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  1. Stellarium 0.17.0

    Hi and thanks for the reply. Angle mode also has the same issue. Regards Mark
  2. Stellarium 0.17.0

    I have tried with the default standard config and with a custom configuration. Even with a fresh installation without any settings being changed it does the same thing so not a settings issue. The fact that it does not do it when in Mesa mode points to a possible issue with 3D rendering as far as I can see.
  3. Stellarium 0.17.0

    Hi I have just installed 0.17.0 and have a strange issue in regards to the rendering the moon. When zoomed out it can be seen fine however when you use the Oculars plugin or zoom in the moon is not visible. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, removing config and data files from the profiles folder but nothing seems to work. This seems to be a possible issue with OpenGL as if I load using mesa the moon is visible (although a lot slower). The 32bit and 64bit both have the same issue, I have also updated on my obsy pc which is working fine but uses an intergrated Intel GPU I am using a Geforce 770GTX and have tried older drivers and the latest updated ones. Any information regarding this would be great Regards Mark
  4. Imaging with the 130pds

    Evening everyone I managed to grab what could have been my best run of the year last night. After a minor equipment issue (the arduino board running my focuser died) I managed to get a good few hours of imaging done. M33 - 12x300s @ ISO800 Iris Nebula - 15x300s @ ISO800 Elephants Trunk Nebula - 25x30s @ ISO800 These are far from perfect and I will be reprocessing these once I finally save enough for PI, I also intend to add more data to these as well
  5. Imaging with the 130pds

    Yes thanks very much. Full designations are as follows
  6. Imaging with the 130pds

    two from a few nights ago. I really must invest in PI 10x300s@ISO800 600D, Stacked with DSS and processed in PS. Single 300s@ISO800
  7. You can't image in a storm!

    In current conditions, not a chance. My biggest fear would be my roof coming of its runnings and ending up in next doors garden. 65-70MPH Gusts here so I know the feeling, the obsy is on lockdown for now.
  8. You can't image in a storm!

    Speaking as someone who built their obsy walls higher with the intension of imaging in windy conditions I would say yes (within reason). Living over the road from a beach in west wales pretty much means I have wind (or at least a good breeze) all year round, its very rare to get a completly calm night. If the wind is below about 10MPH then I have no issue in imaging, upto maybe 15MPH for solar,lunar and planetary. For me the more important factor is the direction it is coming from.
  9. Saturn 30-08-17

    Very nice. Out of interest apart from the ADC what other equipment was used for this shot?
  10. AR2672, AR2673, AR2674 White Light - 31-08-17

    Thanks everyone
  11. Is that the final image out of dss? Do you the stacking mode set to "standard" or is it by any chance set to "intersection"?
  12. Saturn 30-08-17

    Thanks for the replies. I had another look and attempted to reprocess the image, let me know what you think. Thanks for the advise aswell, an ADC may well be on the list ready for next year. Thanks again Mark
  13. Sol WL HA, Proms,bizzy sol.31-8-17

    Stunning, its shots like these that are going to end up costing me a fortune
  14. AR2672, AR2673, AR2674 White Light - 31-08-17

    Thankyou very much.
  15. After setting up the new scope in the obsy last night I managed to get a few gaps between the clouds this afternoon to try a few things. SW200P, HEQ5, ASI120MC-S, Revelation No.58 Green filter, Revelation 2x Barlow