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  1. I did look at that adapter. I think I need to measure it as no idea if my mak is new or old as bought it second hand.
  2. Hi all Does anyone know if the threaded section on the back of the skywatcher mak127 is the same as on the celestron SCT's please? This is the thread that's screwed into the white back casing of the mak. Thanks
  3. CEM 25 could be an option as just within budget but the AZ EQ6 is too rich for my budget.
  4. It's ok, just found some not too positive reviews of this mount
  5. Hi again Just come across the Meade LX85. Specs say payload of 15kg. It's under £700 new. No idea on Meade products. Not sure how user friendly the controls are either. Anyone come across this mount?
  6. Cheers all. I think the HEQ5 is what I was leaning towards and as Skipper Billy said I could look at the belt mod at a later date. Both seem to have good following so I'm sure either would be good. The HEQ5 does initially look the sturdier of the two. Appreciate the help and opinions all, thankyou.
  7. Hi all Which mount? Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro (without Rowan mod, can't afford that ) Or Celestron Advanced VX Will use for both visual astronomy and astrophotography. Not buying for a few months but good to see opinions.
  8. Thanks all, got some food for thought there
  9. Hi all With Adobe Photoshop there's a number of different packages and I'm wondering which covers enough for astrophotography. The one package is the 'photography 20GB' with Lightroom, Lightroom classic and Photoshop. £9.98/month. Is this the pack most use? Thanks
  10. Got it sorted now, it was the comport reference. Once added all good. Learning curve
  11. Hi all I'm having issues trying to get my mount on PHD2. It sees it in the program but when I try to set up equipment I keep getting a Portname warning telling me the Portname cannot be empty. I've got the Eq direct cable and all the latest ascom down loads. Camera is fine but mount is not having it. I can operate the mount from laptop via EQ direct cable. It's confusing me on the port name warning. Any ideas welcomed.
  12. I've just seen a couple going cheap and was wondering if their worth a punt.
  13. Hi all Quick question. I know the Celestron Skyris units are designed for planetary imaging but has anyone tried using them successfully for DSI? Apologies if this does sound a daft question. Thanks all
  14. Peter That worked a treat, thank you
  15. Hi I have an eq3-2 pro mount, 32mm f4 guidescope and an Altair gpcam2 290c. I'm trying to setup the guiding on PHD2 but not sure if I'm missing something. I've downloaded the latest version of PHD2 for Windows but it's not recognising my camera although it's an ascom supported device. I've tried to download the synscan ascom drivers direct from skywatcher site which I also believe is required so I can setup PHD2 with the mount info but when I down load it, it won't run as it's saying I need ascom 6.2 or later which I can't find anywhere. I'm probably doing something daft but need some help please. Thx
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