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  1. Great image- considering the light pollution.
  2. I image with up to a 35Kg payload (12" F4 Newt + Accessories) so it can carry more if operated carefully but that is in an observatory environment with a correctly ballanced, permanent set up. I would not reccoment this loading for casual use. Revelation Astro 12" F4 Newtonian on an EQ6
  3. Just to add to Olly's comments - fast Newts are indeed interesting scopes and can work very well when set up optimally- BUT probably not suited for begginers in astrophotography. The technical challenges are way greater than a simple refractor set-up. I spent 2 years imaging with refractors (80mm & 120mm Skywatchers) before I bought my first F4 reflector. If you do decide you absolutely have to own either of these scopes, the 8" will be slightly easier to tame and better suited to the mount.
  4. Just found this Alyn Wallace BBC Sesh 'reach out' video to youngsters on YouTube "BBC Sesh is a new social channel from BBC Wales - aimed at young adults - that showcases the country's most exciting new talent. Find daily videos on Facebook and Twitter - and check us out on Instagram and YouTube too"
  5. I tried to photograph Zodiacal Light from my dark sky site in Mid Wales. Unfortunately I chose to try the eastern apparition of this light (i.e. pre-dawn Autumn sky- October 2014) which is my least dark horizon- so contrast wasn't ideal. The original image (15mm fisheye lens)- the bright 'star' is Jupiter & Mars is centre, bottom. Approx FOV Finally- a contast stretched version (or what it might have looked like if eastern horizon was darker!)
  6. And we wonder why the Earths insects are in decline........ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/06/180619122456.htm
  7. I have the 12" and 10" Revelation Astro/GSO F4 Newtonian scopes. The 12" F4 is a bit of beast to tame but can give interesting results especially with the 0.7x ASA Keller coma corrector/reducer. Imagine a 1000mm focal length F2.9 scope..... I did some galaxy imaging with this set up- a single 140 second sub of M51
  8. I've got a 10" F4.7 Skywatcher 250PDS going cheap/free if you want it? Focal length is 1200mm- just about long enough to get some galaxy details.
  9. Well I like it anyway! The 'Galaxy Season' is a challenge to be rellished though.....
  10. A bucket of water or wet sand is safer/heavier.
  11. Congratulations to Welsh photographer Alyn Wallace for getting National Geographic Photo Of The Day for these pictures of the Elan Valley night sky. https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/photography/amazing-images-wales-starlight?fbclid=IwAR0hz92NXMnCh-ZaMw_MyFNkjKhRHYXIZLcygZGkTV_lHpNjjtvHWtNDXZg
  12. Submitted my counts now- 18 in Warks, 26 in Powys. My eyes are getting older now- straining to see those fainter stars on the edge of visibilty!
  13. Thought the aurora pics were from Birmingham.......I was about to rush outside!

    1. GyCx


      You never Know ?

  14. looks like a solid build- hopefully no 'leveling bolts' in this design?
  15. Sounds like more of a 'man cave'! How big is available space?
  16. Good start- as others have pointed out, the very brightness of M42 makes it it a difficult subject!
  17. Can only say I had no issues with buying scopes & equipment from them - usually things that are not availble from this forums sponsors I might add!
  18. Yes must be a technical challenge. I also suspect dew/frost is not the main problem as the air must be very dry.
  19. Just seen this on Spaceweather.com - best aurora video I've seen. Watch in 4K if you can!
  20. Thanks. The skies are fairly dark (Bortle 2-3) but still some LP on the N.Eastern horizon from Birmingham 75 miles away...... Southern horizon is good though.
  21. Keep doing this sort of thing and you'll soon have permission to build that observatory......
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