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  1. Thanks guys. He's actually gone with a Skywatcher Startravel 102. Picks it up in a week or so. Just requires me traveling 50 miles northwest of Glasgow from mid Wales to show him how to use it. Bless.
  2. cellestron 114eq

    The only issue I'm aware of with that scope is that it has a corrector lens inside the focus tube. It's called a 'bird-jones' design. It makes it slightly more difficult to collimate. If you do a search on SGL for '114eq collimation' you should find all the information you require. Hope this helps. Ally
  3. Hi guys. My uncle has just moved from the city to the coast and has asked me for some advice. What he'd like is a telescope or binocular setup that would enable him to browse the night sky but also allow him to watch ships/boats and submarines on the Firth of Clyde, maybe a little twitching on the side. Budget around £100 to £150. Any suggestions please. Ally
  4. 2018 Quiz

    Can I suggest you don't 😉🤔
  5. SWMBO has given full permission for the go ahead on a NEW purchase, not used 😱😱😱 After very careful consideration and 6 weeks of trying to find a used one, my decision is between 12" Skywatcher Flextube or 12" Explore Scientific Ultra Light Dob (Gen2). I'd love to have your opinions on pros and cons please. Ally
  6. 12" Flextube dobsonian

    Skywatcher 12" Flextube. Budget £650ish
  7. 2018 Quiz

    What Davey said 😁
  8. Quite simple really. .. My 12" revelation solid tube is going shortly so I'm looking to get something more manageable. Preferably no reduction in aperture just easier to transport. I'm looking at 12" Lightbridge or 12" SW Flextube. My problem isn't weight incidentally, it's purely because the Revelation solid tube is so cumbersome. If money was no object I'd go straight for Lukehurst or Sumerian but alas I'm restricted, by choice and justification to a max of £700 which puts me in the realms of my 2 choices used price. But which one. Your thoughts and advice would be grand please. Ally
  9. 10 - 12" Dobsonian

    NOT solid tube. Truss/Flextube please. Absolute max budget of £700 for best example. Ancillaries not necessarily required. Can anyone help ? Thanks Al
  10. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    Not a chance Davey
  11. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    Friday - Wednesday booked. This time I WILL see it out 😀
  12. Hi folks. At present I have a 12" Revelation solid tube dob. It provides fantastic views and I love it. Downside, it kills me to carry it to the car. It has nothing to do with the weight, it's just too cumbersome. After a bit of thought my decision is to change it for something a little less unwieldy. Any purchase will be second hand for sure. I think my 2 options are an Orion Optics 8" dob (I've had an 8" dob before) or 12" Skywatcher flextube dob. I'm aware the SW is heavier than the solid tube but like I said it's not the weight that's the issue. What I'd like you wise people to advise is do I stick with the 12" SW because I'm used to the views that 12" provides or go with better grade optics but smaller aperture. Budget upto a maximum £650. Of course if you have another suggestion I'm all ears. Cheers for reading. Ally
  13. ES Maxvision 2" 68° 34mm

    Sale pending

    I've got a spare curry ticket and a spare hog roast ticket if anyone is interested. Kingfisher 16 😀 Ally