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  1. I've contacted FLO and they are enquiring for me. The mount was used and I knew it didn't have one at the time but it was a bargain and apart from this saddle it was mint.
  2. Hi all Anyone any idea where I can get a secondary saddle for the counterweight side of my AZ EQ5-GT please? It's the on the left side of the image (secondary saddle). Struggling to find one at the usual places. Thanks
  3. Yes it's a GX12 2pin It's for an AZ EQ5-gt and just found the cable I needed on flo. Cheers all
  4. Hi Does anyone know the name of the two pin female connector on the left of this image please?
  5. I've ordered the AZ EQ5-GT
  6. Sound advice and it's really appreciated.
  7. It'll be used for both visual and imaging with either a 150p F5 Newt, Omni XLT 120 refractor and a maksutov and with a DSLR and Astro Cam, so it needs to be a really sturdy allrounder. I kind of like the idea of the AZ gt as it has a good payload and is very adaptable.
  8. I've just noticed the Skywatcher AZ EQ5-gt go to mount. Little more expensive than I wanted but it looks like a great all in one go to unit with a fair payload.
  9. Hi all £800 max budget, which go to mount? 1) I-optron cem25p 2) Sky watcher HEQ5 pro (without Rowan mod) 3) Celestron advance vx Any other's worth considering?
  10. I'd agree, it smelt bad. Already sent FLO an email. Fingers crossed they can help
  11. Hi Has anyone had any issues with their synscan control board (think that's what it's called) dying suddenly then smelling strongly of burning electronics? The part is the piece that mounts to the tripod leg which the st4 and hand controller plugs into. I bought it new from FLO last June so it's not that old and I do look after my equipment. Thanks Dean
  12. Hi Does anyone know if the sky watcher auto focuser will fit on a Celestron Omni xlt120 refractor (focal length 1000)? It looks like it will but I'm not 100% sure.
  13. Cheers both, you really don't realise how glad I am you've both said that. 1.25" It is . Thank you
  14. I know this is an older thread but still might be useful. I've been looking at this Lacerta Wedge for quite a while and I'm stuck between the 1.25" And 2" Version. I'll be using a Celestron Omni XLT 120 with 1000mm focal length. It accepts both 1.25 and 2". Most of my eyepiece are 1.25". Now I see it's recommended to go with the 2" For this size aperture. Would the 1.25" Version be ok with my scope regards any heating issues etc? I suppose I have the option to keep the main lens cap on the scope but removing the smaller central cap which would make the aperture smaller in a way, but I'd rather use the full aperture if I'm honest. What are your thoughts please? I'm not wanting to go and buy 2" Eyepieces and contrast filters if I can help it.
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