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  1. Clear skies here tonight, but early start for work in the morning so no observing for me tonight
  2. Good Luck @Stu, it's lovely and clear here in Poole as well with The Met predicting clear skies all night whilst Clear Outside suggests cloudy from 22:00. I have an early start tomorrow so will just be setting up the ZS70 on the AZGTi for a quick look at Jupiter. Hope you have a good night night. Ade
  3. I agree with @Stu, I think the iOptron AZ Pro ticks most of the boxes. Whilst it is a GoTo and therefore a driven mount, you don't have to go through the alignment procedure and can drive it around the sky without goto. The mounts are however manufactured in China. Only other option is to wait for the Rowan AZ100 tracking/goto system to come out then you could have full manual with slow-mo controls or automated.
  4. Very nice @Alan White if it's as good as the 18mm Ultima I have then you'll enjoy using it. Ade
  5. AdeKing

    Found it!

    Yes Stu, only sometimes it's years before I find things by which time I then find I am in possession of a pair of said items. Ade
  6. After a couple of months waiting, this was supposed to be delivered on Monday but turned up from FLO today instead. A Berlebach Report Module 1 and module wrench. To convert my Baby Berlebach Report 723 from this: To this: Hopefully the flat plate should make it a more stable setup for my solarquest mount and solar scopes. Ade
  7. Aha, I hadn't thought about using it for my AZGTi and accessories so thanks for that, it's now got a second use.
  8. Is that for your AZ100 @JeremyS , I have the same for mine, though it's a bit of a snug fit with both saddles attached. I also have several Oklop bags now and they are very nice bags indeed.
  9. I do, but I'm not telling But your latter two statements are correct Dave, and it will definitely look great.
  10. That'll give me plenty of time to save then
  11. Thanks for the heads up @Alan White, I had a quick look through the ED100 before we had to go out. Nice to see a fairly large and nicely complex sunspots in WL. Ade
  12. I have most of mine stored horizontally on garage storage hooks on the garage wall. Nice and secure and out of harm's way. Ade
  13. Thanks Stu, I'm very pleased with the outcome and it is reassuringly solid, though not exactly lightweight. Thanks Jeremy, these AZ100s deserve to be on a Berlebach so I'm glad that mine is finally able to be mounted where it deserves to be.
  14. Finally, several months since ordering it, my iOptron EQ6 Pier Adaptor has arrived. This means I can finally put the AZ100 where it deserves to be, that is mounted on top of my Berlebach Uni18 tripod. This tripod is set up for my AZ Pro mount and I didn't want to faff with swapping the legs to. Different top plate when I wanted to use the AZ100 so I got the adaptor instead. Here are a couple of shots.
  15. I have a vague recollection that Mike may have sold it on Alan, though I could be mistaken.
  16. I'll also be keen to hear how you get on with these. I've been trying to decide between these and the Maxbright IIs but haven't heard much about these ones. Will keep my eyes peeled for your thoughts on them @Knighty2112.
  17. Yes, reading your thread, everything seems to have fallen nicely into place Steve. I'm only half considering getting it done really as it involves effort and expense, but never say never. Ade
  18. Absolutely Dave, surely you know by now that I'm a fully subscribed member of the Scope Handle Appreciation Society founded by John Handleby (@johninderby). Ade
  19. This is a great idea Steve, I've been toying with the idea of getting the tube of the TAL 100RS I got from Dave (@F15Rules) earlier this year shortened by a local company but get it done in a way that the tube length can be restored,, but haven't yet got around to it. Like @RobertI I shall also be on the lookout for a mangled ED100 or another 100 mm f/9 to follow your lead. Ade
  20. I think the general Rowan recommendation is for the heavier OTA on the left and the then the instructions for the plate suggested that it should be used with the lighter OTA. I have pan handle on the left side and the adjustment plate on the right side which works for me.
  21. I upgraded my ZS66 with a Moonlite as I couldn't initially get on with the stock focuser and got a lot of movement of the FOV when racking in and out. However, I later dismantled the focuser, cleaned it and carefully reassembled it and through careful tweaking managed to get it working nicely before I sold it on with the stock focuser. Moonlite do, or did offer a specific ZS66 flange not sure if it's still the case with their recent announcement and changes, but you could put out a wanted Ad for a Moonlite dual speed focuser. If you decide to go that route then PM me as I may be able to help you with the ZS66 flange. Ade
  22. Thanks for the heads up @JeremyS, I managed to get a brief glimpse between the clouds with my 10x50s. Glad to have seen it, but the forecast is better for tomorrow so I'll try again.
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