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  1. The mirror slides up/down on 2 rails sometimes not so smoothly, try a little wiggle and gentle force on the knob as you turn it, sounds like the mirror moving mechanism is sticking.
  2. There's a link under 1 of the YT videos, the link takes me to a 2mp camera!
  3. It's easy to dew up the eyepiece and diaganol with your own breath. Especially if you are chatting with someone or find yourself snorting through your nostrels as you lift your head up and away from the eyepiece. A friend of mine is always dewing up my eyepiece
  4. If you have a barlow lens then you may be able to remove the lens element from it and use the body as an extender. The image you posted of the eyepices shows a barlow lens....remove the lens and fix an eyepiece into it then place in the scopes focuser.
  5. Hi there, I had a try at reducing the exposure I hope you don't mind.
  6. I haven't used them too much tbh but for daytime use there very good with hardly any CA I would say they have a yellow tinge to the overall view maybe due to a hefty layer of anti reflective coatings, staring into the objectives it's hard to see my face in the reflection which is a good sign so i've read on here, they came with the original case and I found them in a charity shop for little money, I will endeavour to give them the Andromeda test soon .
  7. Mine are branded with a Helios sticker and have very purple coatings inspected/manufactured 1980.
  8. Did you test broadband speeds using the speedtest.net website? I use powerline adapters over a very long extension reel and I find I get about a 50% drop in broadband speeds at my shed compared to my house, if you try the speedtest website note which optimal server it selects and run the test a number of times to see that your getting a consistent test result....if someone is streeming a movie/youtube video during these tests it will have a small impact on the results. Run the test from the house then try the tests in your shed using the same optimal server for consistent results. HTH
  9. I use a first surface mirror mount on an old fork mount for the ultimate relaxed observing position, cat is optional but makes for a warm scarf during the winter months, I'm using Olympus dps 10x50 in the image but have a wide field gallilean type monocular attached atm so i have a right way up view with a mirrored l/r image, I'm viewing close to zenith in the image.
  10. Hi Gina, we used to use a product called aquafix made by soudal....hands down the best sealing mastic I ever used and around £4 a tube on ebay, it's thick stuff and helps to place the tube in a bucket full of warm/hot water so it flows better. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/All-Weather-Sealant-Soudal-Aquafix-Even-Seals-Under-Water/111233914303?hash=item19e60ed5bf:g:~FAAAOSwF1dUPreH
  11. I have the 20 x 80 with the same fittings, you should be able to turn the very top (in the center of your red line) and lock it in place if this doesn't happen maybe try adding some thickness of tape until you find a better solution.
  12. It'll be fine for a quick scan around and should work well on the moon/orion/star clusters/andromeda galaxy, alot of selfie sticks have a binocular thread...if you have a telescopic selfie stick try attaching 1 to it then you can either suspend it above or rest it on the ground/belly and use the telescopic arm of the selfie stick to adjust for height. I use a monocular with string fastened to it then strung up to a hook well above my head, this way you can roll the monocular and the string will either raise/lower the height and allows for reasonably steady views if your sitting in a chair?
  13. Looks great, if you shrink the webpage you get a great stereo 3d image using the side by side comparison images?
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