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  1. Sounds like Aquafix silicone....It's very firm when set doesn't set rock hard but it's very firm!
  2. Bruce Leeroy


    Do you still have the range of adjustment to center the laser to the dot....and are you sure that paper is accuratetely centered? I used the aperture hole in the ota cover for a smaller circle then made a bullseye.
  3. Bruce Leeroy


    Try the laser down the focuser.
  4. Bruce Leeroy


    Try again? May also be a good idea to recheck the focuser alignment again?
  5. Bruce Leeroy


    Mine wasn't that far out.
  6. Bruce Leeroy


    I don't think you would need to rotate anything just SLIGHTLY release the retaining ring so in theory the lens cell will rattle around if you shook the whole ota then gently tap the outer of the cell all the way around then tighten the ring and check for progress, do this whilst the scope is pointing STRAIGHT up....I had to lower 1 tripod leg to get it pointing STRAIGHT up but that was on an alt-az mount (careful the whole thing doesn't tip over if you too are using an alt-az mount). By tapping the lens cell you are hoping to shift the lens so all the lens elements are central to each other...as I said in my earlier post I rotated my doublet then rechecked and the reflection was exactly the same which lead my down the path that the entire lens cell was out of whack with the rest of the tube. I would let Peter look at it..
  7. Bruce Leeroy


    I have the skywatcher ST 120/600 blue tube version and have been trying the tips from the links here, I've had this for around 2 years+ and never been satisfied with the views, using the cheshire I can see similar issues so I've aligned the focuser but can not see any collimation screws for the lens cell....I have a feeling the whole lens cell retainer is a little off and maybe cross threaded to the tube, going to try and loosen it...rotating only the doublet does not alter the reflected image through the cheshire. Bingo ......removed the whole lens cell cleaned up the threads of the scope end then I loosened the doublet and tapped it a few times and no more offset reflection through the cheshire...the open end of the tube where the thread starts was a little dented so I tapped it back into shape using the soft part of a screwdriver handle. I had previously pointed the tube straight up and released the doublet and tapped but no difference. I am confident the majority of the offset reflection was because of the thread of the tube wasn't right, thanks for the tips in this thread and good luck with yours Wookie!!
  8. Bruce Leeroy

    Nexstar 4SE MC firmware not flashing

    https://www.nexstarsite.com/ The author of this website is very knowledgeable he also posts on cloudynights forum..Michael Swanson is his username.
  9. Bruce Leeroy

    20 x 100 Revelation Binoculars help.

    IPD=inter pupillary distance, the distance between the pupils...when you know this measurement you can set binocular oculars with a ruler to match your IPD. Regarding optical changes try using each eye to look through the left barrel to see if you have the same type of anomaly in the binos, then using just your eyes you can also try looking at an led light in a dark room to see if it resolves into a dot of light or not. I get a seagull type of effect not a dot of light in both eyes. I measured my appx IPD using thick cardboard and made 2 small holes, you could also try holding a ruler upto your eyes and looking closely at a mirror, alternatively ask your optician for your IPD measurement. Hope that helps.
  10. Bruce Leeroy

    Charity shop finds..

    Carl Zeiss Binos 10x50 @ £5 Schmidt Bender Spotting Scope 15-60 x 60 @ £15 Both in good condition
  11. https://www.galvoptics.co.uk/optical-components/telescope-products-andamp-services/telescope-mirror-coating---primary/ http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/OPTICS/mirrorrecoating.html I found these 2 links some time ago but have never used their services.
  12. That sounds tempting, I can't seem to spot your link?
  13. I have the 8.75" copper colour version, I would say the mirrors are in a similar condition to yours...maybe not so degraded, I get decent views but with some light scatter, I chopped the original plastic finder down and added a mirror diagonal from a low end telescope. My primary mirror is held in with clips. I took these 2 unprocessed images some time ago using the Dark Star dob. The 3rd Image is processed from a 20-30 second video. Good luck renovating the old girl. All images captured with an iphone 4s.
  14. Bruce Leeroy

    Celestron refracting telescope

    Careful on eBay, there's some very high end telescopes advertised asking you to contact them through a non secure web link.
  15. Bruce Leeroy

    Bahtinov mask "Banana" spikes

    I get the same effect with a hand made mask, try to check for the same banana effect visually in the daytime using a bright led light and low power eyepiece.

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