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  1. Anyone else got any suggestions please? Tonight may be my last night for a few days to try and solve this issue thanks
  2. I've tried everything just cant get anything on images. just a black screen.
  3. Hello hope everyone is safe and well? I require some help and advice please as I'm having some issues. I am currently using a ZWO 60MM guide scope with the ASI120mm, now when I use them with phd2 I can get some stars in focus quite easily. Yet when I open sharp cap I've got a black screen tried changing the gain and exposure but still cant seem to pick up anything. I want to use sharp cap for polar alignment so does anyone have any suggestions please? does anyone have the same setup and have the settings for me to try? I'm starting to think there's a setting somewhere within sharp cap that is
  4. As long as I can access them easy enough I can put a screwdriver with an Allen key insert in obsy and use that each time to secure and demount. Are they easy enough to access and reach
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions on no tool screw bolts that would fit this that they have purchased and used for this please? Where are the screws positioned are they easily accessible? Also still need the support legs measurements if anyone has them so I can work out how much space I would save compared to the tripod. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP
  6. Im thinking of buying one of these to put in my observatory. I don't leave my equipment in there due to security and the area I live in. Does the mount head attach and remove easily enough? Like on the tripod it just screws on with the accessories tray bolt. Or once its attached you need tools to remove it at the end of the night? Also anyone who has one can you tell me the length of the support legs please? Obviously with the tripod legs they stick out quite far. I need something solid but with a smaller footprint so can move round obsy with more ease and without tripping thanks.
  7. Hi Greg I currently use synscaninit 2.1. Great little app. Gives you your coordinates from phone GPS. Also gives you polar allignment details along with everything needed to be entered on most handsets. Hope this helps
  8. Thanks for all your advice and info really appreciated. I'll order a printer lead cable like you said cheaper and see how I get on. Thanks again
  9. I haven't got the asi air I'm using a pc in my observatory to run the mount.
  10. So I should be fine running from usb printer lead? I just don't want to spend money on a longer printer lead then find i would be better using the direct usb cables that are sold. Werent sure if there was any difference in performance or would both do the job just as well. Thank you
  11. Thanks for everyone's help. I run some updates on hand controller and mount gears and reset everything to factory settings. Checked polaris in centre test and rotated 180 degrees. Was perfectly centred didnt move a bit. I then did the moving polaris to circles and placed on centre track rotated and it stayed perfect. I polar alligned and re entered the details in controller and moved onto star alignment. Did the 2 star and everything was perfect so must have been a software issue or something in the data that reset cleared. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  12. I had a similar issue with my EQ6r mount last week. Really frustrating! After a few people on here giving me some tips and a friend of mine spending a few hours on the phone I tried a few things. So I did a factory reset to clear all stored data to ensure nothing was pushing the mount out. I then updated the hand controller software and updated the mount gears software on skywatcher website. Then I went back to basics with the polar alignment so I did the test of putting polaris in centre of reticle (cross in centre) rotated 180 degrees checking polaris stayed smack central and didn't drift of
  13. I've got the latest model of eq6r pro mount. It comes with the printer style usb port on the mount head. I'm looking to connect using ascom and eqmod to my pc to lose the hand controller. I was wondering peoples thoughts.... should I go with the printer lead or should I use a USB direct cable. Are there any differences between the leads in terms of performance. Can someone recommend the exact lead and what software do you all recommend? I've heard stellarium but are there anymore? Cheers
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