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  1. Bring it on. Thatchers is packed @Twisted Lip Might need some help putting the awning up, we are awning virgins.
  2. I do appreciate an optimist
  3. I did indeed sell the Lukehurst. However, it is being replaced by a more usable 10" F6.3 OOUK 1/10th optics Very much looking forward to the meet.
  4. We've now got our own 'cosy' 2 berth caravan. Heater works so it's all good
  5. With a glass of your chosen poison in your hand Dave ?
  6. Myself and possibly SWMBO will be arriving early afternoon so we'll be around to lend a hand.
  7. Is there any sign of a pitch plan ?
  8. Oh yea Thanks to @Louis D for the recommendation.
  9. As I am ever so slightly OCD with regards to collimation I'd like to give one of these a go. New price is a tad steep so thought I'd ask around for a used one. Anybody ?
  10. No paracorr required Paz, it's F6.4. I've got a wanted ad on here and ABS for either APM 30mm or ES 82° Al
  11. Is it this one you're referring to... http://apm-telescopes-englisch.shopgate.com/item/333631373637
  12. No John, no corrector. That's precisely the reason I went for F/6.3 + I'm over 6' tall.
  13. Mods, please lock/close this thread. New scope has been ordered. Thank you. Al
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