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  1. Do you need something portable? How dark is your sky. Answers to these will help us guide you.
  2. I used a ball head thus enabling freedom of orientation of the lens and camera after polar alignment of the mount.
  3. Excellent post. Do you know the distance (or z) of the two quasars?
  4. If you can see the vanes holding your secondary mirror then you are miles away from focus. As above focus until a star becomes as small as possible. You then don’t need to adjust it unless it is slipping or you change eyepiece.
  5. Personally, I struggled with the Baader zoom. The eye relief is very short and so I passed it on. I enjoy much easier views with my Lunt zoom on a variety of targets. It was used predominantly with my 130 pds and an Altair Astro 102 triplet. For me, the ES 82’ range are unbeatable at their price point.
  6. Picked it up tonight using the Bresser 127 Mak and the ES 20mm 82’. An almost round core with averted vision only. No tail. I used Sky Safari Pro through my AzGti. It was close but it placed it slightly West of where observed. It helps being near the zenith. I then spent time on brighter objects, M3 looking particularly splendid through the Mak.
  7. The symptoms you are describing are not unusual. Sounds like the alignment is working ok after 2 or 3 star alignment. Synscan does assume your mount is reasonably polar aligned (doesn’t have to spot on) and that the OTA is in the home position. You may find you have some cone error. Which is working best 2 or 3 star alignment?
  8. John's reference to "sometimes" is more like "frequently" for me! In all seriousness, attenuation of bright objects due to thin cloud cover can greatly enhance the view. We had the same when the local Probus group came up to LTO recently and Venus was greatly enhanced by the thin veil of cloud. Same applies to ND filters and the Moon. Haven't tried one on Venus yet.
  9. Hi Stu, how does one update the SkySafari database? Thanks, Chris
  10. Rather than ask the council for shielding you could ask them to set it to automatically go off at a certain time. The new LED streetlights in our village go off at midnight, back on again at 5am. It's a compromise but one that is easy for the authorities to implement.
  11. The encoders register any untoward movement you may inflict by accident e.g., nudging the scope after alignment and can compensate for it. Best GoTo alignment is achieved with that function OFF.
  12. Make sure the item (from memory) 'enable auxiliary encoder' is turned OFF when doing your alignment procedure. You can turn it back on when aligned. My 12" Synscan Dob used to be very accurate on GoTo but the levelling as you point out has to be spot on. Good luck.
  13. High latitude and polarity put it in cycle 25. Excellent find. Thanks for posting.
  14. Excellent post. With such a high z value your sensor was picking up some very stretched wavelengths there.
  15. There is a little backlash but it can be adjusted out to a point by removing the cover and adjusting the tension on the worm drives. For a portable mount I find the small amount of backlash acceptable. I use mine all the time for outreach public events and its very quick and easy to set up especially when using the point and track option. Which bit of the setup is a faff?
  16. I am really enjoying Picard. Most of the characters stand out well. For me the jury is out on the tag along Samurai for the moment but I'll give him another episode or so to come good.
  17. Not entirely sure but I do know AS! has a de-rotation function which will remove field rotation of your Az-Gti mount.
  18. Agreed. It fits the the ED120 but the ED150 is a much larger flange I'm afraid.
  19. M31 subtends an angle equivalent to 6 full Moons in the night sky. Therefore you want to aim for the widest field of view possible with your set up. Even then it is likely you will predominantly see the core only. The darker skies you can find the better.
  20. Lovely focusers. I have the same in orange but just to confirm it does not fit an ED150. A flange adaptor would be required, which as far as I know is not yet available otherwise I would be using it on my ED150.
  21. Here is an old one of mine. Canon 600D standard and an Altair Astro ED 102 triplet. Yours has way more detail I think but then I did pack imaging in because life was too short to spend processing. I never spent more than one hour processing any of my DSO images. I am not really qualified like others to offer sound advice.
  22. Excellent. Right on the money for the topics of my talks in the two week Dark Skies Festival currently underway here.
  23. Hi and welcome. For your situation avoid anything on an EQ mount. I would recommend either of these. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-heritage-100p-tabletop-dobsonian.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html Check this out too: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes.html
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