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  1. Very resourceful. What is the duration of the talk(s) please? I imagine some timeframe will be attached. Are the speakers really charging fees?
  2. What's your estimation of its current mag?
  3. Hi, I think maybe the post tries to cover too many options so folk are a bit reluctant to jump in. It mentions twice that you want to do serious planetary work. In that case focal length is your best friend and you don't need an EQ mount. So a big MAK or SCT is a good option. I get very good results with my 9.25 SCT on an AZ EQ6 mount. Budget for a high frame rate CMOS camera to match your long fl scope, a decent barlow or better still a powermate and potentially an ADC and UV/IR filters. I use an ASI174MM and an ASI 290MM. If you want colour you will need filters or good results can be
  4. My SW 300 flex tube SynScan used up to 2 Amps continuous during slewing . I used a 13.8V 4 Amp (peak 9 Amp) bench supply. If you are adding other stuff such as dew control then you need to account for that too. Your cable requirements can be satisfied by online Astro providers such as FLO the sponsors of this forum.
  5. I have the same optical tube but it’s used on an AZEQ6 mount. It’s quite heavy (about 11kg) with all the attachments. It’s good for visual and Solar System imaging. It’s also very good for spectrometry if you want something a bit different. In your situation I would use my grab and go setup. An ED80 on an AZ Gti mount powered by a cordless drill battery. Perfect for a night in the desert.
  6. A reduced ED80 is fine for nebulae but for galaxies you may want to consider something of slightly longer focal length. The bigger Esprits as mentioned for example.
  7. ‘Clear Outside’ the @FLO APP gives Bortle readings based on your location.
  8. I have done various school talks and scope surgeries in the local community. I don’t charge for my services but if folk insist then I choose a charity or currently give them the just giving page for our planetarium build fund. At the Observatory we ticket and charge but I take nothing as I am a volunteer. It’s a CIC so all gets ploughed back into that.
  9. SkySafari is the most utilised of mine. Stellarium is ok for PC but it’s buggy on Mac/IOS. I use Sputnik (free) for ISS predictions.
  10. Hello Mike, the juicy planetary targets are poorly placed from UK skies at the moment. No scope can solve that problem. Things start improving over the next few years. Mars is good this Autumn. So be sure what you are using it for before you buy. It’s sound advice to have a try before you buy. I’m not sure who told you a 12” mirror is best but that doesn’t mean much without context.
  11. Is your pressure tuner working correctly. Can you hear it ‘pop’ when you release the pressure. Does it then recharge ok? It could be the sealing ring has degraded in that time?
  12. Hi Pappy, your thread is about use of the mount in AZ mode so Polaris is irrelevant. Mount should be absolutely level and pointing due north. Use North level alignment and continue from there. Here is mine ready to start alignment.
  13. I have no idea. The picture and data in the link above were captured recently in Namibia.
  14. Hi Sara, I saw your tweet on this too. There are threads on here somewhere because I recall reading them but some time ago. May have to try searching for them?
  15. Welcome. When I first started I used an excellent book called ‘Turn Left at Orion’. That was 2007 and I’m still using it. I would strongly recommend you invest in that. You won’t regret it.
  16. I was catching up on this here at breakfast: https://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=161451. The suggestion in the article is that it is around mag 7 or 8?
  17. Interesting thread. I have this mount and it has proven extremely reliable and easy to live with. Just a couple of comments on your workflow. The control panel should be on the South side at initial alignment. Use the handset to do all the slewing. There is a step missing from your workflow which is to press enter after centreing the first star. After choosing the second star the mount should slew itself, manual slewing is not required. When the second star is centred press enter again when prompted. Hope this helps.
  18. Well as I describe in other threads the views of some DSOs through the two scopes pictured are very similar. The larger aperture of the SCT is counterbalanced by a better resolution in the refractor. Another issue with SCTs is the narrow field of view. If you have dark skies I would say you aperture fever will only be solved by a large Dob!
  19. To answer your last question then the attached photo should help. That’s an ED150 and a C 9.25 easily dealt with in Alt AZ mode.
  20. A modern equivalent would cost just under 200GBP. Assuming it is in good condition and all the accessories are present then a starting point may be around 50% of that? Only you can decide what selling platform is suitable for your situation. Best of luck.
  21. What are you going to power with the portable supply? Mount, dew control, laptop etc? There are much better items than the Powertanks. Both Powertanks I owned gave up after a few months. Once we know your power requirements we can advise on suitable items.
  22. Sounds like you need a pier/tripod extension.
  23. Do you need something portable? How dark is your sky. Answers to these will help us guide you.
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