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  1. Heya, It was cloudy and not nice outside this morning so I missed the window to use finer scales, but later in the afternoon the sky cleared up, but I was greeted with lousy seeing. Still, 120mm aperture at 656nm tends to work out even when my seeing is poor. So I managed to get some data on two very interesting prominences. One is a hedgerow morphology and the other is very faint and long and seems kind of like a detached fan morphology perhaps? There's a few dark little filaments that were the gorgeous prominences from before that have rounded the limb. Earth scales provided for reference. Colored: B&W: Animation Time Lapse of that Prom: Equipment: 120mm F10 (150mm F8 masked Celestron C150HD) Refractor PST Etalon, 10mm BF, internal 50mm ERF ASI290MM Very best,
  2. Heya, It's rained the past few days, lots of storms, a weird wet October so far here in Florida. But this morning was improved, had a clear sky this morning around 10am and pretty good seeing, so I was able to get some high resolution data of a few features, despite there being very little going on, there's a rather big and bright prominence group that seems to be a morphology similar to either a hedgerow or curtain. Despite that, I also took a look at spicules at the limb without any major features as this can be done any day with good enough seeing, and an interesting comparison of convection cells in g-band at 80mm and 150mm apertures to show the difference in resolution when imaging at near critical sampling level. While imaging, I accidently caught a jet transit at the big prominence this morning which is really cool. Color: B&W: Earth Scale: Convection Cell Resolution Comparison 80mm vs 150mm when critically sampled at 430nm with 2.9um pixels: Jet Transit through Prominence: Full resolution animation on my Astrobin (10Mb): Very best,
  3. Heya, A clear sky and some ok seeing this morning. Was able to take a look in fine image scale at AR2749, which is already decaying away with barely a visible umbra in the photosphere and really only remarkable in the chromosphere with the plage and mottling around it. There's also a fairly nice bright large prominence on the limb. Colored: B&W: Earth Scales: Equipment: C8Edge + Aires D-ERF + Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter + PST Etalon + 10mm BF + ASI290MM (fine scale) 120mmF10 Frac + Baader Red CCD IR Block Filter + PST Etalon + 10mm BF + ASI290MM (course scale partial disc) 52mmF11 Frac + Baader Red CCD IR Block Filter + PST Etalon + 10mm BF + ASI174MM (full disc) Very best,
  4. Heya, Late this evening the small bright prominence on the West limb lifted off and became enormous (1730 Eastern Time). It's still present even now but it has spread out and gotten fainter. I managed to get some tolerable data in poor seeing late evening after a few attempts. Lovely huge prominence with lots of interesting raining detail. Earth scale provided, it truly is a monster. Very best,
  5. Heya, I woke up to some heavy fog and clouds, but it cleared up later in the late morning when seeing had already deteriorated so I dropped the imaging scale. There are two sets of pretty interesting large prominences on the limb, one is a strange loop like a sideways arch, and the other is a big flame wall. A wee filament persists on the disc's surface. No spots of course. Colored: B&W: From 1730pm Eastern Time, a minor active region opened up and a tiny flare was noted: Equipment: 120mm F10 Refractor + PST Mod + ASI290MM (HA partial disc) ED80 + PST Mod + IMX174 (HA Disc) ED80 + 430nm + IMX174 (Photosphere Disc) Very best,
  6. Heya, Had minimal time and there's not much going on, but had a clear sky had to at least look at it. There were a few fairly small proms, but one rather big arch had developed since yesterday and it had some filaments near it too. There's a small bright plage area that has activity going on more so than the rest of the disc lately, interesting to see if anything develops there. B&W: Very best,
  7. Heya, Woke up to a pleasantly clear sky and some ok seeing. Was able to get a little data at a few different scales. I namely wanted to look at angular resolution differences between two wavelengths, in this case, 610nm and 430nm. 430nm has 41% higher angular resolution than 610nm. The difference is pretty close to comparing apertures of 150mm to 200mm in terms of resolving power, but also balancing angular resolution of the wavelength of light with it, so that they're similar. Convection cells (150mm F16 at 430nm with 2.9um pixels): Convection cells (200mm F10 at 610nm with 2.9um pixels): High Res Spicules at the Limb (200mm aperture) Prominences and chromosphere features (120mm aperture) Full disc (52mm aperture) ++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++ Colored: Earth Scale: Equipment: C8 Edge + Aires D-ERF + PST Etalon & 10mm BF + ASI290MM 120mm F10 Achromat + PST Etalon & 10mm BF + ASI290MM 52mm F11 ED + PST Etalon & 10mm BF + ASI174MM Very best,
  8. Heya, I was all clouded out this morning so went on with the day. Around noon (Eastern) it cleared up and I got a chance to look at that huge prom on the limb that is changing quite rapidly. Just in the few minutes I was imaging it, it went from a hedgerow to something else as it changed its morphology. Was hoping it would just lift right off, but didn't happen in my time, its still persisting and clinging to the chromosphere, but I expect it will release soon. Hope someone catches it. Colored: B&W: Equipment: 120mm F10 Frac + internal 50mm ERF + PST Mod + ASI290MMC8 Edge + Aires D-ERF + PST Mod + ASI290MM Very best,
  9. Heya, I had a productive morning today, seeing was a little challenging this morning as I waited through some clouds and frankly shot through some clouds as a fairly transparent cloud allows better seeing opportunities sometimes despite the brightness shifting. I was able to do some visual this morning and some imaging at various scales for the full disc and some larger imaging scales as seeing permitted. Not much going on of course, a few tiny prims, some wee filaments and mainly looked at convection cells and spicules in high resolution. B&W: Colored: Equipment: ED80 (52mm F11) C8 Edge (200mm F10) C6R (120mm F10) PST Etalon Module (HA) Baader 610nm (White Light) ASI290MM Very best,
  10. Heya, Mostly cloudy today, rained off and on, couldn't get a serious session in. I was doing visual with my PST while the kids were playing in the yard. Noticed a fine prom, maybe a deteriorating hedgerow, on the North of the disc that was pretty bright and had a lot of definition and it seemed paired and the second to it looked like it may just lift off at any time so I watched it a while. I tempted fate and took a peak with a bigger scope and managed to see it. Seeing was dreadful since it was 2pm in the afternoon. Truly bad. But managed to get a little bit of something to go off. I didn't have enough clear sky time to use a smaller scale so I had to suffer the seeing. It's still out there and quite nice to see in some binos! Very best,
  11. Hey all, Had a clear sky this morning and playing around with some new configurations. With some help from members of the forum in the mod board I have tinkered up a little different PST mod that involves a straight through configuration using the stock blocking filter. Anyhow, it works as a standard PST but without the black box, and as a typical PST mod that inserts into another scope, such as my C8 Edge. Tested everything today with an ASI290MM. B&W Colored: C8 Edge + Aires Full Aperture D-ERF HA: PST etalon + stock 5mm blocking filter in straight-through mod + ASI290MM WL: Baader 610nm Filter + 2x Barlow + ASI174MM PST 40mm + straight through mod + ASI290MM (mosaic x 2 panel) Very best,
  12. Heya, We had a clear sky last night so we spent some time on the big two gas giants, then finished off the evening with some lunar surface imaging. We did some visual too, wonderful in some binoviewers, then tried to capture what we saw. Each image is a mosaic. Partial disc is mosaic made with 80mm F5 (with 2x barlow, F10) achromat + 742nm filter + ASI290MM (6 panel mosaic) Surface are mosaics made with C8 Edge HD at F10 + 742nm filter + ASI290MM (variable number of panels each) Was going for a high res mosaic, but I failed miserably doing it manually and missed a spot.... lol, alas, maybe next time. Very best,
  13. Heya, Well, hurricane Dorian decided not to completely pummel Florida, so weirdly enough, I have a clear sky this morning despite such a storm off the opposite coast. Seeing was pretty poor from all the turbulent bands of spin off from the massive storm and it deteriorated rapidly. I was able to get a little data in high resolution of the photosphere and then rapidly went down in aperture to get anything in hydrogen alpha and ended up finishing with full discs in extremely poor seeing with tiny apertures and still struggled. Left it at that and packed it in for the day. Regardless it was nice to see the sun again, it's been a nasty weather summer here in Florida this year. Photosphere: Chromosphere: Setup: C8 + D-ERF + 610nm + IMX174 120mm F5 refractor + Quark + IMX174 PST + IMX174 Very best,
  14. Heya, I was clouded out this morning, so I tried later in the day when seeing was worse. Really bad for my typical seeing, but managed to get a little bit before clouds took over. I figured a three day stretch was asking too much of the weather-lords. Not much to see. There is a wee bit of activity, interesting, near the limb next to a prom. Not sure what it is but maybe the beginning of a spicule bunch or something. ST120 + Quark + IMX174 C8 + D-ERF + 610nm + 2x + IMX174 Very best,
  15. Heya, Woke up to another fairly clear sky again for once, such a weird change from the past 8 weeks of rain. Seeing was not great, still turbulent with all the stormy weather around so kept the image scales course. ST120 + Quark + IMX174 C8Edge + Aires D-ERF + 610nm + 2x Barlow + IMX174 Very best,
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