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  1. That is very strange I got the orange ones from flo here https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-silicone-power-cable-21mm-dc-jack-to-21mm-dc-jack.html and it seems like the pin in the PowerTank is a bit to fat for the female hole in the cable. Fits perfect in the camera and the filterwheel though.
  2. Hi all, i have a small problem with my power setup and before i go out and buy some more stuff that does not solve my issue, i thought i ask you guys for some tips. Everything was fine when i just had my DSLR since i only needed one Powercable to the scope. now i have a filterwheel and a asi 1600 that also want power. i have an Orion Dynamo Pro (https://www.telescope.com/Orion/Orion-Dynamo-Pro-155Wh-ACDCUSB-Lithium-Power-Supply/rc/2160/p/118187.uts?refinementValueIds=4726) which has 3 outputs that look like 2.1mm DC jacks so i got my self 2 cigarette lighter adapters with 2.1mm and also for good measure 2 2.1mm to 2.1mm cables from our friends at FLO. Unfortunately the damn outputs just look like 2.1mm but they are not. WIth a bit force i can get the cables in there but they fall out very easy which can ruin your day/night very easy. So now i was thinking that a Celestron Powertank might be the way to go but then i saw that they only have 2 cigar lighter outputs. which would be at least one short. (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/skywatcher-powertank-17ah.html?currency=3) now my question is if i could use something like this (https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p10037_TS-Optics-12-V-Zigarettenanzuender-Verteiler-mit-drei-Anschluessen-und-USB-Buchse.html) to plug 2 devices into one output? is these a better way? Looking forward to your Advice Greets Loki
  3. I ordered the 1600mm and had a quick request to flo about shipment time. I was lucky they just had sent a shipment with the 1600. Hope yours arrives soon. for me it's raining since I got mine
  4. This forum is the most helpful place in the whole Internet. Not yet was raining outside will try out the gear over the weekend if weather allows. Not sure if it's a hexafoc focuser but what you said sounds plausible. The scope is an explore scientific ed80 Will have to check that when I'm home I actually did not try to put the eyepiece clamp onto the filterwheel directly. In my mind there was always one extension attached to the focuser when I got it but I might be wrong. I will rework the whole setup tomorrow was not reading up on this yesterday. Too exited to get everything attached Was not sure if it does matter how far the camera is away from the filter. Just read that usually the 1600 needs a bit of backfocus. I use 2" filters thought it's better in case I ever get a full frame sensor. Thanks a lot to all who took the time to help already. One other thing came to mind. Can I leave the filters in the wheel if I leave it attached to the scope and cap it? Or is that not recommended?
  5. I could not attach the camera directly to the filterwheel due to lack of proper adapter. So I just took the spacer from the scope. I could take one out. Or take both out and get an adapter that let's me put the camera directly on the filterwheel
  6. Happy birthday Adam! My birthday is on Thursday and I also treated myself to a polemaster and some other stuff Regarding the question about the Eq6-r pro. I can only recommend it. I started AP roughly 9 month ago and went for this mount to be future proof even though I only use it with an explore scientific ED80 at the moment. The mount is really great. Even though I am new to this I get fairly good polar alignment done with the built in polar scope and can do 4 minute subs with no autoguiding. It's a heavy beast though so bare that in mind if you have to move it down a flight of stairs for an image session you have to be fit There is also a thread specifically for eq6-r owners in this forum if memory serves right. So look for that and get some more testemony. Hope you have better weather then me so you can test drive your polemaster soon! Clear skies
  7. Hi all, I got my new dedicated setup delivered yesterday and ran into some spacing problems when trying it out. Also found something on my scope that I had not noticed before. Maybe you lovely people can shed some light for me. First problem is that the filter wheel is much bigger then I was expecting. And if I attack it to my scope I run into a small problem since the cable gets stuck on the mount head when rotating. I removed the handle already but still poses a small problem. I guess i could attach the spacers to the scope then attach the filter wheel further back but as you see in the picture I moved the focuser all the way back already not sure if this would not cause problems whit focusing. The second thing I noticed is that I can somehow turn the whole focusing part with no effort . Hard to explain but the part where the small arrow is can be turned left and right. Which would solve the issue since the filter wheel would be at a slight angle and not touch the head anymore. The question is. If this is normal behavior or should that not be happening? Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Just put everything together but having problems with the filter wheel will post something tomorrow to see if someone has advice
  9. Got myself a gift for birthday and celebrating my promotion (which was needed to pay for this hobby :)) Cabt wait for better weather to try out dedicated astro am and mono with filters. Before I was using my trusty Canon 60d. Also curious about setting up with polemaster. Thanks to flo for getting it to me in super fast time despite delayed shipments from zwo due to corona
  10. I would defenetly go for a ryzen machine since it beats Intel when it comes to multicore usage and price. But ultimatively I would agree with having a pc and a laptop. I have a beastly gaming rig which I use for processing and a 10+ year old nearly dead hp laptop that runs camera mount platesolving etc. Not the best for my nerves but it works just bought a ccd and filters etc so no money for laptop
  11. I live in Switzerland but have not been there yet. Let us know how it is if you end up visiting.
  12. These are IDAS VLC(daylight) filters for modified cameras, which convert the color balance back to the original. The body-mounted types allow to use wide angle lenses too. Now Hutech makes special offer for Canon and Nikon APS-C camera users with limited quantities. Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/digiborg.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/idas-daylight-filters-for-medium-format-cameras/amp/
  13. Looking at below website I would say it's a daylight filter At least all vlc filters there are prefixed vlc not sure about the 34 though. On the site are only N for Nikon and a number for the series https://www.sciencecenter.net/hutech/prices/filters.htm
  14. Hi all, As I wrote in my previous post I want to go for a dedicated astro cam. I am pretty much set on the zwo 1600mm Pro. Now the question of filters is the next puzzle to solve. From what I read so far astrodon is the kings class not only in quality but also in price. Since the camera already comes with a big price tag I do want to go a bit on the cheaper side but still get some bang for my buck. I have found a package with filter wheel and rgb+narrowband filters 31mm is about 1.25" I think for 2k eur everything from zwo https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10242_ZWO-Kit-ASI1600MM-Pro---8pos-Filterrad---31mm-L-RGB---3x-Nebelfilter.html But I could also get the camera and a 2" filter wheel seperate and then buy a 2" filterset from Bader. (Filterwheel and filter lined below). Which would "only" be 1600euro Now my questions to you lovely people. 1. From what I read 2" filters should be fine for the 1600, even though 1.25" would work too. But 2" are good choice if I upgrade to full frame sensor in the future. Would that be correct? 2. The general opinion on the Internet seems to be that zwo filters are somewhat at the low end and baader gets you better quality in that price range would you agree? 3. The narrow band filters in the linked baader set are 7-8.5nm since I live under bortle 4 sky's and I am a noob. I think that should be OK to get started. 4. Does anyone know if these filters would work with the zwo filter wheel or would I need frame less ones? Puh so many questions! I hope you can give some advice or just leave your opinion if you have one. I am thankful for any input that helps me not to waste a bunch of money https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p7730_Baader-Filtersatz-LRGBC---Schmalband-H-alpha-O-III-S-II--2-inch-Filtergewinde.html https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p11887_ZWO-USB-Filterrad-fuer-7x-2--Filter.html
  15. Why does it need to look like in the manual? On which side the focuser knob or the finder scope are should have no impact on the function of your scope or your mount. Or am I missing something?
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