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  1. @Icesheet yeah maybe you are right I can be a bit impatient if stuff does not work out. I am used to learn new things relatively quick and if it does not work out one is quick to blame technology instead of his own mistakes @carastro I have not checked outside country services since I am reluctant to ship my camera abroad and Switzerland is not the cheapest place in the world @Ivan Hancock really nice picture I wish I could get a shot like this. But it gives me hope seeing that is possible with unmodded dslr @Adreneline thanks for sharing. I think the asi 1600 will be my choice too but for now I can't spend that much again without getting in trouble with the wife Thanks for all your input. I think I will be patient for the moment stick with my dslr unmodded and practice. Also share some pictures In The forum to get some feedback and help on what I can improve
  2. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the post. I do my polar alignment now mostly at dusk since it makes it much easier to get Polaris in the polar scope. As for alignment I now use the mighty power of platesolving in APT and that works super very well. But I also worked on my 2 star alignment and doing it at dusk helps a lot. Greets loki
  3. Hi all, I got my first scope recently and spend basically every night, where the sky was not full of clouds, outside to get a grip on the basics like polar alignment, plate solving etc. And I can tell you it was not always fun and I have the theory now that astronomy stuff is only that expensive to prevent people to kick there telescopes when frustrated But as with all things practice makes perfect. I am finally able to get myself aligned properly platesolve my to wherever I need to be and get my target centered. Now I am shooting with an unmodified Canon 60d. And the quality of the images feels horrible. I looked up what it would cost to get it modified and it would land around 350-400€ Now I am wondering if its worth getting the camera modified or if I can invest 600-700 into a color ccd and be better off? I know that in the end I will want a mono color ccd with filterwheel but given the fact that I just started out with this and mono takes a lot more time and adds complexity like how much exposure per color etc I am not sure if this would be a good point to start with. So what do you think as seasoned experts? Mod the dslr go for cheapish color ccd or wait a bit get whatever I can out of my unmodded dslr and go straight for mono filter wheel etc? Thanks in advance. Ps gear is in the signature
  4. Hi all, Just want to keep you all updated and leave my experiences here for others. Today is not a good night here for stargazing but it's not horrible either so I thought it's a good idea to test out platesolving. It took some fiddling with APT and drivers for the mount etc but then I got it rolling. Will write more details about the process and the issues in a separate thread but after a lot of trial and error I managed to point at Deneb and from there I plate solved myself to the North American nebula. Shitty conditions today for imaging but I don't care will shoot a couple of 60s subs and see what I can make of it. I think that I mess up the polar alignment in the beginning because I am always just a bit off. For example when I goto Vega it landed on lyr. When I did goto on north a American nebula I landed on 75 cyg. But platesolving and goto++ brought me to the right place from there
  5. Thanks it was my first day with the scope after hours of trying to get polar alignment and star alignment I was frustrated a bit and decided to go for the big bright full moon Still took me a while to get to see it through the scope. Then spend another hour to get focus because I never did eyepiece projection. But then finally I got this picture and I was a very happy man
  6. I used the Focus section in Backyard EOS once i had figured out how many distance i needed to see at least some giant out of focus bubbles . That worked well for me once i got the hang of it. On the Moon i also used the Zoom. Did not manage to get as nice of a picture as yours but i was proud given that was my first shot through a telescope. Have to say was a great night and the pictures i managed to get could be worse. Also attached my very first telescope picture from last week of the moon.
  7. Uhh something new to play with You guys are awesome and so is this hobby. I'm still out shooting some random stuff although daylight is creeping in and the moon is rising above neighbors roof
  8. I tell you I can only do it at daytime at the moment. I have big issues identifying stuff in the sky Currently taking images of some star or galaxy which at this point I have no idea anymore what it is But it's a good night anyway learning by doing is the Motto. After 2 hours alignment and trying to focus the God damn camera I just put the wide angle eyepiece in and toured wildly through the sky trying to find Vega, Deneb and stuff that just looks nice. Then pointed at something put the camera in and just took some 50s exposures. Let's see what I can make of it in the end. Maybe someone can tell already what I am looking at here
  9. Allright got it. Will keep that in mind for the next time also very difficult for me because view is a bit blocked to get something far away but I will manage it
  10. Allright setting up for some testing again tonight going over your tips one question what you mean by aligning the finders cope with my main scope currently I hacked it on the scope a bit since it was the only way I could attach it. See picture. Also what eyepiece for the finder which is a 50mm Orion guiding scope. I have plössls 32mm, 15mm ultra wide, 10mm, and 6.3mm
  11. Will check out the RDF see if i can work with that. Also updated my Signature to include scope and mount. While we are at it another question. I have attached an image taken with the CCD camera yesterday. It is supposed to be M63 but i have no idea i shot it with 4 Minutes on the 120mm Mono zwo asi mini. with 80 gain but i could not tell if its at focus or not. this setting was looking the best to me. but looking at some videos what kind of detail you get with 4 minutes i am not sure i am doing things correct example.TIF
  12. Hi all, Good tip did not even use finderscope. Will try that next time. Today I was playing around with my ZWO asi mini camera since the 2" adapter for my dslr is not here yet. I did my polar alignment and then used one star align on Vega again. This time just put the camera in the eyepiece holder try to get focus and centered what I belive to be Vega. This hobby needs a huuuge amount of patience that much I know now Will bother you tomorrow with my newfound questions now it's 2am here so I need to sleep a bit before work. Just wanted to say thanks for the tips and give you a warning for more incoming newbie questions Good night and clear skies
  13. Hi all, So yesterday i finally got my scope out for the first time (aside from day one moon observation). I managed to get it polar aligned (at least i think i identified polaris throgh the polar scope) Then came 2 star Alignment. I choose Vega and the scope was slewing to the correct position but looking through the scope there where sooo many stars and they where all just tiny little lights. I could not really make out one as Vega. Its a completly different thing then with my Binos through wich i can identify Vega very easy. in the end i just centered what seemed to be the brightest star but i was not sure i am looking at the correct thing any tips on what to look for??
  14. You are a hero sir! Was looking to find an app that has the eq6-r polar scope and could not find it. This is perfect. Now hope for clear sky's
  15. Thanks for the feedback feel much better now Now wait for the next clear night and see if I get the polar alignment done. Thanks so much to everybody who left an answer. You lot are my favourite community on the Internet
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