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  1. Hi, looking to move to hadleigh in Suffolk. Are there any clubs near there ?
  2. Hi, couple of questions: I set the time in the scope set up menu, but this does not seem to hold after powering off and back on. Is this correct so I have to re enter each time I use the scope or am I missing something ? Is there a way of changing the background light colour from red to white ? Understand that red preserves night vision but I have trouble reading with a red backlight. Thanks Nexstar 127 SLT, Cestron skywatcher binoculars 20 x 80, Cannon EOS 1200d
  3. Hi Very new to all this, hope you can help. I have a Sciencetech 262 telescope. I understand about polar alignment however do not understand how to achieve it with this mounting, if indeed I need to ! If I align to the pole star (live in southern England) then to view the southern sky I need to rotate the scope, not the tripod, 180 degrees. Is this correct as I can't see wjhat good the alignment would have done once I swivel the scope ? Many thanks Richard
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