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  1. Hi Phil Another suggestion, if you're willing to travel a little, Is The Bog visitors centre car park on the west side of the Stiperstones. Not sure where you are when you say North Shropshire but I would imagine it's no more than 30 minutes drive. Al
  2. This was my first scope many years ago. I'm fairly certain the primary isn't centre marked, meaning you'll have difficulty collimating it properly. It's a straightforward job centre marking it though, they're are only 3 screws holding the mirror cell in position. Just make sure you don't touch the mirror with your fingers
  3. I was wondering where you had go to. Welcome back Shane.
  4. You may want to shell out for a red light torch/headtorch. But not a really bright one. The only other thing I'd suggest is a flask for your preferred hot beverage, it can get really rather cold standing still for hours on end. Al
  5. Very much interested in this. Will be following avidly
  6. You will not find an easier method of collimating your secondary mirror. The Concentre is a fantastic piece of kit. I have the 2" version. Al
  7. I will definitely agree with @Louis D. I purchased an APM 30mm UFF on his recommendation. I find it a mind blowing experience looking through it. That said, I've never looked through a Aero or Luminos so can't compare but I certainly wasn't disappointed with the APM. Al
  8. I couldn't agree more. The Concentre is a fantastic piece of kit. I wouldn't be without one. Whenever I go to my dark site in the car the first thing I do is pop the Concentre in, just to check the secondary position. Rarely does it require adjusting but I do have to travel up quite a rough track.
  9. I have the VX10L and can easily carry the mount in one hand and the ota in the other using the mounting rings. This is a steal for someone and I can't believe it hasn't sold. Good luck Alan. Al
  10. I have the APM UFF 30mm and it's a fantastic eyepiece. Louis D is quite correct, it is colour free and sharp across the field.
  11. Hi Dafydd. Fantastic choice of first scope. You'll love it. Al
  12. Hi Rob. Welcome to SGL from me, also in Wales. Al
  13. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5506_TS-Optics-Concenter-2--Justierokular-fuer-Newtonteleskope.html I find this to be a fantastic piece of kit. Price is a bit steep in my opinion but it works.
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