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Bruce Leeroy

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  1. Bruce Leeroy

    Which cam

    You can also uncheck "Align Frames" for a rough stack test! I was born and raised in CV2 now living in West Lancashire
  2. Bruce Leeroy

    Quick and dirty pier

    I think Peter is referencing this type of pier.
  3. I downloaded your posted image .jpeg not the tiff. Opened in GIMP paint program and duplicated your image then altered the top layers properties from "normal" to "multiply" (sometimes "overlay" or other layer types work)...I then merged visible layers and repeated the above steps. I don't do astro photography this is my amateur method
  4. Good pictures, I used an iphone 4s in pano mode with a phone holder to get this image...I let the moon drift through the view and it captured as a panoramic image. It's also useful to have a remote shutter . Keep at it and keep experimenting.
  5. Bruce Leeroy

    Aaaaarrrggggghhhhhh - help please !!

    This topic may have the answer... a missing .DLL?
  6. Bruce Leeroy

    I think I just saw my first planet..

    Stars twinkle and planets generally just glow.
  7. Bruce Leeroy

    Atik Infinity with Spotting Scope?

    If you have a barlow lens you should be able to remove the lens element and use it as an extension tube...if you have 2 barlows you can stack them together, if you test during the day and find you can reach focus on a distant tree/building and still have some inward focus travel left then your getting close to being able to focus to infinity.
  8. Bruce Leeroy

    M42 first 2 exposure image

    I had a try at cleaning it up but lost alot of detail/dusty lanes.
  9. Bruce Leeroy

    Supermoon in super clouds...

    Moon and clouds look amazing here , multiple concentric rainbow patterns I took some pics but they show very little..I did take a video that shows it fairly well. 63mb .MOV file 25s in length captured on iphone. IMG_8214.MOV
  10. Bruce Leeroy

    re-coating or to buy new

    When I researched Tal 2 mirror sets I seem to recall finding a post that some replacement mirror sets available in Canada where parabolic...a few years ago I spotted 2 mirror sets on Gumtree and noticed the Tan/l 2 stamped onto the primary holder, anyways I acquired both mirror sets and 2 hand built wooden telescope tubes...I wonder if Peter Drew would make me a binoscope from 2 Tal2 mirror sets , they do seem to be replacement mirror sets as there in their own small wooden box is there a simple test to determine parabolic or spherical?
  11. Bruce Leeroy

    All Sky Camera Mark 7

    That's much improved, I hope you get round to live streaming this cam.
  12. Bruce Leeroy

    The inaugural StuPOD, winner announced!

    Yes it was, iPhone 4s Pano mode and let the moon drift through the view.
  13. Bruce Leeroy

    The inaugural StuPOD, winner announced!

    I might have previously posted this iPhone moon panorama just letting the moon drift through the view and a stacked image of Jupiter also captured on the iPhone, furrysocks2 kindly stacked the image for me!
  14. Bruce Leeroy

    PS3Eye raw bayer (and 10bit) in Linux - success!

    I need an IR cut filter too, would that be the same as the IR-pass filter you mention?

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