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  1. Part 2 of the series explaining how to install and configure a PC controlled astro imaging system has now been uploaded. This episode goes through the process of installing and configuring Open PHD2 Guiding, APT and plate solving software. PC controlled astro imaging system installation and configuration - Part 2
  2. No problem. If I can help people out and setting up this type of thing easier and less of a daunting task then its worth while Yes I fully agree, when I started I had the same issue. I am keeping my eye on the situation regarding the Raspberry Pi 4 at present. I need something that I can do planetary imaging on as well so a Pi3 with a USB3 planetary camera was a no go. If they get to the point where its usable then there may be a whole new set of videos started.
  3. Hi everyone, thought I would share this in case its of any use to anyone on here I have recently started a youtube channel. I have uploaded the first part of a series showing how to install and configure a pc based astro imaging system. Part 1 covers the installation and basic configuration of ascom, eqmod, stellarium scope and stellarium. PC controlled astro imaging system installation and configuration - Part 1 Part 2 will be recorded over the coming week and will cover installing and configuring APT, Plate solving, PHD2. Parts 3 and 4 will be coming soon showing how to customise and use stellarium and APT Mark
  4. Hi Alex Thanks again for the continued hard work. I have had a few issues with the latest version as follows. When attempting to import comets using the import elements dialog, I get a strange issue once I try and click "Get orbital elements". I select Comets and select the bookmark but when I click the button to import them and bring up the next dialog nothing happens. This works fine in the previous version however. The other issue that I have had this evening when doing a fresh install on a windows 10 pro system is that I get a strange SSL issue when trying to download the additional star catalog updates. I am unsure at this stage as to if this is an issue with the fact that it was being done from within a virtual machine as I am the process of recording a tutorial. Any help on these would be great Mark
  5. Done, thats for the spotting the oversight
  6. Hi everyone I was not really sure where to put this but I thought this would be as good a place as any. Over the last few months I have spoken to various people about starting a youtube channel. Originally I had used this last year to stream a few live planetary videos but nothing more. Tomorrow evening is going to be the pilot stream for the channel. The idea behind the channel and shows is a combination of things. I am hoping to do interviews, presentations, show and tell as well as live events where possible. One other thing that I would like to get going on the channel is a group session not unlike the astro-imaging channel in the US. My thinking behind the channel and shows is something along the lines of a video based astronomy society where travel distances etc... are not an issue. Any thoughts, Ideas, feedback would be great. If anyone would be interested in taking part please drop me a message Everyone is welcome to watch the stream and take part via the youtube chat. Tomorrow's event will be taking place at 8PM BST on youtube with events after that taking place at either 8PM or 11PM depending if I am working. Dyfiastro Pilot Stream Thanks everyone in advance and I hope some of you will join me. Having never really been in front of a camera before this is going to be a little nerve racking I think
  7. Its not bad at all, 90% of the street lights now go out after about 11PM in borth as well. I live just north in Ynyslas, the only downside is the "Dyfi Microclimate" and the blooming wind.
  8. Good look and likewise, I will keep an eye out for yours.
  9. Ha fair enough. I am hoping to get a few more sessions on this one without the moon.
  10. Looking great Rob, looking forward to taking a trip up once finished. Did not know you was a member on here as well, small world.
  11. Managed to get out last night to test some equipment changes out and fine tune a few things. I took the opportunity to grab my first attempt at this target but the moon lit sky was not ideal. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi everyone Managed to get out again last night and try out a few changes. I still need to pull the scope off at some point and do a strip down, flock and re-collimate but I am hoping I work out most of the major issues. I do not normally image when the moon is up but it was a good chance to get out and test things out.
  13. Still for sale and open to sensible offers
  14. This was the first time I had used the camera. I was using 180s exposures for this shot
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