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  1. Thanks for all the support and advice all. I was pretty much sold on it already so I think I'll go with the 1.75" EQ5 tripod. Cheers rwilkey nice to see one in the flesh
  2. Yes I've read a few posts about that Cheers all, sounds like a good upgrade, so thank you.
  3. Hi all After some advice please. Anyone upgraded a SW EQ3-2 with this tripod? it states its compatible with EQ5, HEQ5 AND EQ3-2 mounts. I don't want to buy another setup as my EQ3-2 pro mount is actually very good, stable and smooth following a strip down and grease, but the tripod legs do let the team down slightly as they can flex a tad. The current tripod is ok when extra ballast is added but for £109 the upgraded tripod appears to be a good cheap upgrade on paper. I think I'm sold on them, but still worth a double check. https://www.365astronomy.com/SkyWatcher-Heavy-Duty-Tripod-for-Skytee-HEQ5-EQ5-EQ3-2-Mounts.html
  4. Hi all Whats opinions regarding astronomy equipment insurance? I've noticed that as time goes on I'm buying more and more bits and bobs and I had a scary thought regarding replacement costs if the equipment got stolen or damaged some how. I've seen a few astronomy equipment specific insurers which cover at home and away with theft, accidental damage and so on, and was wondering if anyone has had experience with any or has any recommendations. Cheers
  5. Warm welcome from South Wales David
  6. Learn something new everyday
  7. Hi all As I haven't got the luxury of being able to have my laptop indoors when using it for imaging I've been thinking of ways to mod the screen so it can be used outdoors and doesn't harm night sight. So I tried using some thin matt red translucent plastic (used to be a plastic envelope of sorts) which I cut to size, then stuck some velcro to it and too the laptop screen rim. Being velcro the tint can be easily removed or reapplied as required. I find it works well. Being an envelope it is double layered and if cut well I found i can lift one layer up (if needed) whilst still having some red tint albeit thinner. I tried acetate but I found it didn't work as well. The bit of reflection on the image is due to the camera, can't see any where near as much with naked eye and the screen is very clear to see. Probably not suitable for everyone but I find it a nice cheap and cheerful fix so far .
  8. Hi Nigella I was thinking that would be the way forward or at least a 1st step. Thank you, much appreciated
  9. Portech7

    Hello everyone

    Hi Flood, warm welcome from South Wales (uk) . I found a height adjustable bar stool at my local charity shop. Cost £15 and it is perfect. May be worth a try if you have anything local to you.
  10. Portech7

    hello everyone

    Hi Nikki, warm welcome from South Wales (uk)
  11. Hi all Quick question, today I was trying to image the sun, but I was unable to get a full shot in my cameras FOV. Visually I could see the entire sun in my FOV but on imaging I could only see around 50%. I have been able to capture a full image previously but that was using a basic Sony cybershot on an eyepiece mount. Same scope and mount as below. Q: should I be able to take a full image of the sun with my new camera setup? If so, do I need any equipment such as a focal reducer? Setup: Scope: 150p newt (f5) on EQ goto mount with solar tracking. Camera (new): Altair Astro 290c. Filter: Seymore solar class B glass solar filter. No Barlow etc, just camera direct into OTA focuser. Excuse me if this is a daft question, I'm still learning
  12. Hi all Cheap telescope cover, use emergency blanket. Only a £1 or 2 on popular auction sites and weather proof within reason
  13. Thanks Michael, Adam, very useful guidance and user experience which vastly helps. I wasn't sure how much superior the USB 3 is over USB 2, but sounds like it is worth the extra. Cheers Both
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