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  1. Thanks, I hesitated to make it more dark and maybe I should up the contrast a bit, but by keeping it light it shows depth ...
  2. One word: APP, best software to do mosaics, in this case I stacked all the FSQ frames in one stack! the GSO RC needed to be stacked in 4 different panels, the result of the panels was then stacked again in APP. Just follow the instructions of Sara W.: https://www.astropixelprocessor.com/how-to-create-a-mosaic-in-easy-steps-by-sara-wager/ /Yves
  3. Blood, Sweat and Teers. 4 Panel Mosaic in the FSQ 106 + RD 645 + 128C QHY + 4 panel Mosaic for squid GSO RC + ASI 183 astrodon 5nm OIII The exposure details are: 134 x 5 min in total for the 4 panels of the FSQ wide field 312 x 5 min in total for the 4 panels of the GSO RC Narrow field Squid-VS-Bat-VS-Elephant Trunk by Yves, on Flickr
  4. My Biggest mosaic to date in pure RGB which is kind of challenging, Ha this is easy, RGB madness to even try. 16 panel Mosaic, FSQ 106/RD 645/QHY 128/Mesu 200. 15x5min per panel Mosaic Nan to Crescent by Yves, on Flickr
  5. Was not happy with the "magenta" cast ... M63-lrgbv3 by Yves, on Flickr
  6. I struggled with this one, L is much to strong ... part of the solution was to take more Red subs, this camera is more sensitive in blue so I could not get the balance to make sense, but even then it was still difficult to process. GSO RC 8 inch, AP 0.67 reducer, ASI 183, 250x5min LRGB subs M63 by Yves, on Flickr
  7. PI color calibration: NGC4631LRGBv3-PI by Yves, on Flickr
  8. GSO RC 8/AP 0.67/ASI183 /Mesu200 135x5min LRGB second night had lots of moon and bad seeing, but the image turned out OK. NGC4631 by Yves, on Flickr
  9. We've visited the remote and have made some changes, my Neighbour (Marco V) is driving an ODK 10 inch with QHY 168C, And I moved the ASI 183 to a GSO RC 8 inch AP 0.67 reducer, we worked on 2 projects, this was first light: ODK 10/QHY168C 60x10min, GSO RC 8/ASI183, 72x5min M100 by Yves, on Flickr
  10. Nice! The crop is cool too! Olly we once did it in the 14 inch ... /Yves
  11. Annotated version M100-anotated by Yves, on Flickr
  12. FSQ 106/QHY 367C/Reducer 645/Mesu 200 28*5min M100 by Yves, on Flickr
  13. FSQ106/ASI 183/Mesu 200/195x5min LRGB subs M51LRGB by Yves, on Flickr
  14. vdb


    FSQ 106/ASI 183/Mesu 200/115x5min LRGB IC2169 by Yves, on Flickr
  15. Both Maurice and Olly made a comment on the colours being of ... so I adjusted them ... /Yves
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