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  1. I haven't done alot of testing, using a standard computar cctv lens I managed to get the image posted below...it's a live stack of around 30 seconds showing a little milky way structure and the Andromeda galaxy lower center. A quick attempt on the Orion nebula dissapointed but I think that could well be user related, I'm also testing a very inexpensive Samsung cctv camera for a wide field view that's giving fairly good results using the standard lens. I use a video grabber to connect it to laptop/sharpcap, the highest resolution is 720. Theres a few youtube videos using the scb 2000.
  2. I don't know tbh, you could try taking them to a hardware shop and seeing if they have something suibtable, I have no idea on the thread size all I can add is that it needs to be a fairly slim washer/nut and would benefit with some type of thin rubber washer between the binos and plate. Good luck. I'll have a check tomorrow and see if I have anything suitable...are they celestron 20x80's ?
  3. The part circled in red, this gives a bigger footprint for the binos to sit on the plate.
  4. I think your binos are missing a threaded washer that locks down onto the quick release plate.
  5. The grease from your hands will transfer to any cloth then onto the optics, try to use a brand new cloth (with gloves) or use wipes and allow a little time for the cleaning fluid to completely dry/evaporate then "if" you see any residue give a little buff with a dry unused part of the cloth. I've had best results using wipes rather than the Baader wonder fluid.
  6. If you have a couple of barlow lenses you may be able to remove the lens part and use the body as a temporary extender or stack 2 together if 1 isn't enough or draw 1 out to make a few more mm's.
  7. I would say any face that is hit by direct sunlight would benefit from insulation and vent from the shaded areas.
  8. How about trying an aperture mask or moon filter using your existing camera. And the fastest frame rate possible.
  9. If you need an extension remove a barlow lens element and use the remaining body as a temporary extension tube.
  10. Looking at the video I would guess it's a little overexposed, I think there is more detail in your video that will show if you can find how to lower the exposure in your video software, from what i've read on SGL you should highly reduce the exposure when capturing!!
  11. Sometimes your eyes will deceive you so if the double image is from collimation ( 1 side higher in the left eyepiece - _ than the right eyepiece for example ) you should rotate the whole binocular so your left eye is looking in the right eyepiece and see if the difference is the same - _ or _- as when you viewed them normally. Hope I'm clear enough
  12. I find keeping both eyes open the best way to focus binoculars when focusing on a star. Get best focus then adjust diopter then try a small racking in and out of the main focus until best star shape is achieved then maybe a final small diopter change.
  13. The most comfortable/stable viewing I have is using a binocular mirror mount it's like sitting at a microscope and is easy to pan around and raise from horizon to zenith, you could even use a refractor with the mirror mount (straight through viewing with no diagonal), I know this doesn't help with your reflector issue but may be food for thought if you haven't considered this type of observing.
  14. Saturn and Jupiter are something special , so long as you know how far off your RDF (red dot finder) is then all you need to do is keep placing the red dot offset for now and tune the alignment during the day if that's easier. Ment to add...make sure to download stellarium its a free night sky utility (for PC) that will help you find/identify objects. Don't forget to turn off your RDF when your finished for the night, it's always a face palm moment for me the next day when I find its been left on all night and drained the battery, don't talk to your eyepieces either or they will fog
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