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  1. Good afternoon everyone Last night was spent testing out an old vintage lens that I had looked at for a while and recently managed to get a well looked after copy for the right money. The test highlighted a few issues and how could potentially be used in the future. Not having a dark sky at present does limit things however being able to do tests and alterations whilst still wearing a T-Shirt is a massive bonus, The following image is the result of last nights test. The lens I was testing was a Tair 3A, made in the USSR in the 60/70's. Using my modified 600D the lens gives decent results however leaves large red halos around stars, some of these I did manage to process out but not really a workable solution. I intend putting the lens to one side as I have read that it fares a lot better in narrowband and something to work towards. 15x300s f/5.6 @ISO800
  2. Thankyou very much. I have just purchased a years service to check it out.
  3. Thanks again for the update. This is the first time I had seen anything about a "Pro" Version and thought I would take a look at it Looking at the feature list for the pro version it states about the guiding stage of the polar alignment routine. Is this something new or is this the same feature that was in the old free version? I used an older version only the other night and that does guide you in and gives live updates as to how far away you are? I am just trying to figure out if its worth upgrading or sticking with the free version (or even roll back to an older version). Thanks in advance and keep up the great work
  4. Just a quick update to say that the official name has been chosen.
  5. Hi everyone. First time out last night and got everything running in the new obsy, took a little longer due to software issues so lost a little time. Its been weeks since I have been able to do anything due to bad weather and its the first time I have actually attempted to image comets with the scope. Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) - 7x180s, ISO1600, Canon 600D Comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak - 4x180s, ISO1600, Canon 600D Now the obsy is build I am hoping to be able to get out a lot more now and have more imaging time rather than spending time setting up etc... Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks. I am going to hold out for an ASI120MC I think, A lot of the code for what I need is already there for the ASI and anything else would involve a re-write.
  7. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 6: Well what can I say, its just about finished. I had a small issue earlier with the channelling that guides the roof, this is going to need to be replaced with something stronger to prevent the rollers coming off the rails. I currently a few ideas one of which I may explore tomorrow. The last of the internal work was completed today and the pier also finished. Electrics and Ethernet have been wired up in a temporary manner at this point until I know for sure where everything will end up. The mount, scope and obsy computer are all in and connected up. I have mounted the monitor on a swinging and adjustable arm allowing me to also use it to take flats easier. A quick test was done tonight but a full diagnostics and test will be done tomorrow to make sure everything is working and configured.
  8. Thankyou I have been really lucky in some ways with the weather this week, the forecast was a lot worse. Having taken the week off work I was very much on a tight schedule and wanted it built and working by the time I go back to work on Tuesday. The original idea was to have everything automated but in reality its going to be a while before I can get the roof rolling on its own. In between time I will be employing a resident caretaker to roll the roof off for me if I am away from the house.
  9. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 5: Well a fair amount was done today, finishing off a few exterior bits and then setting about sorting the inside. The last bits of extra shiplap and rubber covers got fitted over cut lines, this should go a long way to prevent any wind and rain getting in. To be fair we had some heavy rain last night and everything was bone dry inside this morning. The inside got another coat of paint, the carpet was layed and the cables run (Electric and Ethernet). I have not connected the obsy side up yet until I have confirmed the layout tomorrow. Work has started on cladding the pier and it will be rapped with left over carpet tomorrow. Apart from a few minor bits tomorrow will consist of confirming the interior layout, connecting cables and by tomorrow afternoon I should be able to start installing the mount and scope.
  10. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 3 + 4: Wednesday was very much a mixed bag in regards to getting things done. I ended up having to go and get more wood and a few other bits which set me back a few hours. I ended up having to cut up all the wood in the yard to get it in the car as the company in question could not guarantee delivery this week However yesterday afternoon I did manage to finally cut the roof. After a few teething troubles yesterday I got the roof rolling, the runners are in place and wheels on. Some further bracing was required but is now a lot more sturdy. I have started covering the cuts front and back with an extra set of shiplap panels as well as covering the sides with rubber matting. I have added a small window above the door, however this will need to be modified in the morning to allow for a rubber cover to go over the top of the door. The poor weather today has put me a little behind schedule however I am hoping to catch up a little tomorrow as most of the work now can be done from inside.
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. I am just in the process of building an obsy, once that is finished I will be getting another internal hard drive as well as a couple of new external hard drives for backups. The obsy will have a Gigabit Ethernet connection going to it so downloading images from the obsy computer is not going to be a problem. Thanks again everyone.
  12. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 2: Due to poor weather today (High winds, hail and rain) did not go as planned. It was however not a total loss and I should still be on track to chop the roof tomorrow. Some extra supports have been put in place as well as the ply being cut and attached on three sides. I need to get some more to do the last side and the upper half of the roof section once it has been cut. The mount and scope had their second test fit to confirm where I needed to cut the roof and to confirm clearance with the scope attached (I have also allowed a little extra for larger scopes down the line). The scope in its home position is fine when the roof is on. I will however need to program a custom home position into the computer to allow the roof to be rolled off, this is no big deal and something I had already thought may be the case. One side of the support rails got test fitted today. Both sides will have their final fit tomorrow along with their runners before chopping the roof. Any Further bracing will be done as needed. Tomorrows plan is mainly to get the roof rolling and everything secure. If everything goes to plan then Thursday the power and Ethernet will be run, the pier covered and the carpet will be going down.
  13. Thank you. I intend taking as many as possible. At this stage I cannot see there being any real issue with regards drainage, there is actually more room on that side that it looks in the photo. If this becomes a problem or looks like it could become one then a simple drainpipe system can be constructed to divert the water to a better area. No conduit in the end. I worked out that I should not need it as everything is going to be very close to the pier and I have instead got a cable strip like you use in offices to run the few cables needed along the floor. If this needs to be added at a later date there is enough clearance underneath to run a small pipe. Main power and Ethernet will be coming in from the far side of the conservatory into the far corner of the obsy. They will then be run in trunking along the wall to master sockets and an extension then run across the floor to the pier.
  14. I would flock as much as the scope as you feel comfortable doing. I also took the extra step of flocking the inside and outside of the focuser tube. Use a black sharpie and black out as many of the screws etc... You can remove the front white ring around the tube and this will give you a little more room between the spiders just be careful not to bend them.
  15. OBSERVATORY BUILD - DAY 1: Today went better than I had planned. The Donor shed was on the drive before 06:00 which gave me a really good start. The floor was cut out to accommodate the pier and then slotted into place perfectly. Apart from a small issue of the floor being cut slightly too small which I will be taking care of, the structure is together and had a coat of protection and colour. The weather had forecast to be pretty dreadful but turned out a lot better than I could had hoped Work will resume tomorrow bracing and cladding ready for cutting the roof.