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  1. vdb


    Color correction: M81v2 by Yves, on Flickr
  2. vdb


    After a remtote HD crash (NVMe???) an easy target to get everything back up and running. RC 8 inch / AP 0.67 reducer /ASI 183 / 300x5min LRGB M81 by Yves, on Flickr
  3. vdb

    MESU 200

    Great mounts, but terrible after service, I cannot recommend this mount anymore. If you want a friction drive go http://www.geminitelescope.com I own(ed) both and they are both great but after service of Andras is second to none. /Yves
  4. vdb

    IC 348

    Thanks! It's at Olly's place, that's why a OSC camera works, dark skies make a OSC perform almost equal to a mono. /Yves
  5. vdb

    IC 348

    FSQ 106 / RD 645 / QHY 128C IC348 by Yves, on Flickr
  6. vdb

    IC 443

    FSQ 106 / RD 645 / QHY 128C 58x5min IC443 by Yves, on Flickr
  7. FSQ 106 / RD 645 / QHY 128C, 2 panel 80x5min total time V2 Used APP to do stretch and LP removal, better overall color balance. M78-Part of Barnard by Yves, on Flickr
  8. vdb


    Layered in 30 sec core frames and brought out more the background M42-IC434 by Yves, on Flickr
  9. vdb


    M42- IC434 2 panel, FSQ 106 / RD 645 /QHY128C. 66x5min in total M42-IC434 by Yves, on Flickr
  10. Align channels in APP and less saturation makes the corners much better ... M31v3 by Yves, on Flickr
  11. You just need to stop pixel peeping, it's a full frame sensor with a reducer, the slightest focus drift or tilt will introduce this. I know it's your hobby, it was mine too some years ago , I moved on. /Yves
  12. I've been reading diagonally this thread, so I'm confused now I'm on the verge of reducing my Tec 140 with the AP reducer to F5, I have a 3.7 micron camera ... or do I keep it at the native focal length ... The camera is sensitive and backlit OSC CMOS. Reduced it is 1.1 arcsec native 0.78 ... /Yves
  13. How far can you go with pure OSC camera. FSQ 106/RD645/QHY128C 240x5min M31v2 by Yves, on Flickr
  14. Thanks, I hesitated to make it more dark and maybe I should up the contrast a bit, but by keeping it light it shows depth ...
  15. One word: APP, best software to do mosaics, in this case I stacked all the FSQ frames in one stack! the GSO RC needed to be stacked in 4 different panels, the result of the panels was then stacked again in APP. Just follow the instructions of Sara W.: https://www.astropixelprocessor.com/how-to-create-a-mosaic-in-easy-steps-by-sara-wager/ /Yves
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