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  1. Heart ic1805 in Ha

    I see there is a 30 day trial, so I'll have a go soon I do like the pix insights way of doing it all, but it cannot be perfect on all types of processing, I guess.
  2. Heart ic1805 in Ha

    Thanks Theres only slightly more than two hours of data, but it's good enough to keep for future expansion. If I get the mosaic done, then I might start on a SHO later. (Probably not this year, but I'm not getting bored anytime soon )
  3. Heart ic1805 in Ha

    Ok I see. I did not know there was a way around this. I think something like this could be integrated in Pix insight as it sounds exactly what the mosaic gradiant merge tool does. If all the subs that had the same orientation was stacked together and then merged, it should work. This is to much work doing manually, but nice to know APP can do it.
  4. Heart ic1805 in Ha

    Im using pix insight for the entire processing. I usually get some stacking artefacts whit subs from both side of the meridian. However I had no space left to crop this image, or I would have lost some of the nebula. The mosaic version I'm working on has overlap, so this should not be an issue. I think that it might be. I'll look up conesharp, and see if it does the trick.
  5. Heart ic1805 in Ha

    Thanks. I think this for some reason happens when I mix subs from before and after the meridian. Not sure why, as I have spent my time on polaraligment this year, and nothing to fix there.
  6. Heart ic1805 in Ha

    So I started a while back on my first mosaic Soul to Heart nebula. With this weather I'm not sure that I get the chance of finishing any time soon, so I decided to process the Ha data for the Heart nebula. I have some stacking issues on top left, and right + bottom left corner. I have successfully removed similar before in GIMP, but I'm not sure I managed this time. Usually those type of artefacts are more diffuse, and not so visible. If anyone have tips on removing those, then please share. Specs 2h 10min of 300sec subs on my ASI 1600mm-cool @ Unity and -30c with the Equinox 80 Let me know what you think. Best regards, Magnus.
  7. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    I got it None offence taken. If we weren't more hardy than that, we would not survive winter!
  8. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    Welcome to the club! I have a feeling you would have to search long and hard to find a truly intelegent 'flat earth' 'discussion'....
  9. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    I'm sorry. Guess I miss read that. You know I'm Norwegian? Ever heard of 'Janteloven'. All Norwegians / Scandinavians live and die by this. It's translated https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Jante PS. I do not speak on behalf on any other Norwegians or Scandinavians than myself.
  10. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    In a infinite number of multiverses there will allways be one identical to this, where I shared the joke seconds, or milliseconds before I did here
  11. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    Don't wait arround to make kontakt. The truth is out there. I'm not a comedian. This whole ordeal made me look at more youtube videos. There is apperently a firmament we should look out for! I guess I'm a glober at heart.
  12. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    So. Just to 'round' things up, and get back down to 'flat earth'. The video I posted here was sort of funny, but close to violate 'code of conduct' To avoid this being a negative entry in this otherwise funny thread, I have removed it. If you still want to watch it, then search YouTube for VwNYcEleUUY
  13. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    That can only be true
  14. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    The universe might be finite, but no way of knowing if there are infinite universes. I'm happy I only have to understand this one, as it seams to be quite a challenge for me!
  15. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    More beer could be an option. As long as it's not Rignes! To add to the '3feet of snow' part of the joke. I just looked at the webcamera, and the snow has melted, and is long gone.... Thanks the hevens for the forcasted snow this evening, and all of tomorrow!!!