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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. I am just in the process of building an obsy, once that is finished I will be getting another internal hard drive as well as a couple of new external hard drives for backups. The obsy will have a Gigabit Ethernet connection going to it so downloading images from the obsy computer is not going to be a problem. Thanks again everyone.
  2. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 2: Due to poor weather today (High winds, hail and rain) did not go as planned. It was however not a total loss and I should still be on track to chop the roof tomorrow. Some extra supports have been put in place as well as the ply being cut and attached on three sides. I need to get some more to do the last side and the upper half of the roof section once it has been cut. The mount and scope had their second test fit to confirm where I needed to cut the roof and to confirm clearance with the scope attached (I have also allowed a little extra for larger scopes down the line). The scope in its home position is fine when the roof is on. I will however need to program a custom home position into the computer to allow the roof to be rolled off, this is no big deal and something I had already thought may be the case. One side of the support rails got test fitted today. Both sides will have their final fit tomorrow along with their runners before chopping the roof. Any Further bracing will be done as needed. Tomorrows plan is mainly to get the roof rolling and everything secure. If everything goes to plan then Thursday the power and Ethernet will be run, the pier covered and the carpet will be going down.
  3. Thank you. I intend taking as many as possible. At this stage I cannot see there being any real issue with regards drainage, there is actually more room on that side that it looks in the photo. If this becomes a problem or looks like it could become one then a simple drainpipe system can be constructed to divert the water to a better area. No conduit in the end. I worked out that I should not need it as everything is going to be very close to the pier and I have instead got a cable strip like you use in offices to run the few cables needed along the floor. If this needs to be added at a later date there is enough clearance underneath to run a small pipe. Main power and Ethernet will be coming in from the far side of the conservatory into the far corner of the obsy. They will then be run in trunking along the wall to master sockets and an extension then run across the floor to the pier.
  4. I would flock as much as the scope as you feel comfortable doing. I also took the extra step of flocking the inside and outside of the focuser tube. Use a black sharpie and black out as many of the screws etc... You can remove the front white ring around the tube and this will give you a little more room between the spiders just be careful not to bend them.
  5. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 1: Today went better than I had planned. The Donor shed was on the drive before 06:00 which gave me a really good start. The floor was cut out to accommodate the pier and then slotted into place perfectly. Apart from a small issue of the floor being cut slightly too small which I will be taking care of, the structure is together and had a coat of protection and colour. The weather had forecast to be pretty dreadful but turned out a lot better than I could had hoped Work will resume tomorrow bracing and cladding ready for cutting the roof.
  6. I test fitted the mount onto the pier today for the first time and everything did not go as smooth as I had first hoped. After cutting the threaded bar and bolting everything up it soon became clear that something was not right. The mount was not sitting right and would not tighten down. I could feel and see a fair amount of movement between the tripod top and mount base. A little further investigation and I came to the conclusion that the threads on the bar are tightening the tripod base but not the mount. The standard tripod centre bolt only has a small amount of thread on it and then tapers down a fair amount to prevent this. I set to and ground off the threads from a portion of the threaded bar which now allows the mount to be tightened down correctly. The mount is now secure on its base and the pier. I intend inserting a small section of ply in the final version to aid in an vibration reduction but for a test fit I am more than happy. I have also had confirmation that the donor shed will be arriving between 06:30 - 07:00 tomorrow morning.
  7. No, I think they are more visable over towards tywyn and barmouth but never say never. The game suggestion is starting to grow on my as well, the mythology etc... ties in really well as well
  8. That is a cracking idea, however I need a name that I can pronounce and spell Well that is another option added to the list and yes they are still very visible and I have photographed them many times Thanks
  9. Thought I would post a small update. The footings are nearly complete, finished off the final gravel layer and just letting it settle. Most of the wood arrived to re-enforce the donor shed and I have spent the last two nights staining the interior ply panels to save some time next week. My initial thoughts went towards a matt black. however, after thinking about it a dark slate was chosen to try and balance thermals whilst reducing reflections. The Donor shed is arriving on Monday and hoping to have it built and re-enforced enough by Wednesday at the latest to be able to chop the roof. I have also taken another look at the direction in which the roof will be sliding off and have decided to slide it sideways to prevent blocking views south. After some thought in regards insulation etc... I took a trip to local outdoors store today and managed to get a load of space blankets that had been reduced. These I intend putting between the frame and ply but allowing for an air gap each side, I will also be adding a layer to the roof as well. I have been considering names. I know a name is not required but have noticed that many do indeed name their obsy and also telescopes. There are a number of options including "The Sea Breeze Observatory" which is a direct translation from welsh of the name of our bungalow. Something like the "Isaac Roberts Observatory" considering where I live. Ynyslas where I live was also the site for an experimental anti-aircraft rocket testing facility during the war, I have been trying to dig up some information about it to see if there is anything interesting that could be used for a name as well bring a big fantasy and sci-fi fan opens up numerous options as well. Any input on naming schemes and ideas would be great. Will post a load more once everything arrives on Monday and the build begins
  10. Still looking
  11. The one night in weeks that its clear and I cannot get it out due to the wood that is in the way ready to build the observatory

  12. Thank you very much indeed, looks like I may have to take a closer look at the inner workings of PIPP. Until now I have saved every usable sub and video file I have taken. I am very much of a school that saves every raw file and has at least two backups. Trying to do this with data sets this large is proving to be somewhat troublesome. Looks like a few new hard drives are going be on order and few nights of encoding. Thanks again
  13. Good afternoon everyone I am trying to figure out the best way long term to Archive and store my data. having already done this for many years with traditional photography, I already have a set file structure and Archiving process that I follow. I am wondering how best to approach this with astrophotography and even more so in regards to very large SER and AVI files. Does everyone save Large SER and AVI files in their native format or is there a better way of doing this? I was thinking about possibly encoding into a more compressed lossless format for archiving purposes once the final stacks have been processed? The main reason for asking this is due to realising that the SER files from one of the lunar mosaics I did last year alone currently come in a just shy of 65GB, Any input or experiences on this would be great. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi everyone I am looking for something to use as an "All Sky Camera" Let me know if you have something I may be interested in Thanks in advance
  15. Glad you got there in the end. You are using pretty much the same setup as I am in regards to the skywatcher focuser. I found the same thing when I changed my motor but also came across a small issue when using APT. For some reason I could not go past 10,000 steps in APT which using the standard code was not enough to be able to rack the focuser all the way in or out. I ended up changing the ascom focuser steps section in the code to 19 instead of 8, this brought it down to just below 10,000 and solved the problem. If you are only going to use the bundled software then it will not be an issue but if you end up with problem then this may be the solution and is still fine enough for critical focusing.