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  1. I think that camera will be good in most scopes but planets are going to be hard targets for the next few years for us in the UK if that's a consideration. Saturn is showing for a limited time at a low altitude.
  2. Feeling dejected, another neighbours lights thread

    Add some weights to the curtain for now and as you say a bottle of wine and an offer to take a look at Andromeda maybe.
  3. Reduced noise in a very amateur way using GIMP...duplicate layer, set top layer MODE to "multiply" keeping the lower layer "normal" then slide the opacity slider to desired %, lost some photons in the process. I used 50% opacity for a dark background. (optional) I did desaturate the top layer hence the loss of colour.
  4. Picture quality advice needed

    I tried an edit of the final image in GIMP. I duplicated your image and set the top layer as "Multiply" keeping the lower layer as "Normal" then "Desaturated" (I wouldn't normally desaturate but it helped), you can toggle the effect by sliding the opacity slider, lost alot of data but cleaned up quite a bit.
  5. Keep trying and as Galen says try taking video. Good luck.
  6. I use a cable/remote shutter with my iphone to take the image I don't tap the screen, so it doesn't shake or tilt the axis of the light path of the telescope-phone...looking harder at your image them maybe what is called the light train or path is not quite correct and where the mountains are it looks like reflections of the same image.
  7. Click my picture until it opens in a new tab then do the same with your image then compare..another edit below.
  8. Do you have a remote shutter and are you using an iphone? I don't know too much about using software for astronomy, I tried something but I'm not sure if it's better I'm sitting on the couch using the big TV screen not a PC monitor.
  9. Moon filter?
  10. It could be reflections or dew on the lens of the phone or eyepiece..did you hand hold the phone?
  11. One possibility is to lower the "exposure" level....on a iphone you tap and hold the screen to lock the exposure level then swipe up/down to adjust the levels. I think the images are fine and with a bit more practice you could achieve some very good results, something I attempted was a moon panorama, I let the moon drift through the view and the telescope had no tracking. Good luck.
  12. The Perseid meteor shower

    Out from 23:00-02:00 and seen around 30-40, woke up to find a nice live feed from Denver Colorado.
  13. I struggle to get a 'proper' smear free finish with the wonder fluid and microfiber cloth, I get best results using the disposable spectacle cleaner wipes and a small cloth provided by my local opticians that has a slightly rubbery feel to it. The disposable wipes can be a bit too wet so I let them evaporate a little...during use as they dry they will polish the residue away. As Tony says whatever you use try not to get grease from your skin onto your cloths.
  14. Some Jupiters from 16/06

    Nice images Bobby...I don't take many astro photos but when I do I also use Gimp...my final step is to duplicate the finished image/layer then make the top layer mode "Multiply" and adjust the opacity slider to get to the desired effect. I tried it on your 1st image. 88% opacity then 52% for the 2nd
  15. Jupiter - 9 Jun 2017

    Great capture...I doubled the data and stacked it. Looked better whilst in my editor