend it. Its very long read but fascinating.
  8. I was having a similar issue and found this topic. . Its quite a faff to dissassemble everything so I can put my telescope into its case. Have you found a solution to it? I wouldnt leave it wall mounted, its very expensive equipment and you might accidentally not lock it secure... The big losmandy dovetail I use is quite stable so I usually leave it on top of my work desk (not on the floor as pictured lol). If it helps, I plan to buy some ADM clamps so I can easily detach the vixen dovetail and store each thing in its own box. I would like to know what other people do to get inspiration
  9. Wow! Thanks so much for such a detailed analysis. It makes total sense. I wasnt expecting PE to be so visible. I have to say that the scope also needs a field flattener adequate for its focal ratio but that shouldnt affect how the stars move, as you mention. The mount has indeed PEC learning and will give it it a go. Thanks @vlaiv
  10. Hello all I would like to know what your thoughts are on this. According to EKOS, I have what I think its an excellent Polar Alignment (4arcsecs). The following video is a composites of all the exposures in ~1.5 hours of red, green and blue filters. There is quite a lot of movement and I couldnt get more than 120" subs unguided as I lent my guiding camera to a colleague. I dont recall much wind. The only suspicion I have is mount balance as in the DEC axis it isnt great. Has anyone thoughts on this? Thanks WizardNebula.avi WizardNebulaZoom.avi
  11. Hello I have bought two dew straps that are rather long. I have seen many posts regarding cutting them short but I couldn't find anything regarding rolling them over if they are too long. Besides not being very efficient, is it Ok to just overlap the dew strap so it sits snug against the telescope? I am worried about damaging the strap. I would imagine the risk of fire is negligible. Thanks!
  12. If anyone is planning to sell his, please drop me a message.
  13. Hello, if anyone wants to get rid of their SA-100 or, preferably, SA-200, please let me know! Thanks
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