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  1. Hi, I would be interested in selling outright. I'll attach some pictures for reference, but feel free to pm any offers. Best,
  2. Been having a look at some mono cameras and like the performance of a zwo 1600 mono pro...
  3. Hi guys, I have a fairly new and unused ZWO 294 pro cooled and I'm looking to swap it for a mono equivalent. Cable, box and case will be supplied. I'd think that this post would be aimed at someone looking to shorten their capture time, and reduce faff in the imaging process. Here are the features taken from FLO Sony IMX294 4/3 CMOS Sensor Extremely low read noise - 1.2e @30db gain 14Bit ADC - provides real 14bit dynamic range Electronic shutter - no issues with vibrations sometimes found in mechanical shutters USB3.0 Port (back compatible with USB2.0) - 16fps@4144×2822 AR coated protective window - all light can pass Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux Thanks and let me know if you need some more info. Best,
  4. Great shout. I have just placed an order for some hot hands and rubber bands.
  5. Hi guys, I am currently out in the field, and I noticed this after I came to check up on my scope. Theres spiders of frost all over the lens. Inside and out. Is it my session finished for now? And is it a major problem? Haven't got the foggiest idea how I would begin to deal with the cause of the frost on the inside of the OTA. Best,
  6. Cheers Alan. It was the grub srews. I took apart the whole focuser down to the gears. Put it all back together with the right level of tightness. Now the coarse knob doesnt move at all, which before taking it apart it did. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi, Has anyone had any issues with a lakeside auto focuser attached to an esprit 100? I am controlling the auto focus unit with APT and essentially what I am finding is: the the position it shows that the focuser is at means jack diddly. Every session the focus is at a new point sometimes 150 steps away even if I have the same Temperature. What I have inferred from my testing is that the focuser seems to go more in one direction than the other if you know what I mean. Basically that a step in is not the same as a step out. What this means is that it takes me forever sometimes an hour just to get my focus right, which is quite funny because the lakeside auto focuser was supposed to save me time. I use a bahtinov mask as well whilst focusing and use the bahtinov aid on APT to help me get there. Has anyone resolved similar problems and how do you speed up focusing with an auto focuser. Best,
  8. Hi, So here is a stacked file with what I deemed were the naughty frames out. Looks much better and the star shapes look a lot more regular. This is still a work in progress but now my nights work looks like it might bear some fruit. Thanks,
  9. Hi guys, Firstly, a big thank you for contributing to helping to understand why those star shapes could occur. I had a look at two random light frames that I captured. These frames have had some preprocessing done namely flat and dark subtraction. I think they present another twist in the story, because they don't seem to contain the same star shape as what the final stacked image showed, which leads me to believe that the problem occurred during the stacking. What do you guys think? Does it rule out some of the potential problems that have been identified in this thread? Attached are two light frames taken in .fit format Best, recon_norm_pproc_L_2019-11-18_20-30-30_Bin1x1_120s__3C.fit recon_norm_pproc_L_2019-11-18_21-30-13_Bin1x1_120s__2C.fit
  10. Hi, Was imaging last night and whilst processing images I noticed this weird star shape when I zoomed in. It's something I didn't see when previewing the images whilst they were being captured because at first glance the stars seemed quite round. Is this some sort of tracking PHD 2, or PA issue? Usually when I have had PA issues my star shapes are much more linear, that's to say there is a bloat on one edge of the star. Attached is a PHD2 log fire as well PHD2_GuideLog_2019-11-18_1954556.txt
  11. Hi Guys, Encountered an interesting problem. Where in a nutshell I can't seem to focus when when using 1 x 1 under the binning section of APT. I can focus when binning 4 x 4 but not 1 x 1. It's not an issue of not being able to focus, as I have a lakeside focuser and there isn't a point at which its more in focus, trust me I checked. Funnily enough, when set to 4 x 4 bin there are no focus issues and the images are quite sharp. I have attached an image of what I mean, its titled cave nebula, the title is the only place you'll see the cave nebula in the image. The second image I have attached is of bodes nebula using the same set up but on a previous night. Whilst not perfect you can see it's much better. My question is really am I using the wrong settings? Should I be happy binning at 4 x 4 and getting a clearer image but with perhaps less fine detail. Could my settings be more refined for the set up I have? The set up I have: Mount: EQ6 pr0 OTA: Esprit 100 Camera: Zwo 294 MC cooled Capture: APT Thanks, cave nebula.fit Bodes nebula2.fit
  12. Hi, Colour processing question here. I am capturing using one shot colour CCD a ZWO 294 pro. I am finding it difficult to get the colour to show whilst processing the image. I am still capturing data on the cluster Caroline's Rose so I don't have anywhere near enough data yet to say it's complete, but I thought I would have a play around with some of the data captured last night. Out of the 30 120 second light frames only 2 of them are ok- it was v cloudy last night. I have attached one 120 second light frame of Caroline's rose, I haven't applied any darks or flats yet, I just wanted to see what it would look like after I debayered it in Nebulosity 4. Firstly it turned a sickly blue, and after adjusting the hue I was left with a very black and white looking image. I could maybe pick out some blue stars at a push, and definitely couldn't pick out any red stars. What am I doing wrong, and how do I improve the colour brought out in processing? L_2019-10-14_00-52-26_Bin1x1_120s__11C.fit recon_L_2019-10-14_00-52-26_Bin1x1_120s__11C.fit
  13. 100% agree with that sentiment. We astronomers can sometimes spend too long looking down rather than looking up. Thanks
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