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  1. SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Would you be roughly 6 feet tall and a bit of a geek per chance
  2. Definitely a +1 for your method @Buzzard75, that's exactly how I carry out my collimation. But then I enjoy collimating.........am I ill on some level ?
  3. Lukehurst 14" dob

    I have the full mirror report at home, I'll have a look when I finish work and let you know.
  4. Good morning astro types. May I introduce my new 14" David Lukehurst dob. It will rain until October (probably) I contacted David last September with an idea of spec and budget. I also spoke at length with several members of SGL seeking advice etc. For that advice I am eternally grateful (you know who you are). I was originally having standard mirrors e.g. 1/4 wave but David informed me had something "a little special" if I was interested. This turned out to be a 1/14th Hubble Optics set with a Strehl of 0.98. This is why it's 4.62 as opposed to F5. Well it would've been rude to say no. There were a couple of things I asked David to add, namely, leveling feet, bubble level and a secondary heater with controller. He has also added a Moonlite CR2 dual speed. It does all condense quite well as the top end fits inside the primary housing (once the focuser has been removed, which is incredibly simple as it only involves 2 bolts). Once built it is solid and holds collimation exceptionally well. Smooth motion on both axis with just the right amount of 'stiction'. Just have to find a power source for the secondary heater. Understandably SWMBO has banned any further expensive purchases for the foreseeable future so I'm hoping the battery won't be too pricey. Cheaper the better tbh. Anyhoo, haven't had first light as yet but you'll all be first to know I assure you. I'm attending SGLSP in October so if anyone wants to have a look, feel free. Clear skies one and all Ally
  5. SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Booked Friday till Monday. Can someone please book some clear skies, that'd be just great
  6. SGL 2018 SP - Bookings Heads-up

    The last two SGL camps I've booked with months in advance. On both occasions I've managed one night due to family emergencies. THIS TIME I'M STAYING FOR THE DURATION. I'll be booking Friday through till Wednesday morning......... And I'll have a new ickle scope to bring
  7. Bookings

    Do we have any update on when the bookings for SGL 2018 go on sale, I'm getting itchy feet ?
  8. Questions to ask an astronaut..?

    Nearly 50 years ago we put men on the Moon. 50 years from now where does he think we'll be with reference to space travel. What will we have accomplished ? That's what I'd like to ask him.
  9. Searching for Grey Blobs

    Bigger, smaller, brighter, fainter, further, nearer grey fuzzies. I LIVE FOR GREY FUZZY BLOBS....CAN'T GET ENOUGHOF THEM πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  10. I feel your pain @25585, just spent A LOT on a Lukehurst dob. All other spending is cancelled for the foreseeable future πŸ˜‰
  11. Sumerian mirrors

    I'll hopefully be collecting my David Lukehurst 14" Standard dob around then too. @TSRobot we'll be like big kids with new toys πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  12. newbie

    Welcome to the forum Ash. Al in Welshpool
  13. Truss tube 200mm dob

    Check out our sponsor at the top of the page FLO. Just click on the logo. They have all sizes without goto
  14. Most memorable observing moment?

    First time I ever laid eyes on Saturn...it would bring tears to a glass eye 😊
  15. I have practiced a little plagiarism here but this may give you an idea of what you're trying to achieve.