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  1. Heya, Been a nasty few days of weather, had small holes between the clouds this morning but seeing was pretty good, so I was able to grab quick data. There's a great prominence near AR2829 as it all rounds the limb, great active area. AR2832 has some nice plage and mottling with a filament near by. Overall low activity. I missed that great eruption due to work (and weather was bad anyways). And of course I'm not in the pathway of the partial eclipse from the other day. Alas! There is good news though, if you read on SpaceWeather a little article about the Terminator Event (let's hope its
  2. Heya, It rained yesterday and today is not much better, I saw a small moment this morning between big clouds and waited a few out and tried some fast imaging in sucker holes. I didn't bother measuring seeing as the clouds just make it a mess anyways. On the screen the seeing was good enough (1.3~1.4 arc-seconds at the least based on this image scale) for the image scale between clouds, so lucky imaging prevails. AR2827 is still fantastic, great penumbra now on that spot and its mottling and filaments are great. AR2829 has really woken up and went from being a disturbance to somethi
  3. Heya, Woke up to some decent skies this morning, the temperature delta was crazy, it was getting very hot this morning, already sizzling in the upper 80's heading into the 90's in direct sunlight. Scopes were hot to touch after just a few minutes in direct light before being pointed at the sun. Had to shade everything including myself. Seeing was highly variable today, with large temperature deltas I usually get bad seeing. Despite the SSM showing dreadful seeing conditions, looking on the screen at the live feed shows rapid peaks that were quite good despite the measurements comin
  4. Heya, It was a cloud morning but between clouds there was rather good seeing. I took a snap shot of the seeing just to show how passing clouds can drag great seeing behind them. AR2827 has crown into a nice spot with a penumbra, not a big one, but lots of neat flowing material between the poles in the region and great mottling in the plage area. Not quite as dramatic in the photosphere, but lots of little pores trailing the main spot. B&W: Colored: Earth Scales: Seeing Conditions
  5. Heya, I should have gotten up early today, I did not expect that disturbance yesterday to become a monstrous sunspot today! It dwarfs anything we've seen since 2019 I think. Almost a great spot. Too bad it will now leave our view after tomorrow. We did some visual today and enjoyed seeing the spot near the limb in a white light view from a 120mm aperture scope, the big penumbra area of 2826 is impressive to see visually, not like the little spots we're used to. Quite a lovely region! Took a last minute stab nearly at sunset tonight to get an image of it before we packed in for the night.
  6. Hey all, Finally had a day off work, seeing was pretty good this morning. AR2824 is such an active region, popping flares every day, and has a lovely surrounding area in the chromosphere with lots of mottling and interesting plage and filament tangles. The extent of the AR is really apparent in Calcium showing the bright faculae. The AR is being lead by an interesting new flux disturbance region that will round the limb soon (which may produce a really interesting view on the limb if it persists, such as potentially some loops!). High Res B&W:
  7. Sigh, may I just say, it's extremely difficult and annoying to embed images here now, since I cannot simply post a BBCode image from my hosting platform(s) and instead have to post a link to it, that then must be fetched by the forum software or it will not display anything and break, and the forum constantly makes it difficult to space images so they are not hugging or sharing the same line. This is frustrating to post more than 1 image frankly. I try to share a lot, but this is really just making it take way too long when it's a simple process on other systems. Any advice for stream lin
  8. Heya, I nasty storm cell swept through last night, but usually I have decent seeing after storms, so I woke up and went outside to a fairly high temperature delta from night to morning with gusts of wind, but seeing turned out to be good, so I attempted some high res imaging with a 200mm and 150mm and then finished my session with a 120mm moderate resolution imaging of the AR2824 near the limb and total session time was around 40 minutes for tri-band and two image scale captures. AR2824 has a lot more going on than the previous spot that just left our view around the limb, with a great mo
  9. Hi all, Stormed and rained so far this week, but this morning was clear, lower temps and pretty ok seeing conditions between gusts. AR2822 is still looking good with a nice penumbra around the spot in the photosphere and lots of interesting activity in the chromosphere and popping off little flares. High Res Photosphere: Moderate Res Chromosphere: (Doh, mislabeled the wavelength.... sigh, lol, its 3934A) Seeing Conditions: Equipment: 120mm F10 Refractor (C6R masked) 2" Internal sub-aper
  10. Heya, Happy mother's day to all, hope you have a wonderful weekend or memory of your loved ones! I was able to get a little sky time this morning, a quick 20ish minute session. Seeing was fairly good this morning with a much smaller temperature delta as my summer weather is rolling in after a weird cold snap in early May here in Florida. AR2822 presented in photosphere and the upper & lower chromosphere at the same image scales. B&W: Colored: Seeing:
  11. Heya, Well, it's been a hot minute for me, between horrible weather as summer comes in with storms and just a messy work schedule. Seeing has been horrible lately. I've done more visual than imaging the past 30+ days and today's the first day I've solar imaged in over 30 days due to weather here in Florida. Imagine that right? Sunny Florida. Pffft. Seeing was bad today, but it's the first clear evening I've had. I've had zero clear mornings when I was off, so today was a late attempt as seeing at least gets slightly better for me in my late evening before sunset, so today was around 18:30
  12. Heya, AR2808 is an interesting region, in HA it has a nice extensive plage and has filaments between the poles, but in the photosphere it's a tiny pore with not much else to see. Mean while, a smaller region that is now AR809 emerged and has a much smaller HA representation with a tiny plage and the poles are close together, yet in the photosphere it has a much bigger spot that is developing rapidly this morning (maybe it will grow larger and the poles separate a bit more to become a bigger region). It's a really great representation of the difference between the chromosphere and photospher
  13. Heya, Had another clear morning with fair seeing. Seeing was around 1.2 arc-seconds to 1.5 arc-seconds for most of this, it barely supported the 120mm aperture, but I wanted to get moderate-high resolution captures of the two AR's while they were still around and active before going back to work. There's a rather large prominence off the limb near AR2806 and the opposite limb has a great eruptive surge prominence region that was pretty active all morning that is rounding the Eastern limb. Might be interesting soon. PST etalon + double stacked 1.7A 8mm blocking filter tilted in a Skyb
  14. Heya, It rained yesterday but was clear this morning today, so I had a chance to look at AR's 2806 & 2807. They're small active regions, with tiny sunspot pores, no visible penumbra developed on either, but lots of lovely plage and filament activity between their poles. Took a look at them in HA, CaK & the Photosphere with a 100mm aperture. Seeing was not great, it was spiking 1.5 to 2 arc-seconds, so the HA is sampled well but the CaK is under-sampled. The HA is higher contrast due to double stacking a custom 1.7A blocking filter (from Apollo Lasky) with a 6A blocking
  15. Heya, Woke up to fog, but was blessed with some good seeing and a clear sky this morning. I was able to get close to some limits with high resolution setup and after seeing deteriorated went to a moderate resolution setup for a wider field of view. I spent most of the time on AR2804 as it has evolved into a really interesting sunspot with a huge lovely penumbra with lots of fibrils and the plage around it has lots of great activity including minor flaring. Upper chromosphere and lower photosphere represented in 656nm and 600nm wavelengths to handle the seeing. Seeing was spiking to 0.8 ar
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