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  1. dyfiastro

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Hi everyone just thought I would share an experience over the last week that may help others. I stripped the 130PDS last year to do a few modifications. whilst doing so I had to re-collimate the focuser. Now everything was put back together and measurements all got taken using a set of digital calipers. All this winter I have been in a constant battle trying to get rid of coma, I thought it could have been an issue with the camera when turning it full spectrum but nothing seemed to solve it. Last week after taking it off the mount for the summer season I decided to give it a good clean and move the primary up slightly (instead of chopping the focuser tube). Whilst checking everything I re-checked the collimation of the focuser, this time with an older well made set of calipers I was given earlier this year. The collimation was off by a few mm in both directions. I went and got the digital calipers out and everything measured correctly. After checking both sets of calipers against a steel rule it turns out that the digital calipers are indeed out of wack. I have since re-collimated the focuser using the manual calipers, thrown the digital calipers in the bin and moved the primary up by a few mm. I will not be putting the scope back on the mount for a few weeks yet but I think I may have found my issue. I guess the moto of the story and what I am trying to get across is check your calipers.
  2. dyfiastro

    Canon 1100D or 100D for Astro imaging?

    Either will do very well indeed. However there may be a third option to throw into the mix. If you are only looking to do short single exposures then this should not really apply too much but if you are looking to do longer exposures its worth considering a 600D. The 600D has the same sensor as the 100D However, The 600D is a slightly larger body and from what I understand gives less thermal noise at longer exposures. I have a 600D and have been happy with the results, take a look here for a good comparison of various Canon models side-by-side Regards Mark
  3. Thanks for the offer I would not mind taking a look at it but wary of borrowing anything. How do you find the build quality and focuser etc... compared to the skywatcher newts?
  4. Hi everyone I am looking to replace my 130PDS with a 6" f/4. My 130PDS has been a great scope but has always had an issue with the primary, this is currently baffled off but not worth replacing. Looking around there is two possible options and I cannot find much information about either of them. TS-Optics 154/600 Orion 6" f/4 Newtonian Astrograph I already have a MPCC that I use with the 130PDS which is good to f/4 so I intend keeping that. I am also currently imaging with a modified 600D but intend upgrading to a cooled setup over the next 12 months (money allowing). I have no issue in slight tinkering where needed but there again I do not want to buy a lemon. Has anyone had any experience with either of these scopes? How do the optics, focuser etc compare to the skywatchers I have at present? Any information or advise would be great. If there are other options for around the same kind of money feel free to let me know Regards Mark
  5. dyfiastro

    Newtonian and focal reducer

    I have just found this thread as I am doing some research on the exact same thing. Having just purchased an ASI224MC and 0.5x reducer, I have a 130PDS and a 200p that I am looking to do this with. From what little research I have done so far it seems to be that smaller chipped sensors do not suffer so much with issues such as coma etc... to the same degree that a larger sized sensor would. The other interesting thing to note is that a 0.5x reducer can be used as a 0.6x or 0.7x etc... depending on the distance from the sensor, this should allow for better tuning. As far as using the SW Coma corrector, this I cannot comment on. The issue you may have here is that the SW CC already has a focal reducer built in. If Coma is a problem then I have the Baader MPCC Corrector that I can test this with and may be a better option (although only rated down to f/4). I will be following this with interest
  6. dyfiastro


    And sold elsewhere within a few seconds of posting here.
  7. Hi everyone I am putting my ZWO ASI120MC-S up for sale. This is the USB3 version so higher frames rates are possible compared to the standard USB2 Version The camera is very good condition and comes with the original box and meteor lens. Looking for £110ono inc postage (Postage to UK only)
  8. Just thought I would post an update. I had another shot at getting everything working however the motor just did not seem up to the task. In the end I gave up, ripped the skywatcher focuser motor off and after a few adjustments fitted the DIY belt driven one from my 130PDS instead. This has in turn enabled me to tighten up the focuser even further and is a lot firmer now and hold the camera really well. Thanks everyone for the input and advise
  9. Got home from work and decided to have another shot at getting it to work. I followed the video from astronomyshed and whilst it has seemed to make it smoother it still has not made any difference to the motor. I tried the handset and that has the same problem. When adjusting the grub screw under the focuser its either too loose and the focuser tube falls/cannot be held in position or its too tight and the motor does not want to move it. I will have another go tomorrow but I am pretty much at the stage of scrapping the motor and trying to find something that is actually up to the task. thanks for advise everyone.
  10. Thanks for the replies I seem to have adjusted it as much as possible. Any looser and the focuser slips, tightening does not seem to help either No the motor does not seem to move at all. I will take another look this evening thanks
  11. Hi everyone I am finally in the process of setting up my 200P and have just got a motor focuser and Hightec astro DC Controller. Everything is setup and working in regards to Drivers etc... but I am having an issue with the motor. The motor does not seem to have enough torque to be able to move the focuser with my DSLR and MPCC connected. I have attempted to try and adjust the focuser using the grub screw underneath but to no avail. If I remove the motor from the scope everything seems to work fine. Is there anything I am missing here or any further modifications that can be done to try and get this working? Any input or advise would be great. Regards Mark
  12. dyfiastro

    Arduino Ascom focuser Mark2

    Thanks for the reply. Yes this is what I have been finding as well and indeed the issue I have been having. I traditionally always use a Bahtinov mask but was trying to get the autofocus setup for a complete remote operation. I am at this stage not sure if the culprit is APT or the focuser. When ever I attempt to use autofocus the focus always ends up being slightly off. The only other option at present is to use the assisted focusing section and do it by manually. I would like it setup so that it can just refocus on the fly without any interaction.
  13. dyfiastro

    Arduino Ascom focuser Mark2

    Hi I have been using this focuser setup with fantastic results for sometime now. One small thing I have never seemed to be able to get working however is for this to play nice with APT's autofocus Has anyone used this setup with APT and managed to get the autofocus part working? Any help or information would be great.
  14. dyfiastro

    New Mag 13.5 Supernova in NGC 2146

    Thanks for the heads-up, I finally got a patch of clear sky tonight (one of the first this year). This was very much a first for me and over the moon with the fact I managed to get it.
  15. dyfiastro

    Stellarium 0.17.0

    Hi and thanks for the reply. Angle mode also has the same issue. Regards Mark

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