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  1. Ally8446

    Hi from a total newbie :)

    Welcome to the forum from just down the road in mid-Wales Ally
  2. Ally8446

    Starmaster Dob

    +1 for Zambuto. Fantastic quality optics. Brilliant find. Ally
  3. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    I salute him. That is a VERY long way. This coming from a long serving truck driver
  4. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    Nope...never knew they existed, but I will certainly be getting one. Thanks for the heads up @geordie85
  5. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    I have family in Dunoon so will be getting a ferry from Wemyss Bay on the Friday pm, staying over, then driving round to Lochgilphead Saturday. It's a long way from Welshpool to be doing it in one hit
  6. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    Going up for a week Stu, really looking forward to it.
  7. Ally8446

    Kielder newb

    Hi folks. I'm considering the possibility of booking a tent pitch (with EHU preferably) for next Kielder star party spring 2019. As I have a dob is there a preferred area/pitch numbers for visual only or is it come one come all ? Any local knowledge/advice would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch Regards Al
  8. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    Unfortunately no Tim, weather just didn't play ball. Not sure where to go from here tbh. Don't get me wrong, the views through my scope are really good, far better then any other I've ever owned, it just peeves me knowing that it could be even better.
  9. Ally8446

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    Yea that's on my list for myself but we were going to Sconnie Botland anyway. Elan is about an hour away, just have to find a decent camp site.
  10. Heading up to Lochgilphead (5 miles south to be exact) in 3 weeks with Swmbo. Got a log cabin with hot tub, no neighbours for miles......and just discovered the sky quality. Mrs Ally has just said 'why don't we pack your scope' This'll be the darkest skies I've ever been to so let's hope the weather plays ball.
  11. Ally8446

    A big thank you

    Couldn't agree more. The one thing we all want is the one thing we can't control. ..the weather. I was booked till Tuesday but decided (grudgingly) to call it a day this morning. Hats off to all involved in this years SGLSP, top notch. See you all next year.
  12. @astrolunartick Hi Pete. I'd like to thank you personally for allowing us the use of your magnificent dob tonight. The 2 hour patch of relatively clear sky took us all by surprise. Your telescope is a spectacular piece of engineering and a credit to you. My personal favourite tonight was The Veil. Your hospitality into the wee small hours was also most welcome. Thank you. Ally
  13. Looking for someone to have a look at my secondary mirror position. Can't quite get it collimated. Any big dob friends willing to lend a hand please ? Kingfisher 16.
  14. Cheers FLO. Superb offer.
  15. Ally8446

    View from the office...

    What a stunning aspect. I hope you all have a great time and even better weather. I'd like to think that at some point in the future I could join you in my native Scotland (Glaswegian now residing in Wales). My wife and I spent our honeymoon just south of Kyle of Lochalsh. Beautiful. Clear skies Al

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