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  1. Would this be about 01:00 hrs? If so I seen it in binos and it was jaw dropping for me
  2. Take a few quick burst shots and stack them in a paint program or you can stack the single image ontop of itself multiple times and get a slightly better result.
  3. For wide field you'd want high ISO and high exposure and if possible a long shutter setting to capture more light, with possibilities of taking a burst of shots in quick succesion then stacking the individual frames into something like Gimp (free image manipulator), for the moon and planets you'd want a lower exposure setting (very low). Quite often headphones with a built in volume control can work as a shutter release to eliminate camera shake, or there are some very inexpensive bluetooth versions I know poundland used to sell the bluetooth version for a £1. Hope that helps.
  4. I had a very similar experience last night, but I was hand holding 7x35 binos and seen the whole thing enter and break up filling the fov with bright colours and showers of debris, as you say it initialy looked like the ISS/large bright sattelite then burst open, jaw dropping for me, I didn't notice any audible noise, this was more or less just above Neowise.
  5. I think I saw that through my binos and it was breathtaking. Appx 01:10
  6. Amazing meteor whilst viewing Neowise @ about 01:10 tonight. I say amazing, I didn't see it naked eye I was testing my 7X35 binos and it appeared infront of my view and I managed to track it well
  7. You should be able to draw the eyepiece out by hand to see if you need a further extension, if you have a barlow lens you can normaly remove the lens element and use the body to provide a further extension. If you can gain focus on some roof/tree close by then your close to focusing to infinity.
  8. Try a lower exposure setting, if your camcorder has an effects setting where you can select mono try that, the moon is a good target especially if you have a HDMI out port and TV close by.
  9. Yep, just been reading his wiki page n chatting with the Mrs about him after catching the end of tonights episode.
  10. Similar scene round my parts last night had me walking down the street looking for a fire at about 1:00am, the fog dissapeared as quick as it rolled in.
  11. Be careful on setup that your binos don't suddenly drop when your messing about with the counterweight, as said above a shrunk wrapped 4 pack of tomato sauce is about the same weight as my 20x80s, I pierced a hole top and bottom of the shrink wrapping then used 2 small clamps to stop the counterweight sliding.
  12. I can get 7 foot easily but you have to have the pole in the correct way round, this is due to the stop on the tripod head.
  13. I have a vintage Velbon ball head on it atm but it's only just about useable, I only knoceked this up last week and have only used it in anger once.
  14. I used heavy duty cable ties and some padding under the pole, I had to add in an extra tie with a rubber type of material to stop the binos slipping/rotating as I moved upto zenith, I think a wooden square pole would work better than the rounded manfrotto pole. *To add the whole assembly is very light and the poles retract so when the tripod is folded it takes up little space the disadvantage of the alt az is the elevation, 1 side favours sitting the other side favours standing due to the alt saddle.
  15. Inspired by this google find I tried my 20x80s using a manfrotto pole, works well but I need a better ball head and an alternative to my 4x cans of tomato sauce counterweight....I attached the pole to a spare alt az tripod I had knocking around and works well while reclined on a sun lounger. My only concern is the flexure on the pole is quite noticeable. You could also as pointed out in the weblink use a different pair of binoculars as the counterweight then you'd have 2 binos on one pole. https://garyseronik.com/build-this-simple-binocular-mount/
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