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  1. Hi I would suggest you look here for info on the 416XT http://www.skymtn.com/mapug-astronomy/MAPUG/ArhvList.htm Richard
  2. Hi Rothervalley have a used one for sale £239 regards Richard
  3. There is a device called a Duncan mask that may help with that, you can even make one yourself and follow the tutorial. Mind you, you do not know what position the set screws are at, so it may be wise to check in case you go to far and a screw detaches I use a set of bobs knobs which allow finger adjustment rather than a screwdriver, but it’s what you prefer if you were local I would do it for you but you may not be close by kind regards Richard Southampton
  4. I agree with the above, if I did not have an SXFW with 2” and 1/4” carousels I would grab it myself, however I do not have any 36mm filters, I like the look of some of the fittings but do not need the wheel , I have the OAG but rarely use it as with my mount I can get 10min subs with no drift, light pollution is my issue with more flood lights than you can shake a stick at. I hope it sells as it’s killing me watch you drop the price so far, if it go’s any lower I will buy it myself, just to stop the pain. kind regards Richard
  5. Hi Nigella Nicely done, I love the colours etc, nice and sharp, I have the Altair version of the CAK, still to use, however I will try harder, yesterday for us was cloudy until after midday, I decided to run up the scope, but failed to get a good focus, due to many factors, weather, turbulence, rising heat from buildings, and when I took off the ERF I found humidity between the ERF and objective as welll, note to self, must run dew heater on really chilly days, humidity was really high. Superb images Richard
  6. Like Nigella says, Lunt / Bresser certainly support you, when I had my LS60 which was pressure tuned , they supplied two sets of O rings and I was also concerned about the condition of the blocking filter ITF, they supplied both Free of Charge , no problem My Lunt performed great no doubt about that. Hopefully my Quantum will Last many years without trouble, by that time maybe DS will get there act together There are many happy owners of Quark filters, once going they do the job well, but it can be a lottery Rich
  7. It’s on my bucket list, but when who knows
  8. I liked the Shetland webcam as well, I also use the Alaska Aurora chasers and the Lapland ones , I watched the Shetland display much like Nigella and the Lapland 0ne, example below , it refreshed every mins unlike the Shetland display which is live, if you turn up,the volume could even hear the wind
  9. Daystar Customer Services Bit of a long one but worth a read and may make you giggle , I am over it now. Like many I too have dealt with Tiffany (Customer Services ) at Daystar directly when getting my filters restored , both Quark and Quantum very frustrating and awkward to work with, no wander some importers / dealers decided that dealing with DS and the service they got was just not worth the trouble, I do not use them directly anymore. For example a year or so ago I sent two Quantum's back for restoration of the blocking and trimming filters, one belonged to me and
  10. Hi Everyone i had several chats with Cor ( Registax) about the issues which he thinks could be codec based issues. He suggested PIPP and , VirtualDub which I have used and works well, PIPP was a little more awkward Thanks for your help, m&ch appreciated Richard
  11. Hi Steve I agree that once the files get to a certain file size Registax does not like it at all, on my laptop what happens is it processes the larger file but then miss reads it on compilation and you get maybe half an image or it goes completely white. My desk top is i7, my laptop is i7 very similar spec, I keep the file size to below 1000 frames to avoid the fall over. Issue, usually stop the capture at 800 frames, never an issue on the laptop, for ease of use I store the AVI’s on a portable 2TB WD drive and bring it to the house after use to process, my laptop is fine an
  12. Many thanks for the replies so far, on the deck top pc, the avi’s will run under the normal Win 10 software , so I can run them, according to the Registax info the software only reads the first frame to recognise it as avi. Thanks for the info on virtual dub , I will look at that kind regards Richard
  13. Hi Everyone Not sure if anyone has had this experience, but thought I would ask I run a laptop when away from home Regi-stax 6 runs fine no issues On my desktop however it will not load the avi’s , I tried unloading and reloading the software but still the same checked the avi files on my laptop all runs fine, desk top “Computer says No”. not sure what to do next Anyone have any suggestions ? regards Richard
  14. Hi I would like the camera if still available have PMed you kind regards Richard
  15. Hi Alexandra Cool , I will get one and have a go, seems nice and simple. Hope you had a good Christmas Day i had no idea that these even existed, life is an education kind regards Richard
  16. Hi Alexandra How did you do that, I like it what “ paper” did you use kind regards Richard
  17. Hi All Like many I managed to get out on the 24th for a quick session with the active regions currently in rotation I did fumble for a time trying to get my new Cak Filter sorted but have an issue with in focus and my camera, so turned my attention to the current set of Ars 2794 & 2795. Captured a couple of quick ones as the sun is so low I had to remount the AP to peer over the edge of the Obsy wall, I managed to Polar align it earlier in the week Here are some efforts for the day SR 2794 & 2795 and a Prom time was around 11:00-12:30pm
  18. So long as it’s kept dry it should not be an issue, when we are at Kelling Heath kit is usually left out for the week with safety covering of course Just make sure you covering is secure , if it gets windy it will become like a kite and can tip over equipment seen that on more than one occasion , luckily not my own Rich
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