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  1. FSQ106/ASI 183/Mesu 200/195x5min LRGB subs M51LRGB by Yves, on Flickr
  2. vdb


    FSQ 106/ASI 183/Mesu 200/115x5min LRGB IC2169 by Yves, on Flickr
  3. Both Maurice and Olly made a comment on the colours being of ... so I adjusted them ... /Yves
  4. Advantage of a 20MP camera is that you can crop quite aggressively; M106v3-crop by Yves, on Flickr
  5. V3: a warmer rendition: M106v3 by Yves, on Flickr
  6. 2 "green" subs compared, I extracted the green pixels from the OSC. even the 10 min sub is no match for the 5min sub from the FSQ/ASI combi, though they have about the same pixel scale
  7. Indeed, the mono has much more data, but that mainly goes to the noise difference, signal difference in a single sub is also massive ... I should post that one a green sub compared to green extracted from the OSC /Yves
  8. FSQ 106/ASI 183/330x5min LRGB (Dark site) EDIT: V3 M106v3 by Yves, on Flickr Tec 140/QHY 168C 40x10min (LP site) M106 by Yves, on Flickr
  9. 6 Panel Mosaic with APP. FSQ 106/QHY 168C 70x90sec/panel From my LP site, the IDAS D1 filter was a big help, but I need to move to a dual band filter as LP is really an issue. All in All very happy, hope to have this combo at a dark site soon. Rosette-Conev by Yves, on Flickr
  10. Not the best conditions, lots of moon nearby and different transparantie, killing 6 panel potential. FSQ 106/f3/QHY 168C/Avalon Lineair, 16x5min Ha 3.5nm Baader/panel NGC2244-Cone by Yves, on Flickr
  11. Unfortunately not, that would be an easy fix, I tried in APP and PI, same result. /Yves
  12. M81-M82 FSQ106/ASI183/Mesu 200, 80x5minL, 20x5minRGB/channel. Something was wrong during capture of one or more channels, focus, seeing? It can be seen on the stars, but I'm amazed at how well this setup works, can't wait to try the ASI 183 on my RC 8 inch ... M81-M82LRGB by Yves, on Flickr
  13. vdb

    HDR Moon

    Thanks. Another set of images,
  14. vdb

    HDR Moon

    Composition of 3 exposures to recover Highlights and shadow, not really the best source files as I was not planning on doing HDR but just finding the wright exposure time, thanks to LR I was able to recover some detail in Highlights and Shadows. Moon-HDR version by Yves, on Flickr
  15. Moon Composition by Yves, on Flickr
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