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  1. Thanks I use a skywatcher 150pds a canon 1100d and a heq5 pro. And then processed them in dss and photoshop.
  2. at the beginning of august i went to wales for a week with the family and after checking on google earth noticed it looked quite remote so decided to take the scope. never done any imaging from a dark site before and wow, i knew it would make a difference but didn't realise how much, the single subs were better than my finished stacked images from home. i know they're not perfect but they're the best iv got so far. the only problem now is imaging from the garden again now looks that much worse haha cant remember exact info for each but each has darks, bias and flats thought id share as im really pleased with them, all comment and suggestions welcome. thanks for looking iain M31 M101 M27 qualitys abit poor because of upload limit. also off topic question but i was thinking about doing the 'certificate in astronomy' course at University college London and wondered if anyone had done anything similar and knows if it would be a good course to start to gain some astronomy qualifications? not sure what id do with them yet as i don't have any other astronomy or physics qualifications but been into it for a few years now and decided its something id like to do for as long as i can but dont really know what kind of jobs are available. any advice, websites or anything that mite help me out or even just point me in the right direction would be much apreciated. thanks again iain
  3. hi i have the 150pds and a canon 1100d unmodded, just thought id post a couple of images using the 150 to give you an idea. im an absolute beginner so they're nothing special compared to other images on here. i would also say get the goto as i found myself imaging the same things (mainly orion nebula) as i couldn't find any of the fainter objects because of light pollution. recently got the heq5 pro so that hopefully shouldn't be a problem now. this was 20 second subs i think bout 30 of them with darks m51 these were 60 second subs and i think i did 60 of them with darks all stacked in dss and edited in either photoshop or gimp like i said iv still got alot to learn but these are what iv got in the few months iv been imaging also check out this thread if ya haven't already some incredible images on there http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/210593-imaging-with-the-130pds/ iain
  4. hi just a quick update, i go t the mount last Tuesday and didn't get a chance to use it until Saturday night, only briefly though as i had work at 5am Sunday. got it set up and balanced, did a quick polar align and then the three star alignment which took about two minutes and was really straight forward. the goto was slightly off but the targets were still in the FOV of the camera so wasn't a problem, i'm putting this down to my polar alignment as it was a bit rushed. to say i was happy with it would be a huge understatement, think i imaged more saturday night than i have at all since buying my camera, only single subs but it was more of a quantity over quality night thanks russe for the info on the laptop i will be getting a cheap one soon. and yeah all my astro stuff is kept on a removable hard drive and processing is done on my desktop so some thing like that one would be ideal.
  5. yeah tingting44 i was going to drive to rother valley optics today and get it but when i called them they didnt have it in stock so ill go get it Wednesday, they said it should be in by then. where are you selling your eq5 if you don't mind me asking? don't know what to do with mine. good idea Dave ill be doing that, anything to cut down the setup time. i also noticed on rothervalley optics website that the celestron advanced vx price has dropped to £685 read good things about it, just thought id mention in case anyone was interested. iain
  6. thanks again for all the replies. i had thought about the neq6 tinker1947 but iv not had the 150pds long and don't have the room for a bigger scope as its all kept in the kitchen near the back door so wont be upgrading anytime soon. ordered the heq5 today should have it by Wednesday, cant wait.
  7. thanks for the replies. when i said portable i just meant up the garden, sorry i should have been more clear. i will be taking it away with me for a week but will be in the car so wont have to carry it too far. ill be going for the synscan over the syntrek as i don't have a laptop at the moment (having to buy everything a bit at a time haha) think im going to rother valley optics tomorrow as its only about 20 minutes away hopefully they'll have it in stock. thaks again iain
  8. hi been saving for a few months now and am about to upgrade my mount, i currently have a eq5 with motors, and a 150pds but want to upgrade my mount so i can eventually have a guided setup. some questions i have are: is it portable? does all guiding software work on it? will it carry all the equipment i need for imaging? (when i eventually get it) i was going to order my mount within the next couple of days but thought id just ask if anyone has any last minute advice. im a beginner to AP and don't want to end up spending a lot of money on something that's not going to be the best equipment for what i need. all the reading iv done seems to suggest its the best mount for the money and a good beginner mount but are there any negatives or has anyone had any problems with it? or are there any other mounts around the same price i should be considering? apologies if all this has been asked in other posts or if these are stupid questions. thanks, iain
  9. thanks for all the positive replies i cant really compare the camera with anything else because iv not used anything else for AP but its definitely given me some really good results, and im really happy with it this is probably my favourite image so far taken with same equipment, so as said it is a good all rounder. just waiting for saturn to come into good view now.
  10. took this a couple of weeks ago and forgot about it so i cant remember which moons are in the image. really happy with it Canon 1100D on a SW 150pds and a 6mm eyepiece (eyepiece projection) i think the video was about 2 minutes. stacked in registax and edited in gimp. iain jupiter20_02_2moons_gedit2.tif
  11. forgot to mention i had the autosave opened once in photoshop and it was fine but when i tried opening it a second time thats when i got the error message: not enough memory (RAM)
  12. hi just wondering if anyone knows why photoshop cc wont open the dss autosaves? iv upped the available memory usage to 100% in the preferences menu (iv got 8gb ram on computer but photoshop says 3255mb available). iv done a little reading online about it but don't really understand most of it, im not brilliant with computers (actually im terrible with them haha). is this just to do with the files straight out of dss rather than memory? also if i reopen the autosave in dss and save it as a 32bit rational that opens in photoshop but the file size increases which i thought was weird, is this going to be any better quality than the 16 bit files that i was using previously or will i not notice? sorry if these are stupid questions. iain
  13. latest image m51 60x60s lights and darks tried flats but they caused a really bad gradient from top to bottom, so didnt use them in the end just used Photoshop to get rid of the vignette, really pleased with this one let me know what you think. iain
  14. hmm might give that a go toxic, yeah they're in raw, i just ran it through dss again but only used 3 of the flats to see if it made a difference and it did...came out a lot worse, which now that i think about it makes sense haha
  15. yeah lp filters on my list too but iv heard it produces a very greenish blue tint to the image if its not a modified dslr tho ? i may have misunderstood or be thinking of something else i read that much stuff an then forget half of it haha but do want one at some point
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