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  1. I have the 20 x 80 with the same fittings, you should be able to turn the very top (in the center of your red line) and lock it in place if this doesn't happen maybe try adding some thickness of tape until you find a better solution.
  2. It'll be fine for a quick scan around and should work well on the moon/orion/star clusters/andromeda galaxy, alot of selfie sticks have a binocular thread...if you have a telescopic selfie stick try attaching 1 to it then you can either suspend it above or rest it on the ground/belly and use the telescopic arm of the selfie stick to adjust for height. I use a monocular with string fastened to it then strung up to a hook well above my head, this way you can roll the monocular and the string will either raise/lower the height and allows for reasonably steady views if your sitting in a chair
  3. Looks great, if you shrink the webpage you get a great stereo 3d image using the side by side comparison images
  4. I've used clear acetate and a sharpie pen to make cross hairs.
  5. An interesting post here, maybe best to avoid the amici style prism?
  6. This was my effort from a few years ago. The panorama means you can zoom in and retain a decent quality.
  7. You have to get the orientation of the phone verticle to the moons motion....thats the tricky bit! Good luck. Give us a heads up if you post a pic
  8. I don't know the answer but I know of a good website for the SE series. You should find the answer there, good luck. https://www.nexstarsite.com/
  9. You should try taking a panorama of the moon. No tracking just let the moon drift through and hopefully the iphone will capture the passage...I tried it on an iphone 4s and the results where quite good.
  10. Welcome Dave. I'm also from Coventry but living in Lancashire.
  11. Sounds like Aquafix silicone....It's very firm when set doesn't set rock hard but it's very firm!
  12. Do you still have the range of adjustment to center the laser to the dot....and are you sure that paper is accuratetely centered? I used the aperture hole in the ota cover for a smaller circle then made a bullseye.
  13. Try again? May also be a good idea to recheck the focuser alignment again?
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