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  1. its nice Data given how short your exposures are. did give it a quick go in Pixinsight. (yes the picture was created from your TIFF) Cropped -> Dynamic Background Extraction --> Multiscale Median Transformation (to reduce noise) --> Histogram Transformation --> Extracted starless image with starnet --> Created Range mask from Starless image for the Nebula--> With Nebula protected Curves transformation to reduce saturation on Background and then also brought background down a bit on RBK --> Inverted mask upped saturation on Nebula (maybe bit to much) -- SCNR to get rid
  2. Allright I gave it my first go and id did not turn out terrible. i will play with it a bit more over the next days and see what i can improve. Rough Workflow Cropped the image then did background extraction and noise reduction on each channel individually Streched each channel then created starmask and starless image from the HA, combined them to a single mask. Applied mask to R,G,B and HA and used curves to bring down the Background then used pixelmath to create RGB using R+HA*0.75 G+HA*0.1 B+HA*0.15 Edit: if I wanted to add luminance as well should I put that
  3. thanks for the tips I think you are right experimentation is key and it gives me something to do for the next week that are forecasted to be very cloudy :D I have also an hour of Luminance Data available so i will start experimenting with it. and post some updates here on how its going :D
  4. All right was lucky and grabbed 1.5 hours on each channel today with same settings will figure out how to combine them tomorrow and give an update
  5. I might give it a go later as well. If you are willing to invest a bit into processing software i would highly recommend Pixinsight. It takes a bit time to get used to but there are lots of great tutorials out there and it is amazing what you can do with it once you get the hang. For taking flats i currently strap a white shirt over the front of the scope and hold my phone with completly white screen aproxx 10 centimeters in front of it. works pretty well for the moment and defenetly better then no flats
  6. Hi all, I finally got my rig back up and running and got a couple of hours of HA Data on the rosette nebula. If the clouds let me i would like to get some color into the picture and i wonder what would be the best approach. Currently i have 40x180 subs taken with Asi1600 mono at 75 gain binning 1x1 through HA filter now the question is what to get next. I thought since HA is mostly red i could just take Blue and Green and use HA as red channel? or would it be better to take full RGB? Also since i am new to Mono imaging should i run with the same settings for gain etc on th
  7. Nice Setup! i snapped one of the ridicoulously tight screws on the foot when trying to get it off to turn around so waiting for the Rings now
  8. ah thats actually a good idea. I think i will go for the Tube rings anyhow since with the current foot there is no way i can attach a guide scope properly but this could help me decide if the counterweight is needed or not
  9. Hi All, finally the Snow is gone and i could bring my Setup out again on Saturday. My new Powertank had arrived and i was happy to give it a go. Unfortunately i ran into the same issue. When looking at Polaris or Cassy all was good even with 3 minute exposures no trailing. but when looking "behind" me in my case rosette nebula i had massive trailing even with 10 seconds exposure. Now after durther inspection i think the problem is balancing. I have always balanced the scope on the R.A Axis while the scope is looking straight ahead which worked fine. The problem is as soon
  10. I ordered a second power tank yesterday and will also get a 12v10a power supply to power the Powerbox since I usually have power up on the roof anyhow to keep the laptop running. Once I get the new PowerTank I will report back. I wonder how accurate the readings on the Powerbox are since the dew strap draws around 0.8 to 1A according to readout which seems accurate. I think the camera draws most of its power from the USB since the readout on the 12v port is just 0.1 to 0.2 when cooling and the camera itself works even without power cable so it's a bummer I don't see the power draw of the
  11. yeah thats what i was thinking but the tank showed nearly full charge. i was trying to find info on this tank to see how much Amps it can provide but no luck. Below a link to the powertank. https://www.telescope.com/Orion/Orion-Dynamo-Pro-155Wh-ACDCUSB-Lithium-Power-Supply/rc/2160/p/118187.uts?refinementValueIds=4726 So far i have had no issues running mount+cam+filterwheel. But the strange thing was that in the beginning everything was fine powerbox +focuser+camera all had power. Will investigate later today did not charge the tank yesterday so i can play with it a bit to se
  12. Hi all, I have just got myself a couple new toys over Christmas and have not been out for a while. So yesterday with just a couple clouds I went out to fiddle a bit and get everything set up. After spending a couple hours fixing various issues I thought I could get some snaps on the flame nebula So I was blind solving with the scope pointing in the general direction of polaris then did a quick goto++ to Andromeda which worked fine. Then I used goto++ again to get the flame nebula framed but now there was big trailing. I double checked polar alignment went back to park did an
  13. You can run the Pi4 from one of the USB ports there is one that provides up to 5.2V/3Amps Camera, filterwheel, mount and focuser should all run on the 4 12v outputs Edit: Also the consumption should be fine I could not find max draw on the focuscube but even assuming it uses the full 2 Amps which is unlikely you are fine with around 9.2Amps max draw. Focuscube 2Amps Eq6-r 2Amps Zwo asi 1600 2Amps Zwo ef wheel 0.2 Amps Pi 4. 3Amps
  14. The advance has 1 adjustable output and 4 12V. And yes Astrophotography is horrible for the bank account. Especially if you like to automate stuff and make things efficient I just got the zwo autofocuser and came to the same realisation as you. Actually made this to convince myself I need the Powerbox
  15. Could not find anything about a 1072 but according to the below page the 1073 has 2.4" on both sides. Also suggests to use rad1074 adapter to use with 2" focuser Hope that helps since I don't know what pitch gauge is https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10070_TeleVue-0-8x-Brennweitenreduzierung-fuer-Flatfield-Apos.html
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