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  1. Was the setting that produced halos the (3x drizzle) or similar in deep sky stacker? I remember that setting reeking havoc on my stars when I tried that a few years back.
  2. Hei Pryce. Bra med flere nordmenn As your third astrophoto this is looking very well executed. Guiding looks like it's a 10/10 with no noticable streking of the stars. Setup loks great with the corner stars as round as the center stars, so that's good. I'll let someone else comment abuot the stars. My guess is focus is slightly off, however could it be a dew issue? I see in your sig that you have a dew heater and strips, where have you mounted them, and where they on for this capture?
  3. Here are my 5 All with Celestron AVX, SkyWatcher Equinox PRO 80 APO, ASI 1600mm-c, ZWO EFW with, ZWO LRGB and Baader SII, Ha, OIII From my remote obsy: Observatory17b @ Bortle5 skies April - September Crescent nebula ngc6888 Ha(synth)OIII October - November Elephant's trunk nebula ic1396 (HA)SHO November Andromeda galaxy m31 L(R+Ha)GB November Pelican nebula ic5070 (HA)SHO Starless December (reprocess) Elephant's trunk nebula ic1396 (Ha)HOO I just (today) recieved the correct adapter ring
  4. Thanks, mee to. I think the first starless image i have seen was the Pelican nebula. I think ths object lends it self to having the stars removed. Happy to se you think it's done well. It did take me some time to get it done, so nice with some feedback.
  5. I think they perhaps should not be compared? The star version is a true astrophotography, while the starless version is a statement in artistic freedom. Even more so than the usual prosessing? I like both, but with different merits.
  6. Magnus_e

    Observatory 17b

    The images from my remote observatory. All images and info is also on Observatory 17b
  7. Hi everyone So here is my first attempt at a starless nebula. Processed in PI. I used the morpological transformation and starmasking for a few iterations, redooing the starmask as the stars was dissappering. I removed the stars for the L(Ha) channel and the SHO independently before LRGB combining. If you zoom in, you will see som yellow star remnants, but at 1x1 view it works ok? Let me know what you think, and please let me know if you see something I can improve. And the original starred version.
  8. Hi again :) Now I'm at my obsy location and have been checking the scope and FF. So. I'm not sure if getting a new focuser is even possible for this scope. There is no pattern of these three screws on the circumference of where the focuser mounts to the ota. It looks like it might be one locking screw, and then som sort of threading? On the good side, the focuser tube was the same diameter for more than 50mm. (I chatted with FLO and they sad that if the focusertube was 2" for atleast 50mm, the Hotech 2" adapter would work) Also, i tried unscrewing the nosepiese
  9. Hi, and ho, ho, HOO Have been having some fun with the HOO palette lately. I like that it's possible to get very different looking images with most of the same data, or 'less, as the SII data is not used'. Posted a (Ha)SHO pelican late november, but with these clouds, I had some fun processing a (Ha)HOO Pelican. This does give me the opertunity to 'unfairly' compare it to a 'one shot color' pelican from 2015. This was imaged with my canon eos 550d(a), and shows some progress, I think. Hope you like, and let me know how you think 2020 compares to 2015 20
  10. Hi So 2018-2019 was a lot of technical issues for my astrophotograpy hobby that started with frying the motorcontroller of my Celestron AVX. Now on the other hand, I have completed 11 smaller and larger projects so far in 2020 alone, and it feels great After some time with little use of PixInsight, it was a slow start, but I think (hope) I'm picking up some speed. With a few clouds now, I decided to reprocess the Elphant'sTrunkNebula. One (Ha)HOO and a (Ha)SHO. This time with new Flats, and Calibrated with DarkFlats and not Biases. That seams to work I also tried
  11. I see. I think it might be bigger down the tube. I think I'll just send a message to FLO, they probably know.
  12. Looks like I did not read it all. It does seam like it has a more advanced centering setup than most others. "The thing just works. No matter what kind of attachment system your focuser drawtube has (single set-screw, compression ring, etc.), the device works the same. Screw your camera onto its T-threads and slide it into your drawtube. Then twist the big, black, knurled knob to compress the O-rings. Give it a few good twists and what once might have been a jiggly connection becomes rock solid. I might as well have epoxied the camera onto the focuser drawtube. Well, had I, I’d never
  13. Only thing is 'will this be centered without tilt'? Looks like it does not have the radius like the FF, but other than that it needs to work well with the stock focus tube and self center. Could be and option. looks like its quality, at least.
  14. Ok. Then I have some things to doubble check, before I decide anything My scope is in a remote Obsy, so I cannot just go outside and check. With the clouds and rain here, I have time for some maintenece
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